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  • tmacoon
    tmacoon - 1997 Honda Accord - Engine - 9/5/2010
    My car won't go forward but will reverse fine what could cause that
  • bruce2everest
    bruce2everest - 1989 Honda Civic - Engine - 9/5/2010
    How is the alternator plug wired? - That is: what do I connect each pin to have it work?
    It has a square plug with four pins. The battery post is separate.
    • HouseCallAuto
      9/5/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Looking at a wiring diagram and not a picture of the alternator connector I see that the alternator has 4 terminals for the plug like you said, and the WHITE / YELLOW wire goes to the "C" terminal. The YELLOW (Exc SI hatchback) wire goes to the "FR" terminal. If SI hatchback the BLUE wire goes to "FR" terminal. The BLACK / YELLOW wire goes to the "IG" terminal and the WHITE / BLUE goes to the "L" terminal. Hope that answers your question.
  • Jermain
    Jermain - 2001 Honda Odyssey - Engine - 9/4/2010
    My abs light is on i want to how you can shut it off
    • Oxides
      9/4/2010 Oxides
      you can shut it off by getting the problem fixed. a likely cause is a wheel speed sensor acting up.
  • dick
    dick - 1991 Honda Civic - Engine - 9/4/2010
    Replaced value cover gasket, tightening front right nut to 9 lbs. torque per Chilton , bolt snaped ,where do i get 1 ?
    132000 miles ,starts & runs great ,no related problems in 5 yr ownership . Can i get a replacement nut & bolt ? Also does the head have to come off or can it be backed out so a new one can be put in ? It's the 16 value engine.
    • HouseCallAuto
      9/3/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Honda dealer only for this hardware. One thing about torque values - there are times when following the torque specified will break a bolt. There is a kind of feel that experienced mechanics have that we know when to stop, we know when the bolt is tight enough even if it is not tightened to torque spec. The majority of mechanics do not torque any bolts except wheel fasteners. You will need to extract the broken bolt.
      9/3/2010 HouseCallAuto
      I see 7 to 9 foot pounds as a spec for valve cover bolts.
    • dick
      9/4/2010 dick
      does the head have to come off or will the bolt back out then a new one screwed in?
    DAVET - 2007 Honda Civic - Engine - 9/4/2010
    Car Won't Start - Only get CLICK CLICK
    Replaced battery with new one. Positive (+) terminal cable was full of corrosion and white powder - cleaned and coated with grease. Removed Negative (-) ground cable and checked for continuity (good). Cleaned with steel wool and reconnected cable to chassis ...
    • HouseCallAuto
      8/21/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Turn the headlights on and verify that they are on. While YOU are looking at the headlights being on and bright have a helper try to start the car. If the headlights dim out to where they go out or almost go out, that is an indication that there is a weak battery or bad battery or a bad battery cable connection. If they remain illuminated with the same brightness, that is an indicator that you may have a bad starter or there is no battery voltage getting to the starter solenoid caused by a bad ignition switch, a bad park-neutral switch (AKA a neutral safety switch - in that case try to start the engine in neutral position) or a SECURITY system problem. If the SECURITY system problem were the cause, the green key icon would remain illuminated while trying to start the engine which you said it goes out (normal - no malfunction). To verify the bad starter, verify that there is battery voltage at the (BLACK with WHITE) wire at the starter while trying to start it. If you have battery voltage there and you have battery voltage at the larger WHITE wire then then the starter is bad. If there is no battery voltage reading on the BLACK with WHITE wire at the starter while trying to start the engine (crank position) and the 100 amp and 50 amp fuses are good, replace the starter cut relay in the UNDER DASH fuse / relay box which is under the left side of the instrument panel. There are three relays on the top of this box that you should be able to see. The starter relay is the top right relay. Digest all what I said here slowly. Read it over and over slowly. Your answer is in here.

      Additionally, make sure that the 100 amp and the 50 amp fuse in the underhood power distribution box are not open or the vehicle will not start.
      8/22/2010 DAVET
      Thanks I will proceed with your multiple troubleshooting tips.

    • DAVET
      9/3/2010 DAVET
      To The Master Mechanic: Thank you for your detailed and helpful information. In response to your step-by-step troubleshooting I found the following:

      - Headlights remained illuminated with the same brightness - Battery is okay (new).

      - Removed the hidden cover to access the automatic shifter bypass switch. Attempted to start the car (with brake depressed) in all gears - no luck.

      - Since the green key icon illuminated and turned off - it indicated the key(s) are coded correctly. No security issue.

      - Because of the starter location and position of the wire connections - it was impossible to test the starter in-place.

      - I was able to locate the hidden (located above the under dash fuse panel - behind a removable plastic cover) starter cut relay. It was identical to the automatic window relay - so I swapped them and the windows functioned properly. This told me the starter cut relay was good.

      - The 100 amp and 50 amp fuses had good continuity - okay.

      - When I finally removed the starter - I bench tested it and the Click Click still persisted. Took it to the auto parts store and they confirmed it was faulty. Ordered and received a refurbished starter 2 days later. Bench tested the refurbished starter and it functioned properly.

      - Replaced the rebuilt starter and now the car is running like a champ.

      - I took the bad starter apart and found a loose washer stuck to the powerful magnets. I believe the cause of my dilemma was the lack of preventative maintenance on the battery terminal (corrosion white powder). This build up of corrosion caused the starter to work harder and draw more current, creating an overheated solenoid and blew the washer into the magnets. All speculation.

      - Once again thank you for your assistance in this endeavor.


      Dave T...........
    • HouseCallAuto
      9/4/2010 HouseCallAuto
      You should be able to get a good job with any failure analysis organization. Great outline Dave.
  • DALE
    DALE - 2001 Honda Civic - Engine - 9/3/2010
    Why is my Civic overheating when going up a long hill. No problem when on the level or downhill.
    All is normal, not engine light, etc. Mileage is 220k and is due for a second timing belt and water pump. I have also noticed antifreeze being forced out of the overflow tank even before heating up. I even tried restricting the flow into the reserve tank and ...
    • darkmind
      8/26/2010 darkmind
      Blown or deteriorating cylinder head can cause an engine overheat. Did you already check the operation of your radiator fan?

      Check your radiator fins for damage or dirt that restrict the flow of air that helps cool down the coolant temp.
      8/26/2010 DALE
      Thanks for the suggestion, Darkmind. I forgot to add that I had already checked the fans and they are both running. Another thing, I turned on the heater all the way and the temp went back to normal. Reserve tank overflows but no exhaust steam and no water in the oil. At times when it isn't even hot. Even with seemingly good radiator flow, I'm wondering if too many radiator tubes are clogged since the heater brought the temp back down. I appreciate any ideas. Dale
    • DALE
      8/26/2010 DALE
      I didn't finish "- - -when it isn't even hot, antifreeze will be forced out of the overflow tank." Dale
    • darkmind
      8/26/2010 darkmind
      Did you also bleed your cooling system?
      8/27/2010 DALE
      No, just added antifreeze mix after running a while w/ heater on. How would you bleed it? Dale
    • darkmind
      9/3/2010 darkmind
      Start the engine and with the radiator cap off to avoid pressure build up and let your engine run for about 15 minutes. Then turn on your heater and turn it up to hot (it will help your coolant to circulate and push out any trapped air, refill coolant if needed).
  • bobbieful31
    bobbieful31 - 1988 Honda Accord - Engine - 9/3/2010
    Why does my car idle below 1rpm when i come to a stop?
    m y car has 219k in miles.... oil is getting into my air filter i think its coming from throttle..
    0 answer
  • popo
    • Zeke
      9/3/2010 Zeke
      If none of them are working then you might have a problem with your coil or coil packs sorry i'm not familiar with this car's ignition system, or you might have a problem with your distributor cap or rotor depending on if you have them. or the wire from your coil to your distributor cap.
  • leeny
    leeny - 1995 Honda Accord - Engine - 9/2/2010
    Temperature gauge stuck on cold, does not move or register temp
    purchased this car in January with 102,000 miles, temp gauge has always been very slow to register engine temp, car overheated, replaced radiator, radiator cap and thermostat by professional mechanic. As of 2 days ago, temp gauge does not move at all, even though ...
    • Voltes V
      9/2/2010 Voltes V
      I would assume your question is 'My temp gauge doesn't work'..First off the system consists of just two parts, the gauge itself, and second ,the "sender"...the sender gives a signal as a variable resistance according to temperature to the gauge...first find the location of the sender (The size & shape of a sparkplug, sometimes smaller)it has just one or two electrical contacts(wires) is screwed into the block or head to sense the coolant temp...correctly identify it, turn the ignition "On" removing the connecter will fool it into thinking its COLD or HOT, BRIEFLY jump a wire across the two wires (Or short a one wire version to ground) you should be able to get the gauge to swing one way or another..if not you may have a bad gauge or a wiring issue. If it does swing, the sender is bad.
  • kjwooley
    kjwooley - 1988 Honda Civic - Engine - 9/1/2010
    Seemed to be losing power, no acceleration. Tune-up didn't help. Starts sometimes, idles sometimes, won't accelerate.
    Got spark, got gas, checked timing belt. Losing patience.
    • TechSam
      8/25/2010 TechSam
      Have the Catlist converter changed its in the exhaust system, Good luck.
      8/25/2010 kjwooley
      WRONG! It was the distributor! Found the OBD and it said so, changed and fixed!
      9/1/2010 Mike
      What was wrong with the distributor?
      9/2/2010 shawn
      ive got the same problem with my distributor. the rotor in the distributor wont turn. and in return my car wont turn over. some say distributor an others timing belt????????
    • kjwooley
      8/25/2010 kjwooley
      BTW it's a catalytic converter, but thanks for trying!
    • red
      9/1/2010 red
      why my car chokes sometimes while drivin
    • red
      9/1/2010 red
      could it be the idle speed sensor
  • tone
    tone - 2007 Honda Odyssey - Engine - 8/31/2010
    Timing belt replacement ?
    • Mike
      8/31/2010 Mike
      Follow the manufacturers recommendations in the owner's manual.
  • melissa
    melissa - 1995 Honda Accord - Engine - 8/31/2010
    Why does the abs lights come on
    • Mike
      8/31/2010 Mike
      There is a problem with the Anti-lock Brake System.
  • maria
    maria - 2000 Honda Accord - Engine - 8/30/2010
    What does the hohek warning signal mean on a 2000 honda accord?
    • RC
      8/30/2010 RC
      need more info
  • chris
    chris - 1990 Honda Accord - Engine - 8/30/2010
    Where can i find my starter?
    • darkmind
      8/30/2010 darkmind
      It is usually located near your flywheel and your flywheel is always located at the rear side of your engine (after your cylinder #4). Your cylinder #1 is the located next to your radiator fan so basically your cylinder #4 is at the rear or opposite side of it. You can see your starter under your vehicle near your flywheel.