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  • steve
    steve - 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Brakes - 6/12/2011
    No power to the abs pump-abs light on and brake light on.
    • yboy82
      6/10/2011 yboy82
      Check the condition of the fuse for your abs pump on the fuse/relay box under the left side of the instrument panel, behind the cover.
      6/15/2011 steve
      fuses and relays are ok.I was told there was a relay under dash for abs.
    • itc6130
      6/12/2011 itc6130
      Have your brakes check, if there is a problem both lights will come on . the ABS light on means that you don't have the system working .brake light on means you have a brake failure.
  • Tony
    Tony - 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Brakes - 6/9/2011
    • HouseCallAuto
      6/9/2011 HouseCallAuto
      replace the parts. There is no other choice here. Maybe you just needed to hear me say that?
      6/13/2011 Tony
      Correct, I did, but didn't. I don't know if this was done by the last owner, or was a defect. This repair wont be cheap. But thank you for the response.
  • Joec_108
    Joec_108 - 1983 Jeep CJ7 - Brakes - 6/9/2011
    Why are my new brakes and rotor stil making grooves into rotor
    • HouseCallAuto
      6/9/2011 HouseCallAuto
      Stop staring at the rotors and drive. I am sure what you are seeing is normal.
  • jennings
    jennings - 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Brakes - 6/9/2011
    My jeep sounds like it needs brakes, but checked and have alot of pad left, why still squealing?
    The noise sounds like it's comming from the brakes. It dosen't grind when I step on the brakes or the noise dosen't change when I speed up. It dose stop when i go over 55 or under 30mph.
    • RC
      5/25/2011 RC
      The pads could be glazed and the rotor surface uneven. Also check the wear indicator on the pad, it may be contacting the rotor.
      5/25/2011 jennings
      that'll make it sound like i need brakes? To fix this i should put new brakes on?
    • crazywolf threeclouds
      well the brake indicator could be bent as i have seen this or it is the semi metallic pad's and rotors are glazed and there are better brake pads out there and rotors as well ceramic pads are good cause they
      dissipate the heat better and directional rotors or the one that have the pre drilled holes are great as well,
      the best part is you will get more miles out of them than any other oem brake pads as most of what i said is
      they meet and exceed oem and are the best if you are going deep graded in the mountains or wen you are towing something.
  • Dan
    • HouseCallAuto
      6/1/2011 HouseCallAuto
      There is no way that you can check the condition of rotors visually and be able to rule out warped rotors. Impossible. The rotors on your Liberty are warped. They likely have about .010" or more of runout and that is what causes a brake vibration that is almost always felt in the steering wheel and accompanied by a pulsation in the brakes. Replace the front rotors and the b rake pads at the same time and your vibration will be gone provided you use quality pads and rotors to replace what is there.
  • mmoseman
    mmoseman - 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Brakes - 5/31/2011
    How to replace a brake switch
    • Bill
      5/31/2011 Bill
      shouldn't be too difficult if looking under dash by brake pedal lever you see how installed. If need be take a picture.
      6/1/2011 mmoseman
      I have to take a little piece off from the bottom of the dash and when I do that Ican see the part, but I cant see where it plugs in and unplugs. Is there more of the dash that has to come off to do this and if so how do i take it off. There are two screws in the one I took off.
  • Jessi Toffling
    Jessi Toffling - 1990 Jeep Wrangler (YJ) - Brakes - 5/27/2011
    What size brake shoes does it take?
    • DrkShdw983
      5/24/2011 DrkShdw983
      probably both

      If the stutter is in the whole car than it might be just pads

      if it's in the pedal than it's definently rotors

      prices aren't generally very high, it's probably worth just doing them both
  • Tom
  • jennings
    jennings - 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Brakes - 5/20/2011
    My jeep makes a sound like i'm dragging a piece of metal.
    I thought it was bad brakes, I replaced the back ones fronts didn't need it, but noise is still there.
    • yboy82
      5/20/2011 yboy82
      Is it sound like scraping? If it does, when does it occurs? Is it during driving or braking?
      5/20/2011 jennings
      It sounds like a piece of pipe being dragged across the asphalt, it occurs when i reach atleast 45mph, and it happens all the time. The sound dosen't increase or decrease when i step on the brake. Although i noticed that it stops when its wet, wehad some rain this week and it stopped, but dry the sounds back, if that helps.
  • Elaine
    Elaine - 1998 Jeep Wrangler (TJ) - Brakes - 5/15/2011
    Why do my blinker lights go out when my brakes are applied
    Why cant I find a wiring harness for the brakes on my jeep?
    • HouseCallAuto
      5/15/2011 HouseCallAuto
      Has anyone just replaced a rear light bulb? Maybe the wrong bulb? Or you have a bad turn signal switch in the steering column.
  • marsha armstrong
    marsha armstrong - 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Brakes - 5/12/2011
    When i put the brakes on ,my peddle and truck pulsesates,
    or when i;m on the freeway and press the brakes to slow down the whole truck jerks.
    • DrkShdw983
      5/12/2011 DrkShdw983
      Sounds like warped rotors. I would start with new front rotors and pads... if it still shakes I would replace the lower control arm busingings
  • diane martin
    diane martin - 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Brakes - 4/30/2011
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      Brake Shoes
      Cherokee and Wrangler
      Raise and safely support the vehicle.
      Remove the wheel and brake drum.
      Remove the U-clip and washer securing the adjuster cable to the parking brake lever.
      Remove the primary and secondary return springs from the anchor pin.
      Remove the hold-down springs, retainers and pins.
      Install spring clamps on the wheel cylinders to hold the pistons in place.
      Remove the adjuster lever, adjuster screw and spring.
      Remove the adjuster cable and cable guide.
      Remove the brake shoes and parking brake strut.
      Disconnect the cable from the parking brake lever and remove the lever.

      To install:
      Clean the support plate with brake cleaner.
      Apply multi-purpose grease to the brake shoe contact surfaces on the backing plate.
      Lubricate the adjuster screw threads.
      Attach the parking brake lever to the secondary brake shoe. Use a new washer and U-clip.
      Remove the wheel cylinder clamps.
      Attach the parking brake cable to the lever.
      Install the brake shoes on the support plate. Secure the shoes with new hold-down springs, pins and retainers.
      Install the parking brake strut and spring.
      Install the guide plate and adjuster cable to the anchor pin.
      Install the return springs.
      Install the adjuster cable guide on the secondary shoe.
      Install the adjuster screw, spring and lever. Connect to the adjuster cable.
      Adjust the shoes to the drum. Install the drum.
      Install the wheel/tire assemblies and lower the vehicle.
      Verify a firm brake pedal before moving the vehicle.

      And for brake rotor removal, click the link below.
  • pittman
    pittman - 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Brakes - 4/27/2011
    How to replace brake light
    • Spoon Sports
      4/27/2011 Spoon Sports
      Open hatch and remove the 2 hex screws on the side of the light.

      This will loosen the light. It is still held in by the main wire and a push-in plastic tab. Pull the entire light assemble straight back. You have to pull fairly hard to pop the light out of the plastic tab. Don't pull too far out back (because of the main wire).

      There are 3 bulbs in each side. Brake light is the top bulb. Turn counter-clockwise to unscrew. You can now replace the bulb.

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