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  • Hasan
    Hasan - 1998 Mercedes Benz ML320 - Preventive Maintenance - 10/14/2010
    A/C in my ML 320 is blowing air sometimes it is cold but, somtimes not. I noticed when it is not cooling .
    I noticed A/C fans are not engaging when air is not cold. My mechanic said it is the relay . He replaced it but the problem is still existing. If I keep the A/C on it starts cooling for a few days and it stops again. Any tips ? Thank You
    • yboy82
      10/14/2010 yboy82
      Did your mechanic also check the condition of your a/c fans and its wiring for any loose wiring/connection? Also try to check your fuse box where your relay is installed the contacts in it may be corroded or it is damaged and the relay keeps loose.
  • Leslie C Williams
    Leslie C Williams - 2008 Mercedes Benz E320 - Preventive Maintenance - 10/13/2010
    How do you take off cover and change the air filter
  • Alexis F.T.
    Alexis F.T. - 1993 Mercedes Benz 500SEL - Preventive Maintenance - 10/10/2010
    What is wrong when the head light switch does not stay in a fixed position after it is turned ON.
    0 answer
    SUNNYBENZ - 2005 Mercedes Benz SL600 - Preventive Maintenance - 10/8/2010
    How to do oil & filter change?
    TRACY - 2000 Mercedes Benz E430 - Preventive Maintenance - 10/8/2010
    How do i reset mileage after oil change
    • Pave Low
      10/8/2010 Pave Low
      Is the kinda-annoying Wrench Symbol?

      To reset, turn the ignition key to position 2. Immediately press the button next to the display twice within one second. The present status for days or distance will be displayed. Within 10 seconds, turn the ignition key to the 0 position. Press and hold the button while turning the key to position 2 again. The status for days or distance will be displayed again; continue to hold the button. After 10 seconds, a signal will sound and the display will show 10,000 miles (15 000 km). Release button.
  • mark
    mark - 1994 Mercedes Benz C280 - Preventive Maintenance - 10/7/2010
    How to replcae heather core? thanks
    1994 benz c 280
  • mahmood
    mahmood - 1988 Mercedes Benz 300E - Preventive Maintenance - 10/5/2010
    How to adjust belt tensioner
    I just bought a new belt tenssioner and put in my car . When i try to adjust it does not turn or adjust the belt . Please tell me what is the process for adjusting the tensioner . Any helpful info will be thanksful
    • Pave Low
      10/5/2010 Pave Low
      Open the hood and locate the drive belt system. Different types of vehicles use different methods to adjust the tension on the drive belts and the belt tension adjustment mechanism may be located in different areas. For example, some imports may require the removal of a front tire and wheel well splashguard to access the tensioner for the drive belts.

      Determine where the tensioners are located for the individual belts and do what is necessary to access them. For example, lift the vehicle, remove the tire and splash shield (use the car lift, impact gun and a socket for the wheel) or locate the upper tensioner and determine what tools you need to adjust the tension.

      Loosen the slotted alternator bracket if the vehicle is set up with this design. Some older vehicles would allow you to loosen the bolts on the alternator, including the bracket-retaining bolt. This would allow the alternator to move back and forth along the slot inside the bracket. To remove the belt or lessen the tension, the alternator would cock in a position to relieve the tension. To tighten the amount of tension, the alternator could be pried against the opposite pulleys and then be tightened down to increase the tension on the drive belt.

      Locate the adjusters with adjuster bolts located near or on the alternator. This is a more common set up for vehicles that still use manual belt tensioners. A single bolt will be loosened counterclockwise (with a wrench or ratchet and socket). To remove the belt, a pulley or pulley would be loosened so the pulley would wobble enough to remove the belt once the bolt was loosened enough. To adjust the tension, turn the bolt clockwise to apply tension to the belt until the proper tension is achieved.

      Test the proper tension on the belts. A general rule of thumb for the correct tightness is being able to twist a belt with a thumb and finger a 1/2 turn and feel resistance. If you can turn it more than a 1/2 turn, you do not have enough tension on the belt. If you cannot turn it a 1/2 turn, you have too much tension on the belt. Loose belts will result in premature belt wear caused by the belt slipping along the pulleys. This can also cause an alternator to be unable to replace a charge to the battery fully. There may also be a pronounced squeal from the belt during operation from the belt slipping. Over-tightened belts can cause internal damage to the bearings inside the pulleys. It can also cause overheating of the belts and premature wear.

      Put the vehicle back together by replacing the components required to access the belt tensioners. To test, operate the vehicle for several minutes and shut it off. Touch the belts with your hand to check for proper tension and to see if the belts are hot.
  • JC
    JC - 2006 Mercedes Benz C230 - Preventive Maintenance - 9/30/2010
    How do I reset the maintenance reminder message?
    I do my own maintenance and want to be able to reset the reminder message on the dashboard display without having to take it to dealer
    • Pave Low
      9/30/2010 Pave Low

      1- Begin the process by turning the ignition key to the no. 1 (On) position.
      2- Push the system selection buttons until "Kilometre reading" appears on the multi-function display.
      3- Push the dimmer knob ("R" button) three times; you should hear a beep and voltage should read out on the multi-function display.
      4- Turn the ignition key to the no.2 (Run) position.
      5- Push the forward/back scroll buttons until "Service display" appears on the multi-function display.
      6- Push the dimmer knob ("R" button) once; "Oil type" should appear on the multi-function display. Use the +/- buttons to select the oil type that was added to the engine.
      7- Push the forward/back scroll buttons until "Confirm oil reset, press R button for 3s" appears on the multi-function display.
      Push the dimmer knob ("R" button) in and hold it for three seconds; "Service confirmed" should appear on the multi-function display.
      8- Push the forward/back scroll buttons until "Service display" appears on the multi-function display.
      9- Push the system selection button until "Kilometre reading" appears on the multi-function display, then turn the ignition key to off position.
  • Will
    Will - 1999 Mercedes Benz E320 - Preventive Maintenance - 9/29/2010
    How to repair the ac regulator
    • Pave Low
      9/29/2010 Pave Low
      You mean the thermostat or the blower?
  • cetta
    cetta - 2007 Mercedes Benz E350 - Preventive Maintenance - 9/28/2010
    How to replace in cabin air filter
    • Pave Low
      9/28/2010 Pave Low
      The ACC Cabin FIlter is located in the engine compartment, passenger side by the firewall. It is fitted into the bottom of a black plastic manifold. There is a lable on the top that reads " Air Conditioning equipment, only service by qualified technition." There is one nut that holds the unit in place, located in the front of the manifold at the end of a curved piece of plastic. Remove the nut and pivot the manifold back toward the firewall. It should come right off. The filter fits underneath. This is a drastic improvement from the W210 filters that required you to remove the glove box for access.
  • gina o'malley
    gina o'malley - 2010 Mercedes Benz GLK350 - Preventive Maintenance - 9/28/2010
    Took care for alignment . Left with terrible squeaking noise. returned todealer
    • Ray
      9/28/2010 Ray
      This is a duplicate question, check other post.
  • gina o'malley
    gina o'malley - 2010 Mercedes Benz GLK350 - Preventive Maintenance - 9/27/2010
    Took care for alignment . Left with terrible squeaking noise. returned todealer
    • Ray
      9/27/2010 Ray
      So, what was the problem?
  • JoeT
    JoeT - 1999 Mercedes Benz S320 - Preventive Maintenance - 9/25/2010
    Srs light on dash is on how can I correst the problem
    • HouseCallAuto
      9/25/2010 HouseCallAuto
      This will not likely be able to be diagnosed by anyone but MB service because of the fact that you need to know the fault code that is stored. Only shop grade full function scanners can retrieve those codes and many shops have not purchased the European software to access MB, BMW, JAG, ROVER even VW because they don't work on them enough to warrant the high expense of the software.
  • shui ma
    shui ma - 2000 Mercedes Benz ML320 - Preventive Maintenance - 9/24/2010
    The cable was broken under the hood. other way to open hood
    • Pave Low
      9/24/2010 Pave Low
      Through the grille, you have to find the hood latch and unbolt it, kinda tricky.
  • Onedimplebaby
    Onedimplebaby - 1999 Mercedes Benz S500 - Preventive Maintenance - 9/22/2010
    From center to right - lights on dashboard is out. What would be the problem?
    • vince^_^
      9/22/2010 vince^_^
      Loose or disconnected connector or blown bulbs can cause it.
      9/23/2010 Onedimplebaby
      Thank you Vince. One last question.
      Am I able to change from cassette to CD player? If yes, which would you recommend.

      Thank you Sir!