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  • chandelen
    chandelen - 1988 Mercury Grand Marquis - Preventive Maintenance - 9/12/2010
    My fuel gauge doesnt leave empty
    We just bought the car off of an old man and it works beautifully except for the fuel gauge not working. I was wondering if you could tell me what to look for. The gauge always reads empty and the low fuel light is always on.
    • HouseCallAuto
      9/12/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Replace the Fuel Level Sending Unit in the fuel tank. May as well replace the pump assembly also while you are there.
  • ptgarrett
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      Clicking noises can also result from too much tappet clearance in a valve, or a hydraulic tappet is not working correctly.

      Visit a mechanic to check that sound.

      You can use the "Find a Shop" feature of AutoMD for shops nearest you.
  • Ruth
    Ruth - 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis - Preventive Maintenance - 8/21/2010
    What would beeb behind the dash while driving?
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  • dennis welbourne
    dennis welbourne - 1996 Mercury Sable - Preventive Maintenance - 8/13/2010
    Location of the pcv valve on engine
    need to replace pcv valve cant locate it on engine
    • HouseCallAuto
      8/13/2010 HouseCallAuto
      If this is the DOHC 3.0 than the PCV valve is under the intake manifold. If the eighth digit of the VIN is an (S) than it is the DOHC 3.0 engine.
      10/31/2010 dennis welbourne
      I want to thank you for your reply i appreciate it much.
      thank you
  • mikensherri
    mikensherri - 1990 Mercury Colony Park - Preventive Maintenance - 8/8/2010
    I need to know how to put the fuel tank back up im having trouble its full of gas forgot to empty it had to drop it a li
    drop it a little to replace a gas line im stuped any suggestions
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  • Ci
    • Blackwater
      8/3/2010 Blackwater
      Ok first, its never good to replace only one cat because chances are, the second/third will get busted soon, so you have to go back to your mechanic and do the job all over again (you will be paying thrice and your time for repairs will be wasted thrice as well)

      Replace both

      Since you said you are looking for a reasonable price, i can give you UNIVERSAL FIT cats, this means it has to welded or cut to fit.

      Bank 1 is usually on the left side if you are facing your car but sometimes its on the left, my tips is look which back is closest to you and that is your bank 1

      Let me rephrase my answer, your engine is horizontally placed so your bank 1 usually is the radiator side

      You have 3 cats by the way
      Radiator Side EAST82465
      Rear Under Car EAST70317
      Unfortunately we only have a direct fit cat for the rear firewall side DAV15650

      8/3/2010 kimberly
      Thank You so much for the prompt response...Im curious as to why the mechanic is giving a quote for parts at 997.75, for just the rear cat, I've seen the prices on your site and im just trying to figure out if im missing something here.
  • Deborah M Templeton
    Deborah M Templeton - 1980 Mercury Cougar - Preventive Maintenance - 7/15/2010
    MY VEHICLE 1964 MERCURY COMET (isnt listed) can you answer questions reguarding this Classis Automobile
    • Bobby
      7/15/2010 Bobby
      Best advice is to have the alternator rebuilt by a professional, there are some left that still rebuild alternators especially for classic vehicles you may have to ship it to them if you are not close to one. just do a google search for alternator rebuilding plus your zipcode you'd be surprised you might have one near you.
  • lenny
    lenny - 1994 Mercury Sable - Preventive Maintenance - 7/10/2010
    My air bag warning lite is flashing a 51 code. How do i fix.
    • HouseCallAuto
      7/10/2010 HouseCallAuto
      This code indicates a internal fuse has blown due to a short to ground in the firing circuit. But, this condition is no longer there. Inspect the front crash sensor harnesses for damage. Possible faulty clock spring. If the harness appears okay, recommend replacing the clock spring before installing another module, but the fuse may blow again if a unseen short should return.
  • cardsrvc
    cardsrvc - 1996 Mercury Villager - Preventive Maintenance - 7/7/2010
    Mechanic's Manual - anybody knows where to find online?
    • yboy82
      7/7/2010 yboy82
      It is usually called a repair manual. You can purchase a Haynes Repair Manual at for only $24.46 (Part # H1664200 Manufacturer # 64200). It fits to your 1996 Mercury Villager
  • D R Terrill
    D R Terrill - 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis - Preventive Maintenance - 7/7/2010
    Why is the 15 amp fuse blowing?
    The 15 amp fuse blows as soon as it is installed. t This fuse is for the oil, temp.,fuel gages and the speedometer. Help!
    • RC
      7/6/2010 RC
      Try disconnecting all components and replace the fuse. Then reattach them one at a time to isolate the problem.
    • HouseCallAuto
      7/7/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Remove the steering column shrouds and check the Red/Yellow wire going up the column and into the shift lever to the Transmission Control Switch (a.k.a. Overdrive Cancel switch), for an intermittent short to ground. This is a pattern failure.
  • cardsrvc
    cardsrvc - 1996 Mercury Villager - Preventive Maintenance - 7/6/2010
    Where is the knock sensor to my 1996 Mercury Villager (unsure if GS or LS) 6Cyl 3.0L
    any information you might have regarding the above minin van would be appreciated. If you can steer me to a mechanic manual, it would be great. In the meantime, I am particularly seeking an answer to the above question urgently. Pls advise how long labor would ...
    • HouseCallAuto
      7/6/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Below the lower intake manifold. The job is 5 to 6 hours labor billable plus the parts. Depends on brand of parts but figure $150 - $250 parts and the labor you can do the math.
  • Lori
    Lori - 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis - Preventive Maintenance - 7/1/2010
    What should I look for now? My car had no turn signal lights an no emergency flashers this morning. no fuse blown dash
    i have break an running an head lights just no signals an flashers.
    • Mike
      6/30/2010 Mike
      Replace the flasher. It is usually located under the dash.
    • HouseCallAuto
      7/1/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Lori, the car needs either a new multi-function switch or the Lighting Control Module. There is no turn signal flasher or hazard flasher relay in your car. The LCM is responsible for that. There is a circuit test that can pinpoint which of the two is the cause but I suspect that you will not be able to perform this test because it requires some ability to use voltmeter and measure circuit voltages. So, Multi-Function Switch >> here >>

      The lighting control module is only sold from Ford and is $500 so I hope that the multi-function switch is the cause. If you have someone with some electrical experience try to diagnose it for you I can make the diagnostic much easier and provide him with a step by step to reach the answer.
      7/13/2010 Lori
      It was the lighting control module an they told me it was 600.00 now. damb and labor. thanks for the info it was greatly appreciated.
  • kevinb
    kevinb - 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis - Preventive Maintenance - 6/26/2010
    How do you convert ac r12 to r134a. store brought adapters fit opposite sides. so loading gas in a/c condenser not low s
    how do you convert ac r12 to r134a. store brought adapters fit opposite sides. low side adapter only fits high side(a/c Condenser)- high side adapter only fits low side (a/c compressor) so loading gas in a/c condenser not low side. Have put about 15oz. of freon in ...
    • HouseCallAuto
      6/26/2010 HouseCallAuto
      The adapters come in a variety of sizes. Get the fittings you need for each side. As far as the conversion goes, I cannot detail the steps. Get a manual dedicated to conversion from R12 to R134. Different vehicles require different modifications.
    • JunkFixer
      6/26/2010 JunkFixer
      You're about to destroy the A/C components on this vehicle. Aside from obtaining the correct retrofit fittings, you'll also need to flush the 500 vis mineral oil from the system and replace the accumulator/receiver-drier (the oil cannot be removed from this component). R12 and R134a lubricants are incompatible with each other. If you charge an R12 system with R134a without first removing the mineral oil and installing the synthetic PAG oil that R134a requires, the compressor will starve for lubrication and undergo what I call spontaneous thermal self-disassembly in a short amount of time.

      The condenser, evaporator core and all lines need to be flushed with a solvent made for this purpose. The residual mineral oil in the compressor can remain as it won't hinder operation. Remember: The amount of refrigerant charge for R134a is equivalent to 80% of the original R12 charge. Simply multiply the original spec amount on the label by 80%.
  • iceman1966
    iceman1966 - 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis - Preventive Maintenance - 6/14/2010
    Air conditioing on my car stopped blowing cool air
    the compressor works,needs no freon and the black thing in there is cold bot the air is not coming out of the dash,only warm air. it made a funny knocking noise in the dash before it stopped working. i would really appreciate the advice
    • ANAYV
      6/14/2010 ANAYV
      some cars have a 'blend door' .separates the warm air,from the cool air,or mixes them.
    • HouseCallAuto
      6/14/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Anayu is right. Your Merc needs a blend door actuator. It is stuck / failed in the heat position.
  • James
    James - 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis - Preventive Maintenance - 6/11/2010
    Why does air not flow throught the front air vent inside my car.
    The defrost and floor vents work, but the front vents don't blow.
    • HouseCallAuto
      6/11/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Most times the fix is to replace the EATC control head which is the controls that you input settings on the dash. Here is a detailed diag procedure if you are up to this sort of thing.>>

      1. Verify manifold vacuum is present to the HVAC controls on the black vacuum line, and, that when the engine is shut off vacuum will hold in the vacuum line.

      2. If vacuum bleeds off when the engine is shut off, inspect the vacuum line to the vacuum tree and to the vacuum reservoir.

      3. If manifold vacuum is good to the HVAC control assembly, check the other individual vacuum lines with a hand-held vacuum pump to verify there is no excessive bleed-off indicating a related vacuum line or vacuum actuator problem.
      The white vacuum line feeds the fresh air inlet door controlling the use of fresh air vs. recirculation air from inside the passenger compartment.
      The red vacuum line feeds the defrost/floor vacuum motor. This actuator is sent a vacuum signal in every position except Defrost and Defrost/Floor.
      The yellow vacuum line also feeds the defrost/floor vacuum motor. This vacuum line sends the actuator a vacuum signal in all positions except defrost.
      The blue vacuum line feeds the panel door vacuum motor. This vacuum line sends the actuator a signal in the MAX A/C, NORM A/C or VENT positions.

      4. If the black vacuum line is feeding the control assembly a proper vacuum signal and the actuators are pulling and holding a vacuum signal using the hand-held pump, the HVAC control assembly is failing.
      Potential Causes: Heater Ventilation Air Conditioner (HVAC) Actuator
      HVAC Control Assembly
      Vacuum Line
      Vacuum Lines Connections
      Defective Vacuum Tank

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