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  • bijo
    bijo - 2004 Lexus ES330 - Body & Interior - 2/28/2012
    Open/pry rear door interior panel.
    Looking to open/pry rear door panel to reach the child lock device.Anyone knows how to do that?
  • sathya
    sathya - 2001 Lexus RX300 - Body & Interior - 2/28/2012
    Our radio car does not set up or down as per we want, ie radio frequency FM 97 but radio car can set 97.50
    the above frequency does not much, thus bad sound
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  • rocket005
    rocket005 - 1999 Lexus LS400 - Body & Interior - 2/26/2012
    How to clear messages on display that have already been addressed. Tail light out and windshield fluid low.
    I already replaced the light and topped off fluid.
    • HouseCallAuto
      2/26/2012 HouseCallAuto
      If you do not use the designated factory genuine bulbs the message center will not clear. The bulb outage module gets an incorrect feedback signal / resistance that does not fall within tolerance. One typical example is replacing the high mount stop lamp bulb with a #194 bulb instead of the factory # 921 bulb, they both will fit and they both will light up but have different electrical usage and resistances. The washer fluid bottle may have a bad fill level sensor or a broken wire to the sensor.
  • Salem Alneaimi
    Salem Alneaimi - 2010 Lexus LS460 - Body & Interior - 2/17/2012
    Lexus LS460 GPS system repair outside US & Canda
    Dear sir, During my stay in US I've bought a LEXUS LS 460 model 2010.I shiped my car to United Arab Emirates. The GPS stoped working and I took it to a electronic shop to replace the HDD and the problem becom worse , now the GPS device can not load any data from ...
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  • maria
    maria - 2007 Lexus RX350 - Body & Interior - 2/11/2012
    Driver side headlight has water condensation inside. How can I fix
    • raoul_tiesto
      2/11/2012 raoul_tiesto
      The only fix its to replace the whole headlight assembly.I see a lot of those.Your car its out of basic warranty(4 years or 50000 mi).Do u have Lexus Extra Care Warranty?If your vehicle has the HID front lights u might wanna take care of this issue ASAP,because water condensation its gonna damage the HID ecu located inside the headlight,and then its gonna cost more to replace.New headlight does not come with ecu,needs to be swapped.Also headlight might have AFS system,depends on vehicle.
      2/12/2012 maria
      Raoul:_tiesto thank you for your reply, What does the letters HID ECU mean? Can I replace the headlight myself by buying one from other sources other thab Lexus? Will I have to reset anything on computer if I do this myself?
      2/12/2012 raoul_tiesto
      HID stands for High-Intesity Discharge,and ECU stands for Electronic Control Unit.If u gonna find the headlight at other source than Lexus u gonna have to make sure that its the exact fit for your vehicle.Your car has the blue headlights(HID)?If yes,also your headlight its gonna have the AFS system built in.AFS its the self leveling and cornering option for that headlight.U dont have to reset anything as long as u plug in all the connectors.Keep me posted.
      2/11/2012 ARMY OF 4 TIRES
      sometimes people don't get the seal on the bulb good enough when replacing headlights, in that case i wipe the condensation out with a paper towel wrapped around a stick and then use a blow dryer which the longer you blow the better chance it will have no condensation left, if condensation returns then most likely need to replace the headlight housing
  • perezmdst
    perezmdst - 2002 Lexus IS300 - Body & Interior - 2/11/2012
    How do you bypass the ballast for installing after market headlight
    i currently have the original H.I.D. headlights installed
  • Rick
    Rick - 2008 Lexus RX350 - Body & Interior - 2/9/2012
    The drive front door works perfectly, locks and unlocks. All other doors lock only with the remote and will not unlock .
    The electric locks on the 3 doors that will lock only, all failed at the same time. The drivers door locks and unlocks with remote , perfectly.
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  • bill
    bill - 2005 Lexus RX330 - Body & Interior - 2/8/2012
    Looking for information re: TSB on water leak around rear hatch of Lexus RX 330 from weld seams above rear lift stays.
    Water leaks and discolors interior. Known Lexus problem.
    • yboy82
      2/8/2012 yboy82
      You will notice that TSB online are just summary, if you want to obtain a full TSB report you can purpose it online or visit forums for your vehicle.
  • Andy
    Andy - 2004 Lexus ES330 - Body & Interior - 2/8/2012
    Left rear door does not lock or unlock with power locks, have to lock it manually. What do I need to fix it.
    happens all the time, other three doors lock and unlock fine with button on the door or with the button on the key.
  • joe
    joe - 2004 Lexus RX330 - Body & Interior - 2/8/2012
    Controls for back seat windows work but the driver's controls for these windows do not
    is this a simple relay switch or more complicated
    • Teacha
      2/3/2012 Teacha
      Had the same issue with my 2006 lexus GX 470. Manual says windows need to be initialized. To initialize, lower the window halfway, then raise the window and hold the button for 1-2 seconds after the window closes. Do this for all windows. Once done, the driver's controls should work.
      2/3/2012 HouseCallAuto
      Nice info
    • raoul_tiesto
      2/8/2012 raoul_tiesto
      Look on each window switch,it has a small led light in the middle.If are not initialized the light flashes.If all windows are initialized they should work from from the driver master switch.If after the initialization process they still don't work from the master switch...the master switch might be bad....
  • Carol Setterington
    • Miss Beverly
      2/7/2012 Miss Beverly
      There's a button in your glove compartment which probably was accidentally pushed. This button is so that people who are in and out of your car can't access the trunk w/o knowing about this button

  • Patricia Ardillo
    Patricia Ardillo - 2000 Lexus GS300 - Body & Interior - 2/3/2012
    I need to find the assembly that holds the park light and turn signal
    hit the ditch , messed up the left front parking light , which is also the turn signal need the whole assembly . the piece that holds the lights
  • bo
    bo - 1999 Lexus RX300 - Body & Interior - 2/2/2012
    How do you replace the antennae
    • yboy82
      2/2/2012 yboy82
      With the battery negative cable connected to the battery terminal. You should turn the ignition switch to ”LOCK” position. And then remove the antenna nut. Press the ”AM, FM” buttons on the radio receiver, and si- multaneously turn the ignition switch to ”ACC” position.

      The rod will extend fully and be released form the motor antenna. After removing the antenna rod, leave the ignition switch as ”ACC”.

      To prevent body damage when the antenna rod is released, hold the rod while it comes out.
      Install the antenna rod. You should insert the cable of the rod until it reaches the bottom.

      And when inserting the cable, the teeth on the cable must face toward the rear of the vehicle. Insert the antenna approx. 300 mm (11.8 in.). Wind the cable to retract the rod by turning the ignition switch to ”LOCK” position.

      If the ignition switch is already in ”LOCK” position, do step 1 (c) first, then turn the ignition switch to ”ACC” position. In case the cable is not wound, twist it, as shown in the illustration.

      And even if the rod has not retracted fully, install the antenna. Twist nut and inspect the antenna rod operation. It will finally re- tract fully.

      Inspect the antenna rod operation by pushing the radio wave band select buttons.
  • murry
    murry - 1996 Lexus LS400 - Body & Interior - 2/1/2012
    How to fix my gas gauge as it no longer works
    i put in engine cleaner and it worked for a while but now the gauge only rises to about the last qtr when totally full.
    • Spoon Sports
      2/1/2012 Spoon Sports
      Well, it's a fuel the problem can come from two source. The sensing unit or the indicator. DOES your refill light comes on, if it does then it seems to me like the sensing unit is functioning correctly. Cause if it was stuck or something, it won't let you know that the tank is getting empty. So the problem has to be w/ the indicator. If you could find the wire from your wiring harness that connects to the fuel tank, you can see if this wire has become corroded or if it is not grounded properly. This could cause it to not work correctly. I haven't had this problem before, so I am just pointing out the obvious....but maybe that helps a little.