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  • Kat
    Kat - 2001 Mercedes Benz CLK320 - Engine - 10/30/2010
    Heater fan not working on it's own
    Fan will run when manually turned (to get it started), with your hand for the time the car is running. Will not go on it's own after car restart. Temp works if I select the defrosters but no fan. The recycle button is on and I cannot select any other. Check engine ...
    • yboy82
      10/14/2010 yboy82
      The repair manual for your vehicle is hard to find. Did you already check the eBay or You can also use the Find a Shop feature of AutoMD to see a list of shops near you with their address, telephone # and labor rate per hour. You can call them and inquire how much for a replacement of a heater motor/blower.
      10/15/2010 Kat
      Thank you for your suggestions. Lots of manauls out there just not too many of 2001. I did find an electronic manual on E-Bay for under $25. I think I will have to go that route but I really wanted the old fashioned paper type. Can't see spending the $175. - $225. for one tho.

      Does anyone have an inkling of anything other than heater motor/blower, or is that pretty much the general concensus.

      Thank you much. Have a wonderfully good autumn day!
    • Mikhelin
      10/28/2010 Mikhelin
      Heater Unit is very expensive, I would blame to Climate Control Unit to be replaced. . Your model 2001, I doubt the Heater Unit cause problem. Most common problem with Climate Control Unit. Most drift mechanics use his cross fingers to try to install both units one or other and charge you both. You must visit Benz Dealership to trust this equipment problems.
      10/30/2010 CARLOSSILVA
  • Drainpro
    Drainpro - 1998 Mercedes Benz ML320 - Engine - 10/30/2010
    I got several misfire codes and when I push on the gas pedal the car acts like its misfirng and stumbles. What now?
    I had changed the sparkplugs earlier and after I did this is when it seems this started happening. I checked all the connections, boots etc.. I checked fuel pressure at idle that was good. When I clear the codes they clear then comeback. After a while the car stalls ...
      10/30/2010 CARLOSSILVA
    • cee
      10/30/2010 cee
      what does 1p0325 means for a 1999 isuzu oisis
  • Greg
    Greg - 2000 Mercedes Benz ML320 - Engine - 10/30/2010
    What would be the next steps to resolve my A/C problem?
    When turning on the A/C the air that comes out is warm or hot never cold. I have checked the A/C unit and the hoses from the compressor have a temp of 20 degrees when the unit is on. The freon has been checked and the unit is full and operating as it is supposed ...
      10/30/2010 CARLOSSILVA
  • zmsn7u
    • Ryan D
      10/14/2010 Ryan D
      More than likely, it is a fuel pump or fuel pump relay. Common problem
    • Mikhelin
      10/28/2010 Mikhelin
      You need Idle Valve job. If you don't proper schedule maintain as owner's manual specification , that's how all equipments got clogging and conflicting. Idle Valve cost 200 to 300 somewhere.
      10/30/2010 CARLOSSILVA
  • Peter Lim
    Peter Lim - 1995 Mercedes Benz C220 - Engine - 10/29/2010
    Engine won't run well when it is cold.
    engine cold start, press accelerator, engine intake back fire and won't accelerate, exhaust smell fuel, need to warm and runs well when engine is warm. replaced new fuel pump & filter. Is it fuel injector problem?
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      There are many possible reasons why engine is hard to start when it's cold, especially during cold seasons and places where cold weather is a normal temperature. One of these reasons can be based on the effect which cold has on liquids evaporation. When it is cold, gasoline evaporates less and this cause it to be more difficult to burn due to the fact that it is burnt when it is evaporated. Another reason by which a cold engine might have problems to start is caused by the fact that oil becomes much thicker in cold than the way it is in hot, making partial restrictions to the engine parts. Another fact, batteries pass through chemical reactions which loose agility while being cold and therefore, in such circumstances, batteries don't function properly. I recommend trying to use lighter oil, like synthetic oil and a low octane fuel for easy burning.

    • Mikhelin
      10/29/2010 Mikhelin
      There is most problem with all Valve Units. A lot of owners didnt follow factory specifications to maintain terms of time cycle. You need to replace all Valves, Cold Start Valve, Idle Valve, PVC Valve, and Oxygen Sensor. You cant keep fixing one at a time other different awaiting to failure. Replace whole Valve units at once. Recommending to fill up high Octane 94 gasoline for 3 months, and high Octane Booster can every 10 gallons gas for 3 months. Thus will clean out all fuel injectors moreover other failure details fixed. Valve Units are big cash to buy, you do not want to be greedy, or buying a Ford Pinto. Synthetic Oil by Mobile One is very good, But make certain all of gaskets are good firm tighten, becuz this oil is very thin to escape when hot pressure around gaskets. Cheap thicker slick oil is good for summer 90s but harder to start when cold, if this car is old with poorly maintain cycle time.
  • Peter
    Peter - 1988 Mercedes Benz 300SE - Engine - 10/28/2010
    Hard start cold,rough idol cold. smooths idol as temp is reached.
    just bought the car,so I don't really have much history.
    • darkmind
      9/2/2010 darkmind
      It is possible that your fuel injector cold start valve is defective. Also check the condition of your fuel injector pressure regulator, fuel pump relay and your carburetor (if equipped).
      9/2/2010 Peter
      Thanks, those were my thoughts as well.aso, I don't know when filter was changed last,thought that might be adding to the mix. thanks again, I have a few places to start.
    • vince^_^
      9/28/2010 vince^_^
      Your welcome Peter, if any question will arise just post it here and the community will help you.
      9/28/2010 Peter
      No need to thank me if you haven't contributed with an answer. My 300 SE still has the cold start problem. I changed the cold start valve,checked the filter-it's fine,preformed a test on the fuel pressure regulator,it seems to be doing what it should,pulled all the plugs-looked great. still puzzled. I am either going to sell it, or move.Any body want to buy a cream puff of a 300 SE. ( the cream puff filling is getting a little old)
    • Ryan D
      10/14/2010 Ryan D
      Take the car to a MBZ specialist, and he should have a meter that he can plug in to make sure the lambda (air / fuel mixture is set correctly. This is a very simple and inexpensive adjustment to have done; also, it is possible that one or more of the fuel injectors has a problem with leak down, and is not holding fuel pressure in the injector itself, causing a little air in the injector. Once the air is purged out of the bad injector, the car runs smooth. The last couple of answers are worthless, Autozone does not have the diagnostic tools for trouble codes on this car, and the way to check codes is as follows: Next to the battery, there is a little back box about 2" by 3" in size, remove the cover, and you will see a little button. Make sure the car is running, push and hold the button for 3 seconds, count how many times the light blinks, if it blinks only 1 time, there is no codes, if it blinks more than once, record how many times it blinks, and continue to repeat the process to make sure there are not additional codes that come up. To erase any codes, press and hold the button for 10 seconds after the light stops blinking, you man have to do it more than once if there are more than one code present. The 300SE is a very simple car mechanically, and if the problem is fuel related and will be more than likely a plugged fuel filter, or a fuel injector leaking down. Once you have got this problem resolved, I am sure you will be happly with it, as they are extremely well built, easy to work on and inexpensive to service and repair.
    • Mikhelin
      10/28/2010 Mikhelin
      Its one inside Cold Start Valve Unit. Cost somewhere 300.00 bucks at new OEM. do not buy anything below OEM equipment. Go to Ebay and pray to win cheapest Valve.
    • sonny bo
      9/10/2010 sonny bo
      bought a 300d same thing checked glow plugs , two not heating , replaced $22 BUCKS old man learned some thing bout checking them EASY run a wire from hot {+} post on battery tap the glow plug terminal ,{where wire is} spark good = no spark replace
      sonny bo
      9/13/2010 Peter
      Thanks, but my question is regarding my car, a 300se.
    • vince^_^
      10/9/2010 vince^_^
      Did you already diagnose your vehicle with a scan tool to determine if there is a stored trouble code in your vehicle (to verify if there is a fault in your electrical controls and sensors) to help you identify the cause of your vehicle’s trouble. Even if your check engine light if off don’t assume that there is no stored trouble code in your vehicle, to be certain that there is no stored trouble code in your vehicle diagnose it with a scan tool. You can visit AutoZone or nearby auto parts store for free diagnostic if you don’t have any code reader.
      10/9/2010 Peter
      Vince, That is a really good idea.Ck engine light not on, but you are correct,it could still have codes unresolved. I purchased the car shortly before I started asking questions,or for some feedback/helo on here.In other words,the car came with this problem.I wasn't aware of it,as the seller warmed the engine before I showed up to look at it,so... it started,and ran great,and I did steal it in my purchase,regardless of this problem,which I will solve eventually. I will have the codes read,and se
    • darkmind
      10/12/2010 darkmind
      If one of your electrical control or sensor is at fault it will show in your trouble code. Good luck Peter.
  • mmaj16
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      Check your oil level if low, because insufficient lubrication will allow excessive clearance in the valve train causing a rattling noise.
    • Ryan D
      10/14/2010 Ryan D
      Mercedes uses plastic timing chain guides. Depending on how many miles are on the car, they could be worn down, allowing a little play in the timing chain.
    • Mikhelin
      10/28/2010 Mikhelin
      I believed you have a bad motor/trans mount, or loosen fasteners on motor/trans mount. You cant fix at your own risk. you need somewhere Dealership. Mercedes Dealers will love to see you!
  • hen graham
    hen graham - 2002 Mercedes Benz E320 - Engine - 10/28/2010
    How many spark plugs do it needs it just turned 1000,000 miles
  • hazelwend1023
    hazelwend1023 - 2005 Mercedes Benz E55 AMG - Engine - 10/28/2010
    Battery light staying on in dash workshop. I have replaced alternator & memory battery both new .
    dealer said that the battery relay is bad, but they could not tell me where it was located. I need to know where the battery relay is located. thanks
  • facundo
    • Jason
      10/19/2010 Jason
      Bad battery?
    • Mikhelin
      10/28/2010 Mikhelin
      New alternator must fix this problem...Have you put a new battery? cheap model? Make sure battery is more specified from OEM factory by Bosch rather than unknown gas station down the Route 66. All Mercedes Benz engines need a lot of power to starting ignition than any of v8 cars on the Earth.
  • Mary
    Mary - 2001 Mercedes Benz ML320 - Engine - 10/28/2010
    My car hesitates almost as if it is trying to ignite,when cranking up from a cold start.
    I took it to an auto parts store and they checked the starter and the alternator. Both came up clear.
      10/20/2010 MOONSTER_TOOLZ
      Did you check the condition of your battery and its cables, maybe loose or corroded? Did you also checked if you have fuel pressure or the fuel pump relay is loose or defective? Also, it is possible that your spark plugs are worn to excess or the cables are dilapidated.
    • Mikhelin
      10/28/2010 Mikhelin
      If your battery is good? Go to Cold Start Valve to replace. 2001 Mercedes Benz always reliable with ignition starting. Anyhow, Cold start valve is not cheap , cost new by OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) Bosch $300.00.
  • jeveridge
    jeveridge - 1980 Mercedes Benz 450SL - Engine - 10/28/2010
    Car has had recent fuel pump and filter after 2 year sit. New fuel and injector cleaner. After engine warmup loses power
    O2 sensor? catalytic converter? Acts like eventual fuel starvation, let sit for 5 min and can continue for another 10 min, then repeat. I did run a full tank of new fuel through thinking injectors were clogged. Any thoughts?
      10/17/2010 MOONSTER_TOOLZ
      Did you replace your fuel filter? When did you replace the catalytic converter? If never, check its condition maybe it’s excessively blocked and damage. Replace the parts if necessary.
    • Mikhelin
      10/28/2010 Mikhelin
      you need Idle Control Valve, Make sure its OEM part, around $280.00 for a part. Dont go at Local Auto Part like PeepBoy Suggest to go either get from OEM Dealership or Original Benz Factory supplies.
  • Larry
    Larry - 1992 Mercedes Benz 300SE - Engine - 10/27/2010
    While driving sometimes my car starts losing power and the ars light comes on.
    I have a 1992 Mercedes with 146,000 miles. Every once in a while while driving, the car will start losing power and slowing down. I have to pull over and turn the engine off for a minute then crank it back up. It runs fine until the next time.
      10/27/2010 MOONSTER_TOOLZ
      Have your engine scanned for trouble codes to determine the exact faults of your engine. I suspect a failing knock sensor or engine misfire is the cause of your engine trouble. Post the codes here, so that the community here will be able to help you in diagnosing your engine trouble.
  • tim
    tim - 1997 Mercedes Benz E420 - Engine - 10/26/2010
    Why do i have to put my car in neutral in order for it to crank
      10/26/2010 MOONSTER_TOOLZ
      Your car is equipped with neutral safety switch that can only be started while the transmission is in neutral position to prevent the vehicle to rum abruptly when it started.
  • Dhenero
    Dhenero - 1989 Mercedes Benz 190E - Engine - 10/25/2010
    Convert from Carbeurator to fuel Injection
    • Ryan D
      10/25/2010 Ryan D
      Your car already has fuel injection