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  • diesel
    diesel - 2004 GMC Yukon - Brakes - 12/17/2011
    How do you replace ecbm module and where is it thks diesel
  • diesel
    • Jimm
      12/17/2011 Jimm
      C0265 = EBCM (electronic brake control module) Relay Circuit
      C0268 - Pump Motor Circuit Open/Shorted
      May be fault in the ABS control module or fault in the wiring / connection.

      Try the many on-line auto parts sources, such as; or for the replacement parts.
      12/17/2011 diesel
      jimm thanks for info can you tell me where this ecbm is located and how can it be replaced thks diesel
  • ricky
    ricky - 1994 GMC K1500 Suburban - Brakes - 12/12/2011
    I have no break pressor . 1994 k 1500
    I bleed them and put on some front breaks
    • RC
      12/12/2011 RC
      If there are no brake fluid leaks, and there is no air in the system, then you'll probably need to replace the master cylinder.
  • Douglas E. Sims
    Douglas E. Sims - 1998 GMC C1500 - Brakes - 12/8/2011
    Brake lights does not work when fully applied, but works when very lightly applied.
    This happens all the time. 1st noticed end of Nov 2011.
  • brian
    brian - 2007 GMC Acadia - Brakes - 12/4/2011
    2007 GMC Acadia warning lights.
    The "service brake system" stabilitrak off, and service tire monitor system warning lights are on. Also the keyless entry is not working.
    • Bill
      12/4/2011 Bill
      Take into your auto parts store like advance auto parts and see if they can scan for fault codes before throwing money at it.
  • footie423
    footie423 - 1996 GMC Jimmy - Brakes - 11/28/2011
    Brakes make clicking sound
    Whenever I'm driving and I have to apply my brakes they make a clicking sound. I've had new brake pads put on. Also my pedal vibrates some too.
    • Spoon Sports
      11/28/2011 Spoon Sports
      If your rotors are warped that would most likely be the cause of the clicking noise. If you can feel the brake pedal pulsing when you brake it's time to fit new pads and rotors, don't forget to break them in gently. The only other thing I can think of that could make that kind of noise would be wheel bearings but my money's on the rotors.
  • fastfred
    fastfred - 2003 GMC Yukon Denali - Brakes - 11/8/2011
    When applying the brakes on hard stopping the peddle stops goes to the floor and stays.
    I have to step on it again to get it to return to the normal hight.Only does it during hard stop.No abs light on.
    • HouseCallAuto
      11/7/2011 HouseCallAuto
      I believe that you are experiencing false abs activation which is usually caused bt=y a bad left or right front wheel speed sensor. This is diagnosed with the use of a scan tool and a road test while viewing live sensor data of the speed sensors. One of them will read incorrect or not at all sometimes. *Usually*
      11/8/2011 fastfred
      I was told by a master tech that it was the master cyclinder.That the vavle was sticking causing this problem.He ask me about the ABS but the light never came on or flashed.On another car years ago I had colasping brake lines causing the peddle to stick.
    • HouseCallAuto
      11/8/2011 HouseCallAuto
      After re-reading your details I agree about the master cylinder possibly being the cause, but I have never seen a bad master cylinder only fail under hard stopping, never. A bad master is a bad master and if you are sitting still and you play with the pedal some the pedal will usually sink down like you describe. But, if no other place to go, change the master and see.
  • art g
    art g - 2000 GMC Sierra 1500 - Brakes - 11/7/2011
    Just quit driving down the road has no fire now
  • lou
    lou - 2006 GMC Yukon - Brakes - 11/5/2011
    I have replaced brake pads, calipers and rotors. Bleed the system. The brakes work, but the pedal is soft.
    I think a master cylinder is needed, and maybe a brake booster. But how do i test the booster? Thanks
  • harry
    • brother
      11/2/2011 brother
      have your master cylinder checked unit may be bad and thers a sensor on the unit they go bad also
  • Jim
    • Bill
      7/18/2011 Bill
      If piston in caliper is not moving correctly then you will have to either replace seals in piston or by a new caliper, It could just need fluid bled to get air out.
    • Jason Marks
      10/31/2011 Jason Marks
      The calipers are designed to be "floating". The bolts that hold the caliper on are suppose to float freely in the bushing. This allows the caliper to "self adjust" when you put on the brake, that way even pressure is distributed to the inner pad and outer pad, since the caliper piston is only on one side (inner). There is really no way to correct a frozen caliper except replace it, they are cheap and not worth trying to unstick a frozen caliper pin. Its just not worth it. Road salt, water and dirt and corrosion all contribute to this "time honored" problem. If you ignore this issue, you will have uneven break wear, excessive pedal effort and likely you will ruin a rotor pretty quickly from overheating or simply the inner pad grinds down to nothing and the squeal sensor is never engaged because the frozen caliper won't catch the outer pad.
  • KAM
    KAM - 2003 GMC Sierra 1500 - Brakes - 10/26/2011
    Brakes are pulsing (abs) at slow speed light braking?
    • howieh
      10/26/2011 howieh
      front sencers need to be removed and cleaned.When they get dirty the abs will actervate when comming to a normal stop ( just before you come to a compleat stop)
  • Howie
    Howie - 1997 GMC K1500 - Brakes - 10/24/2011
    Soft brake pedal, mastercylinder went dry. bled brakes all around.
    when bleeding back brakes very little to no fluid unless i pump the brake pedal (engine running) with just a depress and hold very little to no fluid. i have fluid coming from master cylinder to abs, but nothing from abs to rear wheels, front works great.
    • Spoon Sports
      10/24/2011 Spoon Sports
      Start with the wheel closest to the master and end with the one the farthest away. If you've been opening the bleeders and just pumping the pedal you most likely have a whole lot of air in the line now so it may take a while to get it all out. Have you checked you proportioning valve?

      Please do not reply by clicking "Reply". reply by clicking "Answer Question" so it will reflect in my INBOX so i can get back to you if something comes up. If you post a comment, it will not appear on my inbox and i wont be able to follow your question.
  • Howie
    Howie - 1997 GMC K1500 - Brakes - 10/21/2011
    Replaced brake booster now brake pedal goes to floor no brakes
    • HouseCallAuto
      10/21/2011 HouseCallAuto
      I need to know what the problem was before you replaced the booster, but, aside from that, the booster will not cause a pedal to go to the floor when it fails. The brake hydraulic system will cause that. Could be a bad master cyl or a leak in a rusted through steel brake line. I am always fixing these kinds of problems every few weeks.
      10/22/2011 Howie
      figured just a bad brake booster, sons truck, vaccum line unhooked and pluggged. had to stand on brake pedal to stop. when i replaced the booster and hooked up line then pedal went to the floor. kinda figured mast. cylinder just didn't figure on both goin out at t he same time.
  • Dan
    Dan - 2004 GMC Envoy - Brakes - 10/21/2011
    Best brake manufactures
    I need rotors and pads front and back but there are so many brands, how do I know I am getting a quality brand?
    • Camarozen
      10/21/2011 Camarozen
      Ceramic pads are usually the logest lasting, although with some rotors and vehicles cause premature rotor failure. I would suggest going with a high performance manufacturer, which you can find on aftermarket part supplier's web sites like Summit and Jegs. EBC and wilwood both make great products, however any product that meets manufacturer standards will work satisfactoroly.
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