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  • navrs
    navrs - 2001 Jeep - Steering & Suspension - 4/25/2013
    Where can I find where to get a 3 inch lift in van wert, ohio
    • Jimm
      4/25/2013 Jimm
      Try these sources;,,,, - or the Yellow Pages for a source in your area.
  • schansen1
    schansen1 - 2004 Jeep Liberty - Steering & Suspension - 3/25/2013
    Do I have a transfer case problem?
    I had Jeep recall to get rear arms replaced. Shop: transfer case fluids looked bad;$240 fix. Me: just do recall. Now: growling noise at slow speeds, turning. Did they do something to transfer case?
    • HouseCallAuto
      3/25/2013 HouseCallAuto
      No idea, take a fluid sample out of it. The fluid should be ATF+4 (transmission oil) You had none of these sounds before the recall was done?
  • grace
    grace - 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Steering & Suspension - 3/23/2013
    What would be wrong to make my right front tire on the outside bald?
    I don't think it's the alignment because the wheel will stay straight.
    • Jimm
      3/23/2013 Jimm
      Sevaeral possibilities; wheel out-of-alignment, faulty / worn wheel bearing, faulty / worn suspension component, faulty / worn steering component - such as tie rod end. You cannot rule out the alignment as a potential cause until the wheel alignment is checked and verified.
  • tcdc71
    tcdc71 - 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Steering & Suspension - 3/6/2013
    How much to replace both sides of front with ball joints? upper and lower
  • Kadzo
    Kadzo - 2005 Jeep Wrangler (TJ) - Steering & Suspension - 2/25/2013
    Which is the best place to shop for Jeep Wheels?
    I bought a used Jeep Wrangler and I need to pimp my ride with the new type of Jeep Wheels but I wonder which make to choose from and is there a specific type for off-road driving. My friends advised me to check out online Jeep Wheels manufacturers’ stores. What ...
    • Sheddy
      2/25/2013 Sheddy
      There are many online stores, some have categories for specific items in Jeeps while others are more general. I like visiting because they provide a wider range of sites for various manufacturers. I get free shipping plus discounts. Online stores are good.
  • Kadzo
    Kadzo - 2005 Jeep Wrangler (TJ) - Steering & Suspension - 2/25/2013
    Online store for local Jeep Suspensions sales?
    What are some good online stores that have a section for local listing on Jeep Suspensions?
    • Sheddy
      2/25/2013 Sheddy
      There are many online stores, some have categories for specific items in Jeep accessories while others are more general. I like visiting because they provide a wider range of sites for various Jeep manufacturers. Since I have a Jeep, I check out Jeep accessories which has a shop category for Jeep ranging from Jeep wheels, Jeep Suspension Lift Kits and even Jeep Doors plus the free shipping offer is great for me.


  • Brian
    • Jimm
      2/16/2013 Jimm
      Check the many different on-line auto parts sources; such as -, and for the replacement parts - and to compare the leaf spring applications by part number.
  • pokerchef5
    pokerchef5 - 2009 Jeep Wrangler (JK) - Steering & Suspension - 2/12/2013
    1) While driving I hear a grinding noise. What could it be? 2) Steering wheel shakes after hitting a bump at high speed
    The noise does not come from the breaks when I press them.
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  • Brian
    • HouseCallAuto
      2/11/2013 HouseCallAuto
      There is no database that exists among mechanics that would be able to compile a list of vehicles using the same part number springs. But, a quick check in alldata states that the part # of the front leaf springs remained the same from 83 to '91 on Grand Wagoneer. In case you do not know this.., you can remove your springs and take them to a truck spring shop and have them re-arced / rebuilt and they will be like new.
  • watosh
    watosh - 1983 Jeep Scrambler - Steering & Suspension - 2/8/2013
    How do I remove the ignition lock cylinder?
    I am trying to replace the turn signal switch, and cant get the ignition lock cylinder out of the steering collum.
    • HouseCallAuto
      2/6/2013 HouseCallAuto
      The Jeep steering column is the same as a Chevy back then. The steering wheel, lockplate, have to be removed to get down to where you can access the turn signal switch. why do you need to remove the ignition lock cylinder? It does not restrict you from replacing the turn signal switch. But, if you do have to remove it was made two different ways. One has a retaining screw that is accessed from in by the turn signal switch and the other way if there is no retaining screw there u=is a specific procedure with pictures. You must get the book with the step by step and pics. No other way or you will break something. This is not a walk in the park and you will depend heavily on the step by step description and the accompanying pictures.
    • merabdickens4
      2/8/2013 merabdickens4
      You can remove an ignition lock cylinder with relative ease. Start by taking off the steering wheel column covers and then you have access to the lock cylinder. You may need a special tool to bypass the anti-theft fasteners, which hold the lock cylinder in place and get more details from
  • ashley.oppenheim
    ashley.oppenheim - 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Steering & Suspension - 1/30/2013
    What is that rattling noise, and why is it smoking?
    I just bought a 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 6 cylinder with (gulp) 308,000 miles on it at an auction ( I know, I know...). Anyway, as I was driving it home I noticed a rattling sound from the back, it sounds likes something banging in trash can, or like train ...
    • Sarah Spark
      1/30/2013 Sarah Spark
      I think your exhaust system could have gone loose. Probably the clamps holding it together have become loose or if it is welded they have worn off. Why don't you have them checked? You can tighten the exhaust pipes or if they have been through many miles replace it with a new exhaust system. You can see these kits as
  • csweet
    csweet - 2007 Jeep Wrangler (JK) - Steering & Suspension - 1/21/2013
    Is the death wobble covered under the warranty ?
    Around 55mph the front end shakes uncontrollably
    • Bill
      1/21/2013 Bill
      I don't know but a front end alignment guy could inspect this. First have the front tires fully inspected and wheels by a tire guy.
      1/21/2013 Bill
      Put tires in back at front and vise versa. In other words rotate the tires and see if this helps or vibration changes.
  • dnburden
    dnburden - 1986 Jeep CJ7 - Steering & Suspension - 1/13/2013
    How do you change out the column ignition lock on an 86 CJ 7
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  • thunderbuddy74
    thunderbuddy74 - 2000 Jeep Wrangler (TJ) - Steering & Suspension - 1/12/2013
    How do I tighten up my steering
    Play in the steering wheel
    • Jason
      1/11/2013 Jason
      Check the steering & suspension for loose components first
    • rwainw9009
      1/12/2013 rwainw9009
      Check steering componants for loose parts. Tierods. You dont tighten thease up.
  • Kadzo
    Kadzo - 2005 Jeep Wrangler (TJ) - Steering & Suspension - 1/10/2013
    Online store for local Jeep Suspensions sales?
    What are some good online stores that have a section for local listing on Jeep Suspensions ? Do they also have home delivery I know cycle traders…eBay motors....craigslist... Owner:
    0 answer