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  • BDH
    BDH - 1994 GMC C1500 Suburban - Brakes - 3/18/2012
    How do you recenter brake combo valve after wheel cylinder replacement
    • Jimm
      3/18/2012 Jimm
      The brake proportioning valve is self-centering.Once the brakes are bled properly to remove all residual air, the proportioning valve centers or re-positions, based on the hydraulic pressure and relative balance in the system.
  • lisa
    lisa - 1995 GMC Jimmy - Brakes - 3/16/2012
    Brake lights not working
    all my lights work but when i brake my brake lights don't come on. the top brake light works but its just my two tail lights that aren't.
    • jdl
      3/16/2012 jdl
      So your lower brakes don't work? Usually the lower brake lites are wired through the turn signal switch. The high-mount brake lite isn't wired that way. Check for voltage at lower brake lites. Then you may need to check voltage to and from the turn signal switch for the lower brake lites.
  • HC
    HC - 2001 GMC Sierra 1500 - Brakes - 3/8/2012
    Brake Lights don't work
    I have replaced all the light bulbs, fuses and the brake light switch under brake pedal and still doesn't work
    • jdl
      3/6/2012 jdl
      Did you check for voltage, anywhere? Use a voltage tester. If you have voltage check for ground.
      3/6/2012 jdl
      Did you check fuses?
      3/10/2012 HC
      yes, I did!
    • CVO
      3/8/2012 CVO
      Inspect the electronic brake control module ( ebcm ). Try to do a reset by unplugging the wiring harness to the ebcm or inspect it for any sign of defects such as a fried components.

      See this FIG : Power, Ground, Serial Data - w/o Traction Assist(c) (2001)
      3/10/2012 HC
      3/10/2012 CVO
      Burned or shorted components.
  • leroy smith
    leroy smith - 2002 GMC Yukon Denali - Brakes - 3/1/2012
    Emergency brake cable popped .how do I go about replacing it...thxs...
    Emergency brake cable broke ..leaving pedal for emergency brake still on...
    • Spoon Sports
      3/1/2012 Spoon Sports
      i had my ebrake release cable snap. so for a week before i replaced it i just got under the dash and used me hand to push the mechanism that the release cable is attached too. try it, and be sure to hold the ebrake pedal so it doesnt fly up and hit you in the face. look under the car on the driver side and there should be a cable right behind where the running board would be, and it goes all the way to the back of the vehicle and see if it is tight or loose, if it is still tight you might have to cut it to take the e-brake off, if it is loose it means something is stuck inside the e-brake drum
  • Asfand
    Asfand - 2001 GMC Yukon - Brakes - 2/25/2012
    Abs and brake light contiously on although brakes and abs ok
    • yboy82
      2/25/2012 yboy82
      It is possible that your wheel speed sensor is faulty. Diagnose your vehicle with a scan tool/code reader to determine what the stored troublecode is.
  • skylar palmer
    skylar palmer - 1984 GMC S15 - Brakes - 2/21/2012
    Can someone pease awnser my quetion i neep help right away
    • Frank's Auto
      2/21/2012 Frank's Auto
      what is your question?
      Frank's Auto
      2/21/2012 skylar palmer
      my question is that i hve a 1984 gmc s15 pickup 2.8 L v6 and recently the starter went out in it so i went to picked up a new one and i did so i tryed taking the old one out well i forgot to take out the crossmember so after i finaly took it out one of the wires broke it was a round black rubber deal so i redid it with ring connectors and went i put the new starter in i forgot to tape it up so when i went to turn the key is started to smoke so i unplugged the battery now i dont get pow to igni
      Frank's Auto
      2/21/2012 skylar palmer
      and now i dont get power to the ignition it used to have this steady beep when i insert the key now i dont have any of that and when i turn the lights on the light in front of the truck and in the cab comes on and when i turn the steering wheel back and forth it makes this meter like sound clicking can you please help
      Frank's Auto
      2/21/2012 skylar palmer
      and my turn signals work when i hi the shifter thang when i turn the key the battery indicator dosent come on its like i dont hav any power the the ignition and turn signals
  • Jim Dobbins
    • Bill
      2/18/2012 Bill
      Check switch at upper part of brake pedal
      2/18/2012 Jim Dobbins
      can you send me a copy of how to get this out?
      2/18/2012 Bill
      Should be just a simple bracket
    • CVO
      2/18/2012 CVO
      Brake Light Switch

      Disconnect the negative battery cable.
      Disable the SIR system (if equipped).
      Remove the clip (R/V Series) or unclip the switch (C/K Series) and unplug the electrical connector from the brake light switch.
      Remove the switch.
      Installation is the reverse of removal.
  • Bryan
    Bryan - 1995 GMC Sonoma - Brakes - 2/18/2012
    No tailights or brakelights when headlights are on
    I just recently replaced my turn signal switch and had to rewire everything. Now I have no taillights or brake lights when headlights are on. Checked my ground and its getting power. Replaced all bulbs and still having trouble. Help!
    • jdl
      2/18/2012 jdl
      The ground shouldn't have power. I can't tell about your rewiring. My thought was a ground issue? The brown wire from the headlamp switch should carry voltage to the tail lamps, when head lamp switch is on. You can bypass the switch by using a jumper between the orange and brown wire. The orange wire is hot all the time.
      2/18/2012 jdl
  • gmaster
    gmaster - 1998 GMC Savana 2500 - Brakes - 2/17/2012
    Want to buy 2 rear ac delco brake drums but want to know which ones would fit my vehicle
    My van has 8 lugs with weight load of 8600lbs and 13 x 2-1/2 brakes. can anyone tell me which model to purchase? I at an AC Delco 18B147 but dont know if this would work for me. Can anyone help me? Thanks
    • HouseCallAuto
      2/17/2012 HouseCallAuto
      Yes, that part # is correct but ACDELCO also has an upgraded version @ part # 18B147A - the A at the end is for "Advantage" do not know specifically what the advantage is however the drum costs a little more but it's your call, either one is fine and they are both genuine ACDELCO parts. If you look at the inside door jam of your van you will see a decal with a n=bunch of three digit codes. This is a RPO decal Regular Production Options. You will likely see the code JD7 indicating the brake system your van was built with. The two parts numbers fit JD7 brake systems. Just confirm the JD7 on your decal.
  • OIF
    OIF - 2004 GMC Savana 1500 - Brakes - 2/7/2012
    Why does my van breaks bounce/vibrate/shake when I break.
    Have about 39000 miles on this van. I would say this started last summer and has gotten worst since. It fells like I have air in the breaks, but not like air when the pedal goes to the floor, the pedal just kind of bounces, but it stops the van, there is no ...
    0 answer
  • leroy smith
    leroy smith - 2002 GMC Yukon Denali - Brakes - 2/5/2012
    My release cable for emergency brake popped, leaving pedal engaged and brake light in dash on also that warning sound on
    Also warning sound is on.what would it cost. Emergency brake cable popped...
    0 answer
  • mike
    mike - 1998 GMC K1500 Suburban - Brakes - 2/3/2012
    I'd like a step by step along with some visual aids if possible on replacing my wheel cylinders and rear brakes.
    here's the deal. I just installed a 1977 14 bolt gm rear end on my 98' pickup after some modifications of course. I am not familiar with the full floating axle. A friend told me i have to remove the axlein order to take the drum off. What steps will i need to follow ...
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  • smarshall
    smarshall - 2002 GMC Yukon Denali XL - Brakes - 2/1/2012
    Brakes pulsate when applied
    When I apply brake it makes a pulsating sound
    • Spoon Sports
      2/1/2012 Spoon Sports
      A pulsating brake pedal, which may be accompanied by a shuddering or jerky stop during normal braking, usually means a warped rotor or an out-of-round drum although it can sometimes be caused by loose wheel bearings, a bent axle shaft or loose brake parts. If the vehicle is equipped with ABS, however, some pedal feedback and noise is normal during panic stops or when braking on wet or slick surfaces. But you should not experience any ABS pedal feedback when braking normally on dry pavement.

      The faces of a disc brake rotor must be parallel (within .0005 inch on most cars) and flat (no more than about .002 to .005 inches of runout) otherwise it will kick the brake pads in and out when the brakes are applied, producing a pulsation or vibration that can be felt in the brake pedal as the rotor alternately grabs and slips.

      You can often see warpage in a brake rotor by simply looking at it. If the rotor has telltale glazed or discolored patches on its face, chances are it is warped. Measuring it with a dial indicator and checking it for flatness with a straight edge will confirm the diagnosis.

      Resurfacing the rotor to restore the faces will usually eliminate the pulsation (unless the rotor is bent or is badly worn and has started to collapse in which case the rotor must be replaced). But it may only do so temporarily because of metallurgical changes that take place in the rotor. Hard spots often extend below the surface of the rotor. Resurfacing will restore the surface, but the hard spot may reappear again in a few thousand miles as the rotor wears. For this reason, GM and others recommend replacing warped rotors rather than resurfacing them.

      Pedal pulsation caused by drum warpage isn't as common, but it can happen. A drum can sometimes be warped out-of-round by applying the parking brake when the brakes are hot. As the drum cools, the force of the shoes causes the drum to distort.

      What causes a rotor to warp? Overtorquing or unevenly torquing the lug nuts with an impact wrench is a common cause. For this reason, most experts recommend using a torque wrench to tighten lug nuts when changing a wheel. There are also special torque-limiting extension sockets called "Torque Sticks" that can be safely used with an impact wrench to accurately tighten lug nuts. But a plain impact wrench should never be used for the final tightening of the lug nuts because most provide no control whatsoever over the amount of torque applied to the nuts.

      Overheating can also cause rotors to warp. Overheating may be the result of severe abuse or dragging brakes. Defects in the rotor casting, such as thick and thin areas can also cause uneven cooling that leads to warpage. Hard spots in the metal due to casting impurities can be yet another cause.

  • owatkins44
    owatkins44 - 1995 GMC Jimmy - Brakes - 2/1/2012
    Rear brake drums 1968 gmc 1/2 ton truck
    i have a 1968 gmc c1500 that need rear brake drum the rear drum are difference than the front drum front drum will not fit the rear. the drums on the rear are deeper because the axle stick out a little does any one know where i can the rear drum dealer does not ...
    • CVO
      2/1/2012 CVO
      2/1/2012 owatkins44
      thanks they dont have a drum will fit that 60 dana
      2/2/2012 CVO

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