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  • Robert
    Robert - 1987 Mercedes Benz 300SDL - Steering & Suspension - 11/13/2011
    Why does fluid and stop leak continue to leak for power steering reservoir.
    Fluid and stop leak gone from reservoir in 1 to 2 days, after refilling. Leaking onto A/C Compressor, and then lower park of engine behind A/C Compressor. 275,000 plus miles. After adding fluid or stop leak, the fluid bubbles and foams. Leaks out whether driving ...
    • benz guy 888
      11/13/2011 benz guy 888
      check the hoses/lines if they are worn out or the seals are also worn out...the lines/hoses/seals have to be replaced...adding atf or power steering fluid is temporary try to get it fixed by a trusted shop/mechanic...hope this helps...tell me how it turns out.
  • Leby Bautista
    Leby Bautista - 1986 Mercedes Benz 300E - Steering & Suspension - 11/12/2011
    My car wiggles when I drive at the freeway at the speed of at least 55-60 m
    it start when I hit a pot hole at the street during the rainy days, I have already balanced the 2 front wheel but still the problem exist.
    • Bender
      1/30/2011 Bender
      It can be because of a bent wheel or loose wheel bearing, it can also be worn steering or suspension parts. (Raise you vehicle up and check the stability of each component. I usually check for looseness by shaking the part left and right (Example: Tie rod end, to check if its moving because of worn out bushings.)
    • benz guy 888
      11/11/2011 benz guy 888
      you have balanced the wheels? so i guess the tires are in good shape and get worn out evenly...if they are okay then i agree with bender...check the tire rods because the bushing gets worn out and while your at it check the suspension.
    • benz guy 888
      11/12/2011 benz guy 888
      i forgot to add..check the ball joints too.there might also be some problem with it.
  • Gcalller1
    Gcalller1 - 1998 Mercedes Benz CLK320 - Steering & Suspension - 11/11/2011
    Why does my brake lights and reverse lights do not work
    • benz guy 888
      11/11/2011 benz guy 888
      do you mean both left and right brake/reverse lights?check the fuses for the brake/reverse lights, if it's busted have it replaced with the same kind of fuse...if the fuses are okay, check the bulbs and if they are busted replace them with the same kind of bulbs....but it is unusual for all bulbs to go out all at the same time...hope this helps,,,tell me how it works out.
  • xmetal68
    xmetal68 - 2003 Mercedes Benz E500 - Steering & Suspension - 11/8/2011
    Passenger side rear airmatic suspension failure
    Passenger rear body is low and appears to be sitting on the tire. It will not hold air pressure after the airmatic pump raises the passenger side rear. I can also hear air escaping near the rear passenger tire. Once the rear passenger side starts to dump air, it ...
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  • gamstarinc74
    gamstarinc74 - 1999 Mercedes Benz ML430 - Steering & Suspension - 11/2/2011
    How can i restart my ml430 after the key broke and it wont keep saying "error start"
    i was starting it an the remote key came apart, when i turn the car off to fix the key, it then wont start, showing on the dash board.......error i need to reset the remote and if so ,how do i do it
    • Spoon Sports
      11/2/2011 Spoon Sports
      this is more than likely a faulty key or a fault in the drive authorization system. If you have a spare key I would try it. If that doesn't help or if you don't have a spare key the car will need to be connected to the Mercedes diagnostic tester for a diagnosis of the drive authorization system.
  • Johnny
    Johnny - 2001 Mercedes Benz S55 AMG - Steering & Suspension - 10/26/2011
    Hydralic motor leakeage! repair cost?
    • yboy82
      10/26/2011 yboy82
      Try the AutomD Negotiator ( feature on this site it is free. They will call local shops for the repair that you needed and send the multiple quotes from your local shops. So you can compare job prices within your area.
  • guy cassandra
    guy cassandra - 2000 Mercedes Benz E320 - Steering & Suspension - 10/11/2011
    How much does it cost to replace my front struts,my car is a 4maticv
    • yboy82
      10/11/2011 yboy82
      To have a rough estimate try the AutomD Negotiator ( feature on this site it is free. They will call local shops for the repair that you needed and send the multiple quotes from your local shops. So you can compare job prices within your area.
  • mckinneycharle
    mckinneycharle - 1999 Mercedes Benz SL500 - Steering & Suspension - 10/8/2011
    How to install rear shocks or locate top mounting bolt
    • Spoon Sports
      10/8/2011 Spoon Sports
      Although I've never worked on an SL500, based on other MB automobiles, I suspect you need to remove the trunk compartment liner panels on each side. Typically the side-to-side panel locks the side panels in place so you need to remove it first. Then release the side panels from the upper clips and twist/lift the panels out of the trunk. Once you do one side the other will be easier.
  • Mercy
    Mercy - 1992 Mercedes Benz 500SL - Steering & Suspension - 9/19/2011
    Why does the right rear bounce, shimmy, and shake when I hit a dip or bump.
    Mileage: 52,000. One day while on a normal drive, the right rear of the car just starting to shimmy/shake whenever I hit a dip. It has gotten progressively worse as now when I hit a dip or bump, it bounces and shakes or shimmies only on the right rear wheel. I ...
    • Spoon Sports
      9/19/2011 Spoon Sports
      When you are driving down the road and hit a bump, your car keeps bouncing for a while. This will gradually get worse as time goes by.


      - The shock absorbers are worn or leaking.
      - The shock mounts for the shock absorbers are broken or bent.
      Spoon Sports
      9/20/2011 Mercy
      Hello Spoon Sports...sorry, shocks is not the answer. I forgot to mention that I figured that the problem was shocks and had a new set installed front and rear. The continues to shake, shimmy, and bounce when I hit a dip in the road. The car sit fine. It is not leaning! What do you think about struts. I'm wondering if the car has rear struts, if this could be the problem. Thanks for your response.
  • kenneth
    • HouseCallAuto
      9/6/2011 HouseCallAuto
      I doubt it. Try rotating the tires and see if the vibration changes. Moving tires is a useful diagnostic strategy.
      9/6/2011 Bill
  • madison 9
    madison 9 - 1990 Mercedes Benz 420SEL - Steering & Suspension - 9/1/2011
    Would like my ignition switch repaired
    would like to know if I can do this repair myself
    • Spoon Sports
      9/1/2011 Spoon Sports
      That part is not repaired, its replaced. you must be able to rotate the key to position 1 in order to remove it. If you are unable to do that the steering lock will need to be cut from the column. More than likely the steering lock is your real problem and the key and barrel that your customer purchased won't solve the problem anyway. Sometimes you can get the key to turn by shaking and wiggling the key and the column. I've also had success in turning the key by vibrating the steering lock with an air hammer from underneath while a helper tries to turn the key. If you are able to get the key to turn you will probably notice that you can turn the key back and forth just fine until you remove the key and reengage the steering lock portion of the mechanism. That's why you will need to replace the entire lock assembly. You must cut the lock housing from underneath the dash. I've attached a picture below that shows approximately where to cut the housing. After that you'll need to try to pull the lock shaft out a little in order to be able to depress the pin that holds the lock into the column. 99% of the time it's the steering lock and not the tumbler that fails. It's nearly impossible to drill out the lock and by the time you do you will ruin the lock housing anyway. Try the air hammer trick and if you can get it to turn to position 1 you can insert your pin and unscrew your black cap but I can almost guarantee you that the steering lock is the real problem with the car.
  • inga
    inga - 2003 Mercedes Benz ML350 - Steering & Suspension - 9/1/2011
    Is ok for my 2003 mercedes ml350 part coil springs part #MCCC653 MOOG
    • Spoon Sports
      9/1/2011 Spoon Sports
      No it wont,the application is lightyears away from your SUV. Now i scoured the net for parts and OEM spec springs i found are in UK and most of the US springs are lowering springs (Not bad if you ask me, id get them if i were you)

      Here are some other sites, looking for parts for your car is challenging :)

      Please do not reply by clicking "Reply". reply by clicking "Answer Question" so it will reflect in my INBOX so i can get back to you if something comes up. If you post a comment, it will not appear on my inbox and i wont be able to follow your question.

  • spoonie
    spoonie - 2001 Mercedes Benz E430 - Steering & Suspension - 8/31/2011
    I hear squeaking or squealing when I turn the steering wheel from the steering column area.
    No warning lights. It happens when the car is moving or standing still after the car is warm. I had a tuneup and oil change. The car has a little over 130,000 miles on it. The noise comes when I turn the wheel left and right. I had spark plugs changed and the car ...
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      Try to tighten the power steering belt first, it could be loose or the fluid is very low. Other than that it could be a cv joint or worst its the worn steering gears.
      Nissan Technical Advisor
      9/8/2011 spoonie
      Thanks alot, God bless you. Now to find an honest, decent mechanic
  • Anitra
    Anitra - 2006 Mercedes Benz E350 - Steering & Suspension - 8/25/2011
    Why do I hear "road noise" while driving?
    As I drive, I hear "road noise" and don't get that smoothe drive that I normally have. I've had my tires rotated and a wheel alignment completed a few weeks ago, but still have the same noise and feel.
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      What road noise is this, grinding or crunching noise? replace wheel bearing.
      Nissan Technical Advisor
      8/30/2011 Anitra
      Neither. It sounds and feels like something from the tires. I can hear and feel the road when I drive. I've been told my tires are in good shape and I just had them rotated and I had a wheel alignment.
  • larryman
    larryman - 2001 Mercedes Benz S500 - Steering & Suspension - 8/24/2011
    Warning 'airmatic car too low stop'
    • Spoon Sports
      8/24/2011 Spoon Sports
      My friends car has the ABC so I don't know too much about Airmatic. Often an Airmatic Strut leak.
      Are all four corners sinking similarly or is one more than the others?

      if there's ride height problem, then a leak could be present.

      if the pump is faulty or the valve is leaking (run time exceeded)... then it will shut off.

      However I've heard that you can test for leaks at the top of the front struts with a small amount of'll see it bubbling at any (broken) seal on top of the strut tower. (The car would have to be running...) It's pretty common on W220s. Among people I've heard this from are the techs at the dealer.
      Spoon Sports
      8/25/2011 larryman
      tenx. my dealer is already replacing the struts i think.