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  • Mark
    Mark - 2005 GMC Envoy - Body & Interior - 11/17/2014
    Why is the volume so low when my radio is turned all the way up?
    I'm thinking there is a ground problem cause my rear window wiper is not working and the fuses are okay also the wiper motor is okay too..
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  • Jennifer B
    Jennifer B - 2007 GMC Yukon - Body & Interior - 11/16/2014
    Interior and Exterior Lights Dimming Flickering
    My 2007 GMC Yukon Denali's interior and exterior lights are dimming/flickering at start and during driving. I see it all at night best, obviously. My interior lights dim/flicker visibly - like a pulsating look to them. My headlights do the same thing, but sometimes ...
    • CVO
      11/16/2014 CVO
      Flickering is the symptoms of a bad alternator regulator. ( Analyzers from local auto parts stores can't detected.)

      Replace the alternator with the new one. AutoMD has answered a dozen of these questions.
  • Acadiaguy
    Acadiaguy - 2008 GMC Acadia - Body & Interior - 11/11/2014
    How do you fix a power seat that will not move front to back?
    All other seat functions work. When I try to move seat forward/backwards, there is a click coming from the module under the front of the seat.
    • jdl
      11/11/2014 jdl
      If the seat motor is faulty, have to replace motor. Can you hear seat motor running? You may need to check voltage and ground for that motor. You may have more than one motor under the seat, have to test proper one.
      11/12/2014 Acadiaguy
      The motor does not run when I use the switch. The control module at the front of the seat does "click". Does it make sense to apply voltage directly to the motor to see if it is a module issue?
      11/12/2014 jdl
      Click on the link for diagram, don't see a module? See driver seat adjuster switch. You can use jumper wires for voltage and ground with inline fuse on the motor, to see if motor will move the seat, horizontal. Because the motor is reversing, goes back and forth, the wires switch from voltage to ground, depending on the direction. The wires are lite green and tan.

  • dazed
    dazed - 1995 GMC C1500 - Body & Interior - 11/6/2014
    Why wont my exterior door handle open my door. it does look broken
    the door was taken apart to replace door lock . after he put it back togeather the outside handle wont work. how do I fix it ? thank u for your time. It doesn't have power locks or windows
  • mary
    mary - 1986 GMC Caballero - Body & Interior - 11/4/2014
    Looking for Compatible power seat
    What compatible power seat can i install in my 1986 split bench seat Gmc Caballero Ararillo
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  • tired of pos vehicles
    tired of pos vehicles - 1999 GMC Jimmy - Body & Interior - 10/21/2014
    My 99 jimmy has no headlights low or high beams they will work every now and again
    I've checked fuses, bulbs, new relay, new switch and mulitpurpose switch and still won't stay on
    • Paul
      10/20/2014 Paul
      Try checking the ground wires on each side
    • JMG
      10/21/2014 JMG
      problem solved on my GMC suv by replacing loose fitting Headlight fuse in fuse box
  • tired of pos vehicles
    tired of pos vehicles - 1999 GMC Jimmy - Body & Interior - 10/13/2014
    No headlights They only work when they want to
    I have check the bulbs fuses relays replaced the switch and mulitpurpose switch they will come on every now an again what else could it be
    • jdl
      10/13/2014 jdl
      Intermittent issues can be a pain to track, you have to test when problem is ongoing, meaning, check voltage and ground at the headlamp connector wiring when problem is ongoing. Go from there.
      10/13/2014 jdl
      Ignore my post if these are hid lamps? That info is not for hid lamps.
  • fuelorman
    fuelorman - 1998 GMC K1500 - Body & Interior - 9/18/2014
    Interior Door panels
    looking for replacement Interior door panels cant seem to find them past 1994 have any ideas Keith
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  • WJHdiy
    WJHdiy - 2000 GMC Sierra 1500 - Body & Interior - 9/15/2014
    What could cause Heater controls, Radio and gear selection display to not have power in run or accessory position.
    Truck has 160,000 miles. had problem when key turned to start position engine turned over like battery was week. As you released the key it started fine. To repair this I changed out the Ignition Switch. Now IT starts right up, but I have no power to the Radio ...
    • jdl
      9/15/2014 jdl
      Did you check voltage at fuse circuit? Even if fuse is good, if no voltage, the circuit is still dead. For the htr/ac, I saw two fuses, one is hot all the time, the other goes hot with key on. If no voltage on the one that goes hot with key on, yes, have to check voltage and from ignition switch.

      Click on the link for heater/ac,

      9/15/2014 WJHdiy
      I checked the Hot fuse and get 12.7 volts. But when in Run or accessory I get 0 on the switched fuse. Also the wipers do not work. Is there a relay that controls the feed or does it come directly form the ignition switch?
      9/15/2014 jdl
      Click on the link for ignition switch wiring, I see 3 hot circuits that carry voltage to ignition switch, In the diagram, top wires. Check ignition fuse a--ignition B fuse, ignition fuse c for voltage, hot all the time.

  • Chris
    Chris - 2011 GMC Sierra 1500 - Body & Interior - 9/12/2014
    Airbags deployed now truck wont start. i'm in an isolated place.I need to drive out no tow service.
    My truck went off the road no damage tried to tow it out line broke truck rolled back in then onto its side that's when the roofrail airbags deployed.Is there anyway i can get it started & back to the dealer?
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  • GMC Vandura
    GMC Vandura - 1992 GMC G3500 - Body & Interior - 8/18/2014
    Speaker crackling but still makes sound
    my speaker just started crackling but it still makes sound its just really low now. How to fix?
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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2005 GMC Envoy - Body & Interior - 8/8/2014
    Back door won't unlock
    You can hear the lock system click but door won't unlock
  • gschaepe
    gschaepe - 2005 GMC Yukon XL 1500 - Body & Interior - 7/19/2014
    2005 GMC Denali that makes odd sound like bugs hitting windshield or heavy rain on windshield? Maybe something loose?
    Noisy above 70 mph. Nothing visibly loose.
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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2000 GMC Sierra 1500 - Body & Interior - 6/1/2014
    My daytime runing lights do not come on when thay are supost to. i check the relay and the fuse , all is ok
    after i put the truck in drive the main headlights comes on insted of the DRL
    • Jimm
      6/1/2014 Jimm
      Several possibilities; faulty daytime running light relay, faulty daytime running light control module, fault in the wiring or connections common to the DRL circuit.

      The parts are readily available from these many on-line sources,,,,, - to list only a few possibilities. In fact they, (RockAuto) list the DRL relay from around $8.50, and the DRL control module from around $33.00 for your vehicle.
  • Vinny
    Vinny - 2001 GMC Yukon - Body & Interior - 5/10/2014
    The gas gage is not working properly.
    The tank is full of gas and the gage shows empty.
    • Jimm
      5/10/2014 Jimm
      Check and / or replace these items as possibilities; fuel guage fuse, faulty fuel level sensor (as component of the entire fuel pump).
      It is common for the fuel level sensor in the fuel tank read the fuel level incorrectly. The sensor must be replaced to correct the condition. Generally recommended to have the complete fuel pump module replaced on high mileage vehicles.

      The new fuel level sensor costs around $22.00, and the new fuel pump assembly costs from around $83.00 to over$269.00 for your vehicle - from these on-line auto parts sources;,,,, - to list only a few possibilities