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  • wscanland
    wscanland - 1988 GMC K1500 - Preventive Maintenance - 12/10/2014
    Why won't my truck turn over when I turn the key?
    At first I thought it was from a gas leak draining all my gas out, but even when I put more gas in it it still won't crank. I check the fuel pump fuse and it wasn't blown. My lights don't dim when I try to crank it so I know it's not the battery. What could be the ...
    • Teddy B
      12/10/2014 Teddy B
      You don't know it is not the battery

      If there was current flow when you turn the key to start
      you would see a dimming of the lights,not the other way around as your said

      The dash lights should go dark when you are cranking also

      So have the battery tested
      It has to be good & take & hold a charge & have 12.6 volts
      No need to jump it,not a real safe practice at all

      Next check your cables & then have the starter tested

      You have a No Crank or a No Start?

      Adding fuel has nothing to do with the starter turning the motor over

      On a 2004 or newer vehicle then fuel load is a different issue in many ways

      May have a failed ignition switch or neutral switch or other problems

      Only proper testing will find a problem
  • goodcat
    goodcat - 2007 GMC Yukon XL 2500 - Preventive Maintenance - 10/26/2014
    Spare parts mechanics scheme
    Mechanics planned cut parts for a car with a private code to each piece and its name
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2003 GMC Sierra 1500 - Preventive Maintenance - 8/11/2014
    Air condition are becoming heat air , why ? please help !
    It's 111,000.miles . It's happen even when it's cold or warm . even driving and stopped . any time after I'm turn the air condition on . a week a go . at my company . the check engine is not on . have no any warning light on .
    • CVO
      8/11/2014 CVO
      1. The blend door actuator is a servo responsible for controlling the mix of warm air from the heater core and cool air from the A/C and outside. If it malfunctions, your climate control system may not respond properly when you change the temperature on the climate control system.

      Both the manual and the automatic systems use this servo to control the blend door. If your ATC system fails to automatically change temp, this is also an indicator that the servo has failed.

      2. information showed this vehicle has a vacuum heater water control valve. If the control valve failed to shutoff, the hot coolant could have been circulated to the heater core.Check it as well.
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2004 GMC Envoy - Preventive Maintenance - 8/6/2014
    Why does my key get hot?
    After running my envoy for 30 min i turn it off and the key is hot. What could cause this?
    • CTB1053
      8/6/2014 CTB1053
      There have been several recalls from GM recently about ignition cylinder issues. I would contact a dealer. You may get it fixed for free.
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 1996 GMC Jimmy - Preventive Maintenance - 7/31/2014
    Gage's quit working and won't start
    Half of my fuses have no power , scanner says no data link ,help please
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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 1996 GMC Jimmy - Preventive Maintenance - 7/14/2014
    Battery was dead this morning. It took several tries to get the jumper box to turn it over.......
    What would cause that battery to go dead overnight, and does that mean I need to change the battery for a new one, because there was nothing left on that would have drained it overnight...But, we've had some extremely hot temps here in Az.
    • jdl
      7/14/2014 jdl
      Make sure the battery has a full charge. Also, check the charging system. Check battery and alternator connections and cables. Some of the national brand auto stores will check these systems for you. Some of these stores will make house calls, if you live close enough.

      You could also check for excessive amp draw, everything off. Generally, it shouldn't be more than 50 ma, that is .050 not even a tenth of an amp. If you have a digital multimeter you can do some testing, yourself.
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 1996 GMC K1500 Suburban - Preventive Maintenance - 5/12/2014
    My a/c has a weak flow out of my front upper vents lower works great and everything else blows fine.
    Rear controls works and heat blows great out of those front uppers. After 20 minutes or so the truck is cooled off and comfortable but I like it blowing in my face and summer is coming and I wanna address the problem quickly.
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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2002 GMC Envoy - Preventive Maintenance - 4/25/2014
    Replaced temp actuator got it working but still no heat
    it was the passenger side actuator I replaced. the driver side works fine. any ideas on what to check next
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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 1980 GMC C1500 - Preventive Maintenance - 3/23/2014
    1972gmc c10 350 5.7 need procedure on stabbing dist.and timing alignment
    I need foolproof steps to align timing to stab dist.
    • Jimm
      3/19/2014 Jimm
      Need more information - is the distributor out of the engine, and you need basic instruction for the reinstallation - and timing of the engine and distributor - is this correct?
    • Jimm
      3/19/2014 Jimm
      If yes, then here are the specific steps;

      1) Remove the number 1 spark plug from the number 1 cylinder

      2) Rotate the crankshaft to align the timing marks (crankshaft pulley to the timing scale) - at the same time - be sure the number 1 piston is at TDC (top dead center) - with no valves; intake or exhaust - open.
      This piston position is critical because the distributor installation and alignment is based on the number 1 cylinder and piston at TDC on the compression-to-power stroke. Recall the four stroke engine has; intake, compression, power and exhaust - cycles or strokes.

      3. Once the piston is confirmed at TDC on the compression stroke - with the number # 1 spark plug removed (using a flashlight to observe or slim screwdriver to 'feel' and confirm the top of the piston) - then install the distributor so that the ignition rotor is pointing to the number 1 plug wire position on the distributor cap. This may take several tries with the distributor gear teeth so be patient - especially with the distributor drive gear as helical design - the distributor shaft will tend to rotate as the distributor gear is engaged on the camshaft gear and as the distributor is lowered / pressed into place.

      4. Leave the distributor hold-down clamp loose enough to be able to rotate the distributor - and snug enough to enable the distributor to maintain position. This step is required to obtain the final timing setting using a timing light according to the specification at base engine idle speed; 600 - 700 RPM - for example.

      5. That is it - reinstall the number 1 spark plug and replace the spark plug wire.

      If the ignition system; plug wires, spark plugs, coil - are all OK - then with a charged battery, strong spark and fresh fuel with all vacuum hoses conencted - the engine should start. As long as the base timing is correct - it should take no more than a slight twist or rotation of the distributor housing to have the engine start and run.

      You may reference the 'How-To-Guides' feature 'How to Replace a Distributor' on the AutoMD website for the specific steps to install and adjust the distributor for the base engine timing.
    • John's Auto Repair
      3/23/2014 John's Auto Repair
      What is stabbing the distributor suppose to mean?
  • diana
    diana - 2003 GMC Sierra 1500 - Preventive Maintenance - 2/20/2014
    The battery light is on says not charging when I start it in the morning. Goes normal after 1/2 hour.
    Normally needle is 1/2 way, straight up. Now it's at quarter way and dropping as I drive for the first while. What's up with this.
    • HouseCallAuto
      2/20/2014 HouseCallAuto
      Confirm the low charging voltage with a voltmeter across the battery. Replace the alternator
      3/1/2014 diana
      Thanks! It was alternator.
  • diana
    diana - 2003 GMC Sierra 1500 - Preventive Maintenance - 2/7/2014
    How much pressure should be in my tires?
    My door sticker is gone.
    • jdl
      2/7/2014 jdl
      For the standard tire, my info says 35 psi. The info on the side of the tire should tell you.
      2/8/2014 jdl
      My info says the oem tire for this vehicle is p245/75r16. It said 35 psi. I agree, if that is the max spec, back off a little.
      2/8/2014 jdl
      Just to add, I did check the owners manual for this vehicle for the tire pressure spec, didn't see one listed? Maybe I just overlooked it?
    • AutoMD Member
      2/7/2014 AutoMD Member
      The recommended tire pressure for your specific vehicle will be listed in the drivers door jam or in your owners manual. As tires are made to fit many applications, do not use the psi rating that is on the tires.
      AutoMD Member
      2/7/2014 diana
      My sticker is missing
    • Jimm
      2/7/2014 Jimm
      Check the recommended pressures as listed in the vehicle ownersmanual. You can go ahead and use the PSI ratings on the tire sidewall - just be sure to decrease from this maximum pressure by some 5 PSI or so.
  • rlhanson58
    rlhanson58 - 2008 GMC Acadia - Preventive Maintenance - 1/31/2014
    How do i get the tracking stablitiy and abs light to go off of my dashboard warning
    mileage is 78,000, dealer reset this feature about six weeks ago. recently it has reoccured. It comes on once in a while for no apparent reason while engine is hot. There are no other lights coming on. The check engine light does not come on. The dealer mentioned ...
    • HouseCallAuto
      1/31/2014 HouseCallAuto
      The dealer did not school you on everything. When the abs light illuminates, it also turns on a stability light or message. The cause is most likely ABS component related like for example a bad wheel speed sensor. There will be a fault code stored in the abs control module that can be accessed with a professional scanner that you do not have. If the problem is intermittent which is common, someone can hook up the scanner and erase any codes that are there, but if the cause was not solved - for example replacing a wheel speed sensor, then in some amount of time the fault code will return and turn the lights on again. This is what may have happened, not sure. But that is how these systems work. A reset is just that - a reset. A reset is not a fix, it might only be a temporary thing that does no more than turn the lights off but as soon as the computer sees the malfunction again it will set codes again and turn lights on again.
  • mtnmami4
    mtnmami4 - 1999 GMC K1500 Suburban - Preventive Maintenance - 1/9/2014
    Coolant hose and nipple that hose connects to broke off and coolant spilled all over. what caused this?
    My suburban recently started back firing/ mis fire DTC.90300 could this coolant hose been the problem?
    • HouseCallAuto
      1/8/2014 HouseCallAuto
      Not likely. The code P0300 is a random misfire code. In many cases the cause is leaking intake manifold gaskets or the Crankshaft Variation Learn Procedure has to be done using a scan tool that is capable of this procedure.
    • AutoMD Member
      1/9/2014 AutoMD Member
      coolant will corrode aluminum parts if ph balance of the antifreeze is off.
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 1998 GMC Sonoma - Preventive Maintenance - 12/20/2013
    There`s two rubber plugs at the bottom of the big part of the transmision one of them leaks while setting
    it happen while setting while being cold or warm it happens all the time I noticed it when I chanced the oil cooler lines The leak has been there for some time No lights are on
    • HouseCallAuto
      12/20/2013 HouseCallAuto
      Have you confirmation of what liquid is leaking - engine oil, coolant, trans oil?
  • Karen Begin
    Karen Begin - 2008 GMC Yukon - Preventive Maintenance - 12/14/2013
    Denali has used 2 batteries in 5 yrs. Could there be a problem draining the battery?
    Could there be something in the engine or computer that is draining the battery so it only lasts 2 yrs?