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  • ficklingt
    ficklingt - 2002 Mercedes Benz S430 - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 1/12/2011
    Gear shift sticks in park when attempt is made to shirt to drive.
    • yboy82
      1/12/2011 yboy82
      Did you already try to diagnose your vehicle with a scan to determine if the fault isn’t one of your electrical controls or sensors? If your vehicle’s problem is already resolved how did you do it?
  • jamesarod
    jamesarod - 2004 Mercedes Benz CLK320 - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 1/12/2011
    Vibration when turning right over 30mph and car jerk
    feel a vibration when the road bears to the right at speeds over 30mph. driving the car pulls slightly to the left as well. i have a 2004 clk320 with tiptronic and as of late when the car just drifts at 15mph and i touch the gas or release that it starts to jerk ...
    • Donut
      1/12/2011 Donut
      "driving the car pulls slightly to the left as well" - first impression is an alignment issue
      "car just drifts at 15mph and i touch the gas or release that it starts to jerk and i feel the transmission sort of rattle." - first impression is busted tranny support

      For the vibration concern, it MAYBE a wheel bearing issue, jack your car up and wiggle it, if it moves top to bottom and side to side then the wheel bearing is busted.

      Also check your axles for any rips or leaks...
  • shingleback
    shingleback - 1992 Mercedes Benz 500SEL - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 1/11/2011
    ATF leak on rhs of vehicle; fluid pools when car sits for a few days. Coming from above pan gasket (new and not leaking)
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      You have to locate the source of the leak, remember low fluid in operating gears produce a problem, check if the power steering fluid if low, and the transmission fluid also. ATF can leak from the poser steering pump and hoses, also from transmission pan when gasket fails, so check it out and send it to shop for repair before major damage occurs.
  • benz c280
    benz c280 - 1994 Mercedes Benz C280 - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 1/9/2011
    Location of overdrive relay switch
    will not engage in overdrive , all other gears are good
    • Donut
      1/9/2011 Donut
      Have you checked the trans fluid level? if level is good, nex thing you have to do check shift fuse in fuse panel, now, if fuse good, the trans screen may need replacement or it can be that the fluid could be bad and needs drained and replaced. Lastly, if none of those you need a transmission repair.
  • Dogariffic
    Dogariffic - 1998 Mercedes Benz ML320 - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 1/7/2011
    Transmission not shifting
    Car runs and drives fine until it warms up then when the car comes to a complete stop the trnasmission will not down shift into low. It stays in 5th gear. If the shifter is placed in park and then drive the car defaults into 2nd. The transmission will stay in 2nd ...
    • Chiekotz
      7/8/2010 Chiekotz
      Ok we need to know the DTC from your CEL, once i get that i wil be able to pinpoint the problem.

      DTC - Diagnostic Trouble Code
      CEL - Check Engine LIght
    • R Bean
      1/7/2011 R Bean
      Check the transfer case motor.
  • Deezy
    Deezy - 1994 Mercedes Benz C220 - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 1/7/2011
    Where is the transmission cap locatede on vehicle
    • Donut
      1/7/2011 Donut
      Unclip the red plastic piece on the transmission cap and remove the cap.

  • Deezy
    Deezy - 1994 Mercedes Benz C220 - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 1/7/2011
    Where can i find the transmission cap to this vehicle
    • Donut
      1/7/2011 Donut
      Unclip the red plastic piece on the transmission cap and remove the cap.

  • bobo
    bobo - 1995 Mercedes Benz E320 - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 1/7/2011
    Transmition fluid seem to be leaking from top of the transmittion
    when I put transmition fluid in, it immediately leaks right back out. The leak looks like it is coming from the actuator attached to the transmittion. The problem is, after a while the fluid seems like it is coming from the back of the tranmittion where it links ...
    0 answer
  • Charles
    Charles - 1996 Mercedes Benz S320 - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 1/2/2011
    While driving using cruise control, if I run over a bump, the cruise will jump off.
    • Bill
      1/2/2011 Bill
      Your safety brake interlock switch is being hit by pedal arm movement.
    • sean
      1/2/2011 sean
      most likely its a safety feature, if youre hitting a hard bump
  • Freddie
    Freddie - 1996 Mercedes Benz S500 - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 1/1/2011
    I need to change the transmission fluid and filter. Do I add all 9 quarts of fluid?
    • James Vaughn
      1/1/2011 James Vaughn
      if you are not familiar with the procedure to change fluid and filter let me know and i will answer that too but i would start off with 6 quarts after changing the fluid and filter since the torque converter holds at least 3 quarts. however if you haven't been on a regular 30,000 mile fluid and filter change on this vehicle i wouldn't change it at all. transmission fluid is a hydraulic fluid unlike motor oil that breaks down in viscosity over time. alot of the times people suggest to change fluid and filter to solve trans problems but it never works because if your filter is clogged bad enough to cause trans problems then it is from metal which means internal problems. if you replace the trans fluid with new trans fluid you have lost most of the abrasive materials in the trans fluid and will most likely shorten the life of the clutches. i own a transmission shop and have seen numerous ads to replace fluid and filter at a low cost to bring your vehicle in that usually results in you bringing it back for just this reason. if you are having trans problems let me know and i will advise you further but if you've been on a regular maintenance plan then start with quarts, let it get to operating temp and recheck on dipstick, in park and fill till you get to hash marks on stick. good luck
      James Vaughn
      Freddie there the man to listen to ..follow what he wants you to do and you will be good to go happy new year
      James Vaughn
      1/2/2011 Freddie
      Thank you James for the info. I wasn't sure if I had made a mistake by going to a local shop to have the service done aside from my regular mechanic. I left 9 quarts, but he said the dip stick was good with only 4 quarts of fluid, now the dip stick is has a low reading.
      James Vaughn
      1/2/2011 Freddie
      Ok! I will follow up with him. This is a ver well kept car with all the records including a car fax. HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! to your family as well.
      Open the vehicle's hood and locate the transmission fluid level dipstick.
      Check the level of transmission fluid while the vehicle is running. Make sure the vehicle is parked on a level surface
      Place a drain pan under the transmission. Make sure the drain pan is larger than the transmission pan, as fluid will drain from all edges.
      Break loose the transmission cover bolts but do not remove. Starting at one end, remove half of the transmission pan bolts. If the pan is stuck to the gasket, insert a flat head screw driver between the pan and the gasket and pry them apart.
      Look at the fluid after it has been drained into the pan. If there are metal particles at the bottom of the pan and floating in the fluid, you will need a transmission overhaul
      If there are no metal particles or flakes, proceed to changing the filter and adding new fluid.
      Remove any of the gasket material that may be stuck to the pan or transmission.
      Remove the transmission filter mounting screws. Remove the old filter. Install new filter. Torque the mounting screws to manufacturer's specifications.
      Apply sealer and install the new gasket onto the clean transmission pan. Press the pan against the transmission and reinstall all the screws to hold the pan in place.
      Torque screws to manufacturer's specifications.
      Insert a clean long neck funnel into the transmission dipstick tube. Add three quarts of automatic transmission fluid (ATF). Refer to your vehicle owner's manual for the recommended type of fluid. Start the engine and check the fluid level on the dipstick. Add fluid if necessary............good luck and happy new year
  • Agee
    Agee - 1989 Mercedes Benz 420SEL - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 12/30/2010
    When the car is at stop and start to go the pickup is very slow and some times the the car stalls or cutsoff.
    I have changed the fuel filter, flushed the engine and changed the gas, But the problem still exist. My mechanic changed the transmission twice but the problem has not gone away. I have 127,000 miles. No warning lights are on. No check engine light comes on. When ...
      THese engines have a miraculous fuel injection system on them called "CIS E-iii Jetronic." Most European cars had this system in variation, and they are MARVELOUS. What you have is a dirty IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE, which regulates engine speed and the fuel/air mixture at lower engine speeds. LUCKILY, you can remove it, and clean it thoroughly with Amsoil Foaming Cleaner and Gum-out spray ($10). This will not only clean, but rejuvenate the valve. If you lived in Michigan, I would come over personally and show you what to do to keep your fuel system in tippy-top, factory shape. 230,000 miles is NOTHING for these critters. Check that the fuse located behind your battery in it's own holder is NOT BLOWN. This is the fuel mixture fuse, NOT the fuel pump fuse. I recently worked on a 300E that had bedriven with this fuse blown for years. It caused the engine to saturate with unburnt gas, and waste the entire exhaust system. This fuse also operates the idle air control valve. You will probably have to remove your battery to access it. TEST>>>> Open your hood, and turn key to "on" (NOT start). You should hear a light buzzing sound coming from your IAC valve. If you do NOT, then check the fuse. If you DO, then clean the valve. S I M P L E !! Use the cleaners mentioned above to run through your metering box and plate, as well. This will super tune the engine for you by removing carbon and oil vapors from your O2 sensors and clean your converter out, too. THINK>>>> "air"pedal, not "gas" pedal, since these fuel systems work totally backwards from cars with carburetors. If you add "air"with the pedal, the air is metered and the fuel follows suit. SEE?? TIP>>>>>> LOOSEN the fuel lines one at a time on your metering box with engine running. This will clean the fuel line to each injector individually, allowing rust and fuel contaminants to escape. You will see a MUCH smoother idle and easier start up!! TIP>>>> Remove the air snorkel to your metering "PLATE", which is the bottom of your fuel metering box. This plate should be SHOWROOM clean at ALL times!!! Use the cleaners to wash off any offending oil deposits or crud that may have formed here through the years. If you have ANY questions at all, feel free to E-mail me back! I LOVE these fuel systems. They are a stroke of genius and offer great power and fuel economy at the same time. Once again, BOSCH ahead of it's time!!!
      i be looking at the idle air control valve........good luck and happy new year
  • P.T.Le
    P.T.Le - 2001 Mercedes Benz E320 - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 12/18/2010
  • txmarshall
    txmarshall - 1988 Mercedes Benz 300SEL - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 12/16/2010
    Is second gear start mormal for this models trans?
    My 88 300 SEL's gear selector has P-N-D-3-2 .Know trans is a 4 speed,but when I start off in Drive trans only shifts twice(2nd to 3rd then to Drive)If I press accelarator quickly over half way at start trans down shifts to 1st then fast up shift to2nd then 3rdthen ...
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      The No answer is correct but my suspicion is that the transmission is slipping due to low fluid or contamination, bad torque converter or worst transmission bands problem that may require an overhauling.
  • txmarshall
    txmarshall - 1988 Mercedes Benz 300SEL - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 12/12/2010
    Hey There HouseCallAuto. Got A Minute?
    Could you take a look at my question..."Is 2nd gear start normal for this models trans? It's in Mercedes benz Questions.. Hopeing you might know.
    • HouseCallAuto
      12/12/2010 HouseCallAuto
      tx, I'm not very knowledgeable about transmission problems and this being a MB makes it all that much difficult. But no, starting in 2nd gear is definitely not normal. You need a tranny guy that knows MB, not just any guy. Sorry I cannot help you more with this. Try a battery disconnect for a few minutes and then see if the same.
  • vedo
    vedo - 1999 Mercedes Benz C280 - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 12/12/2010
    How to check transmision fluid level
    • justins1stchoice
      12/11/2010 justins1stchoice
      you have to have a specail dip stick to check the fluid level, you can purchase it at mercades, if i remember right it was around 90 dollars.
    • txmarshall
      12/12/2010 txmarshall
      Usually the car manufacturer will throw in a dip stick just before it leaves the factory.I know all the cars I ever bought had one.So if your car has one you can probably find at the rear of engine on passengers side.start car,let it warm to normal opperating temp. with engine running,pull dip stick out,wipe it clean with rag,put it back in tube making sure it goes in as far as it can,then pull it back out look at bottom of D. stick,there's a line that shows where fluidlevel should be when full if fluid on stick not to line,ad fluidin dip stick tube using funnel till fluid reaches line on stick. Thats all there is to it!!!Have Fun