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  • ebcarroll4458
    ebcarroll4458 - 1997 Honda Passport - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 2/4/2013
    Transmission will not shift into overdrive. It is an automatic transmission.
    The vehicle had to be towed home. The filter was changed the transmission filter was stopped up. The oil was and the filter. When i drove the truck shifted all 4 gears, however when it should have shifted to overdrive the truck would would not went up to about 3000 ...
    • Joe Boulay
      2/4/2013 Joe Boulay
      Did it shift into overdrive okay before you changed the fluid and filter? What did the old fluid look like was it burnt? Perhaps something got disturbed when the transmission pan was off?
      Hope this helps
      Joe Boulay
      Automotive Technician & Author
      [email protected]
  • Michaelgt2
    Michaelgt2 - 2001 Honda Accord - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 1/28/2013
    I recently tackled an automatic transmission, after reinstalling it sounds like the transmission is engaging but no move
    Everything seems normal, engine loads when put in gear but the wheels don't move. Replaced clutches and steels but not the TC any help is appreciated
    • Joe Boulay
      1/28/2013 Joe Boulay
      Make sure that your axles are completely in at the transmission. Also make sure that your shift cable adjustment is correct. Hopefully you got a known good transmission as these are problematic transmissions.
      Hope this helpsJoe Boulay
      Automotive Technician & Author
      [email protected]

  • Big G
    Big G - 2000 Honda Accord - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 1/28/2013
    What could cause a pulsating vibration from driverside front area?
    The faster you go the louder it gets and when car i in neutral the sound is still there which leads me to believe it is the drivetrain.
    • hikegnp
      1/28/2013 hikegnp
      You could have a tire that is going bad, driveshaft that is failing, or a warped brake rotor. Check the tire for any signs of uneven wear on the tread. If that looks fine, you might have a tire shop inspect it anyway just to be sure. Does the vibration change when you accelerate hard? If so, it might be a driveshaft. I had a driveshaft fail that had a little vibration at normal speeds, but when accelerating or going up a hill it would vibrate worse. If the vibration gets worse when you apply the brakes while moving, it might be a the brake rotor warped. You might be able to have it turned or just have to replace it.
  • j
    j - 2006 Honda Civic - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 1/26/2013
    I can't shift into first or second. The other gears work all work.2006 Honda civic coupe
    Came off the hwy and came to a stop, but when I tried to shift into first I could not get it to move into the whole right side. Had to shift into third just to be able to move it and park it.
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  • chriswkbrd
    chriswkbrd - 1996 Honda Civic - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 1/26/2013
    Clutch or Transmission?
    When I get on the interstate, I have to get up to speed with everyone else. If I try to speed up quickly and when changing gears my gas pedal will hit the floor and I can feel my RPM's go up but I don't gain any speed. It's like my engine is just spinning but it's ...
    • rick
      1/26/2013 rick
      The clutch is slipping . Either it is worn out or needs adjusted . Since that should be a hydraulic clutch system there is no adjusting to speak of . New clutch time .
  • drs
    • Jimm
      1/25/2013 Jimm
      Check the 'How-To-Guides' feature on the AutoMD website for the specific steps to change the transmission fluid and filter. You will also need to purchase the transmission fluid - check the owners manual and the specific fluid capacity for the refill.
      Try the many on-line auto parts sources, such as; or for the replacement parts. For example, they (Rock Auto) list the filter and gasket kit for around $10.00 for your vehicle.
  • macdadyma
    macdadyma - 2002 Honda Civic - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 1/21/2013
    I get a little grinding of the gears when shifting into 3rd. only when accelerating quickly. any help on this?
    car has 180,000 miles. no other apparent transmission issues.
    • Got Boost!
      1/21/2013 Got Boost!
      i would hope you dont race the car without proper components... sounds like missing pinion gears
      Got Boost!
      1/22/2013 macdadyma
      thanks, i'll look into that. NO racing just california driving
  • jerryshearts
    jerryshearts - 2001 Honda Civic - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 1/17/2013
    Manual transmission not going in to gear smoothly when shifting. What could be the problem?
    • rick
      1/17/2013 rick
      Sounds like the clutch isn't disengaging all the way . Might be a weak or bad master cylinder or slave cylinder . Could also be air in the line that needs to be bleed off . But if it has air in it then you need to see why . Back to checking the master / slave cylinders and the line for leaks .
  • jerryshearts
    jerryshearts - 2001 Honda Civic - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 1/17/2013
    Manual transmission not going in to gear smoothly when shifting. What could be the problem?
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  • 1237chance
    1237chance - 1994 Honda Accord - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 1/11/2013
    Well go about 50th feet then stop pulling and wind up
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  • scottmcteer
    scottmcteer - 1990 Honda Prelude - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 1/6/2013
    The shift indicator light s3 blinks and cruise control disengages
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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2003 Honda Civic - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 12/30/2012
    Car cuts off after starting
    Once car is initially started, it will cut off . Then I can start it up again, then it will cut does this about 2-3 times before staying on.
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  • jachelethomas
    jachelethomas - 1997 Honda Civic - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 12/29/2012
    Installed new clutch slave cylinder/clutch master cylinders,bleed the line out of bleeder from master cylinder/no clutch
    clutch does builds up enough pressure to get in gear but that is all.Clutch pressed to floor,put in first barely let up on clutch and it starts to pull,another half inch ,it is engaged.About an inch or two from floor board.
    • gcheris
      12/16/2012 gcheris
      Did you also bleed the clutch slave cylinder? If not, do it just like you would do your brakes at the wheel. Make sure you keep the master cylinder filled as you do this.
    • Joe Boulay
      12/29/2012 Joe Boulay
      It sounds like you have not bled all of the air out of the system.
      Hope this helps
      Joe Boulay
      Automotive Technician & Author
      [email protected]
  • chiquih24
    chiquih24 - 1997 Honda Civic - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 12/25/2012
    My car when is running start to shake and slow down and it shut down
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