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  • Md
    Md - 2010 Jeep Wrangler (JK) - Steering & Suspension - 12/13/2012
    My car is difficult to steer especially when raining.
    The car feels like it is floating or hydroplaning even in small amounts of road water. The car pulls severely to both sides when driving on wet pavement. I also have uneven wear on one front tire and my tires squeal whenever I make a turn. What could be wrong?
    • roywesley2003
      12/13/2012 roywesley2003
      Severely misalignment. Have front end aligned and replace the worn tires immediately.
  • ameerrichard9
    ameerrichard9 - 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Steering & Suspension - 12/13/2012
    Is there a part under the jeep called k bar or k swiss
  • DuckTape1
    DuckTape1 - 2007 Jeep Wrangler (JK) - Steering & Suspension - 12/13/2012
    Has anyone had any "death wobbles" in jeep wranglers? If so how was fixed? Thank!!
    At 55mph the jeep started wobbling very violently. I thought the wheels fell off. Very scary situation.
    • Jimm
      12/9/2012 Jimm
      Check the front wheels for; loose / worn wheel bearings, loose front suspension components / bushings. Try the 'How-To-Guides' feature on the AutoMD website for the specific steps to inspect.

      Try the many on-line auto parts sources, such as; or for the replacement parts.
    • roywesley2003
      12/13/2012 roywesley2003
      I have only ever seen this on a lifted jeep myself but that is certainly not always the case. The so-called “death wobble” is relatively common among vehicles that use a solid front axle, and the Wrangler is the only light truck currently on sale that falls into this category. The wobble is a harmonic resonance resulting from a loose or worn part in the steering or suspension, such as a tie rod end, and usually set off by hitting a bump at a certain speed. Spend 10 solid minutes under the front end, visually inspecting each one of the steering components for shiny spots on steel, rubber, or polyeurthane, which is typically indicative of suspension components that are moving around when they are not supposed to be. Pay CAREFUL attention to the track bar. The Track Bar is often the culprit in many cases. And, if any of your bolts are even the least bit loose, Death Wobble also can manifest itself and make your life a living hell, so check for looseness everywhere. If you recently changed tires be sure to get an alignment immediately.

      Read this article to help:
    • roywesley2003
      12/13/2012 roywesley2003
      Duck Tape usually cures the wobble...............but seriously. Check the rubber bushings on the track bar and use a pry bar to do this. Sometimes the urethane breaks down and problems follow. Over time, the tie rod end on the upper portion of the track bar develops “play” in it due to wear and miles on the vehicle. The same findings often goes for the lower end bushing, which has a rubber or polyurethane isolator bushing in it, and this “slop” will allow the Dreaded Death Wobble oscillation to occur. Check for slop everywhere.
  • cdarling55
    cdarling55 - 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Steering & Suspension - 12/13/2012
    Why does my car make a grinding knocking noise when i push on the gas and stops when i let off of it
    it sounds like it is coming from the front wheel axel area
    • roywesley2003
      12/13/2012 roywesley2003
      Sounds major. Can you be more specific? Applying throttle while in park it does this, or applying throttle while driving (moving) it does this?
  • cdarling55
    cdarling55 - 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Steering & Suspension - 12/9/2012
    Why does my car make a grinding knocking soound when i push the gas
    sounds like it is coming from the wheel axle area
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  • reilly
    reilly - 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Steering & Suspension - 12/3/2012
    Need to replace upper front axle arms w bushings
    Can't get good alignment
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  • jiedco
    jiedco - 2010 Jeep Liberty - Steering & Suspension - 11/26/2012
    I have grinding/creaking noise in left rear when brakes are applied.
    I had new tires installed some 20000 miles ago and the rear tires wore on the inside very rapidly. Did have it aligned at that time also. Took vehicle back after seeing rear tires worn quite a bit at 6000 miles and they now say the lower lower suspension arm needs ...
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  • _25@
    _25@ - 2007 Jeep Compass - Steering & Suspension - 11/22/2012
    I have a shaking when cornering @ 80-100km. Control arm or tie rod ?? how do I ckeck"
    • brad148405
      8/18/2012 brad148405
      Tie rods will have play in them... (would be able to move them around fairly easily) same with control arms... the bushing holding them into place could be failing.
    • ckstone08
      11/22/2012 ckstone08
      I had to replace the tie rods on my 07 Jeep Compass a couple of months ago. I had shaking and that was due to needing an alignment. When I turned the steering wheel it mad an awful noise and I thought it might be the power steering. I took it in to have the fluid checked and oil changed and that is how I found out I needed to replace tie rods and ball joints. I then had to replace the front tires and align. Feels like a completely different vehicle now!
  • furbeedirt
    furbeedirt - 1997 Jeep Cherokee - Steering & Suspension - 11/20/2012
    At around 50mph when i hit a bump front wheels shake till i slow down
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  • baw1977
    baw1977 - 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Steering & Suspension - 11/5/2012
    Every so often my Jeep wont start and all power is cut from the entire vehicle. What causes this?
    I have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Special Edition. The steering wheel doesn't lock anymore when the Jeep is turned off. The few times the Jeep won't start, I usually get it going after I vigorously turn the steering wheel. It seems like there is a short somewhere ...
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  • jr
    jr - 1989 Jeep Cherokee - Steering & Suspension - 10/29/2012
    Wheel wobbles when you hit rough spotin the road or when above 55 mph
    replaced all tie rod ends and other joints
    • wamp422
      10/29/2012 wamp422
      Good place to start is to check your bushings make sure their not cracked, lose, or missing sections I recommend using polypropylene bushings the hold up better and are sturdier than rubber.
      Then check tierods, ball joints, track bar if all is good get a alignment good luck steven
      11/4/2012 jr
      thank you. it was the track bar
  • krista
    krista - 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Steering & Suspension - 10/29/2012
    Why would my steering wheel and front end shake whenever I hit a bump in the road?
    My steering wheel shakes alot after hitting bumps.
    • hen8616
      10/24/2012 hen8616
      Most likely it is your ball joints
    • RC
      10/24/2012 RC
      Check wheel balance, track bar looseness, and steering damper.
    • wamp422
      10/29/2012 wamp422
      Check the sway bar bushings if the sway bar has play side ways replace the bushings wit polypropylene and .ake sure the other bushings are not cracked or missing sections
  • dsuga
    dsuga - 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Steering & Suspension - 10/25/2012
    There is a creaking noise every time I turn right and then there is a whining sound, what's wrong?
    It also happens when I turn left sometimes
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  • jon76
    0 answer
  • tvonda
    tvonda - 2006 Jeep Liberty - Steering & Suspension - 10/16/2012
    While driving, what would cause my battery light to turn on, loss of power steering and smoke under the hood of my car?
    Car has been running a little rough. Makes a squeaking sound as i accelerate while turning. Also, when i start my car to warm up and turn on the heat only cold air blows in the cab even after idling for a while. Warm air won't come in until i start driving.
    • HouseCallAuto
      10/16/2012 HouseCallAuto
      Somethinng that is driven by the belt is freezing up, Idler pulley, ac compressor clutch pulley, p/steer pump, water pump, This does not have just one answer, someone has to look and decide what happened.
      10/16/2012 tvonda
      Thanks... its in the shop now, so i guess I'll have to wait and see.
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