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  • Tom
    Tom - 1980 Mercedes Benz 450SEL - Engine - 9/14/2010
    Fuel leak by gas tank
    I have a 1976 Mercedes Benz 450 SE. It is leaking gas by the gas tank. It looks like it is coming from a hose that goes into the tank. There is this piece that has 3 hoses hooked to it and it looks like it fits inside the tank.
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      This is trouble that needs to be fixed immediately, it is best to bring it to a shop for repair.

      I recommend you to use "Find a Shop" feature of AutoMD for shops nearest you
  • astonsa
    astonsa - 1997 Mercedes Benz E320 - Engine - 9/14/2010
    Idle's rough/fluctuates during full stop in drive gear
    Idle's rough/fluctuates during full stop in drive gear
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      Try to check idle position sensor, & clean your air filter or replace it. But its best to have a computer scan to detect exactly the cause of trouble saving you time and money.

      I recommend you to use "Find a Shop" feature of AutoMD for shops nearest you
  • fady taha
    fady taha - 2006 Mercedes Benz S350 - Engine - 9/14/2010
    Electrical module for my car
    I had an accident wiz my car, and the garage told me that i have to change all the Modules and the cut off electrical module and he didnt start the engine yet, how could i know if i have to do that and pay 5000$???
    • yboy82
      9/14/2010 yboy82
      I don’t have any idea how much damage did your vehicle get from the accident but I suggest to ask other garage for their opinion, before you decide to change anything or pay.
  • Bruce
    Bruce - 1986 Mercedes Benz 190E - Engine - 9/13/2010
    Cold Starting Problem
    When car is cold, it is very difficult to start. Fuel injection system has many valves and can run in the thousands of dollars to change all including fuel injectors. Someone mentioned the cold start valve, but eventually after about 5 full minutes of cranking the ...
    • yboy82
      9/9/2010 yboy82
      Here are the possible causes of your vehicle’s trouble

      •defective fuel injector pressure regulator

      •defective fuel injector cold start

      •fouled spark plug / plug wires

      •defective fuel pump relay

      •failing PCV valve

      •the choke in the carburetor is not operating or faulty carburetor choke float

      •choke thermostat not functioning properly

    • Bruce
      9/10/2010 Bruce
      Hi. Thanks for the response. As it turns out, it was a relay behind the battery area that has a fuse on top of it. It sends an impulse to the fuel injection system. The part cost $76 and has fixed the problem that has plagued my car for many years. One of the indicators to the problem was the trouble lite on the dash. The car now starts with a touch of the ignition key and idles perfectly. I owe it all to the on-line MB mechanic Roy,
      9/13/2010 yboy82
      Cheer's to Roy!
    • yboy82
      9/13/2010 yboy82
      That’s awesome!
  • Capt Paul Rothman
    Capt Paul Rothman - 1986 Mercedes Benz 190E - Engine - 9/12/2010
    Can not get moter mount offf block
    I have removed all the bolts to starter its loose, engine mounts removed, engine mount to block will not come off have removed 3bolts an2 manifold supports cane I see a breakdown of mount to block
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  • barbie
    barbie - 1999 Mercedes Benz C230 - Engine - 9/12/2010
    Tourq on replacing timing chain
    head,cam caps,intake and exust manafold
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  • Michael
    Michael - 1999 Mercedes Benz C230 - Engine - 9/12/2010
    How can i fix a P0170 Code
  • Mekaeel Abdallah
    Mekaeel Abdallah - 1985 Mercedes Benz 190E - Engine - 9/12/2010
    Engine will not start after changing thermostat, why?
    found out that battery was no good, replaced battery, engine cranks but wil not fire
    • sonny bo
      9/11/2010 sonny bo
      sounds like u got water some where to short some thing out,or not related to thermo.try leaving it in sun hood open dry every thing that water may have hit
    • Larry
      9/12/2010 Larry
      Check all your fuses an most imports there fuses on the electric fan motors.
      these you find under the hood car will not start if the fuse is blown onthe fan
  • rambleramx
    rambleramx - 2004 Mercedes Benz C230 - Engine - 9/12/2010
    My vacuum pump is leaking oil - should I just reseal it or replace it ?
    Anything special I should know before removing then either reinstalling or replacing the pump?
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  • shui ma
    shui ma - 2000 Mercedes Benz ML320 - Engine - 9/11/2010
    My ml320 the engine stop when driving with no warning and shut off engine it will not start again ,
    after 30 min or 1 hr . the engine run agian , it was happen several times
    • Bobby
      9/8/2010 Bobby
      you need to hook up a scanner and find out what codes are present in the computer. once you have the troublecodes we can start to find out what the problem is.
      9/8/2010 shui ma
      thank i will do it . i thank used scanner only check engine light on
    • makel
      9/11/2010 makel
      mmm when ur engine stop when driving. try to test the fuel pressur it most be 4bar if no pressure . you must change the fuel pump . i think this is the problem its the most popular in the ml class.
      9/11/2010 shui ma
      thank you . i agree your answer, or it may be fuel filter
    • Joe
      9/11/2010 Joe
      change the crank shaft sensor cause my mercedes done the same thing also
  • itamay
    itamay - 2006 Mercedes Benz C280 - Engine - 9/11/2010
    Each morning when I start there is a cackling sound under the hood for about half a minute. Can this be fixed?
    I am in Florida , happens when I am leaving home for work and when I am leaving work in the evenings. Car has 33K miles
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  • sergio
    sergio - 1986 Mercedes Benz 300SDL - Engine - 9/10/2010
    I am replacing the head gasket. Is it necesary to replace the head bolts?
    • sonny bo
      9/10/2010 sonny bo
      no if not rusty or pitted just clean em up
  • billy
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  • Salvador F. dela Pena
    Salvador F. dela Pena - 1987 Mercedes Benz 190E - Engine - 9/9/2010
    My car usually stalls after 30 minutes but can easily be restarted?
    Do I have to replace fuel distributor ?
    • yboy82
      9/9/2010 yboy82
      Did you already check the adjustment and condition of your carburetor?
  • brendanjoelhall
    brendanjoelhall - 2002 Mercedes Benz C240 - Engine - 9/9/2010
    Rough Idle Please Help
    I have a 2002 c240 elegance, 90km, had the spark plugs changed, coils check, throttle body cleaned, injectors cleaned. I had the injectors and throttle body cleaned a few days ago and still on the same tank of gas after flush but seems to be running a lot rougher, ...
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      These could be the cause of your problem

      Idle speed incorrectly set - Look up correct settings and adjust

      Mixture setting wrong - Look up correct settings and adjust

      Ignition problem - Check ignition system