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  • george
    george - 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan - Engine - 5 hours ago
    Had a misfire in the 6 cylinder I tested the compression and found I had excess fuel spraying out when I released
    The pressure. I checked 2 other cylinders and didn't have the fuel spraying and had compression at 120
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  • lizzy
    lizzy - 2005 Dodge Caravan - Engine - 12/21/2014
    What does P0420 mean? Check engine light has been on for about a 1 1\2 weeks, thought is was the gas cap,usually is.
    I had an oil change yesterday and an air filter change as well. My fuel is now depleting rapidly,what should I do first. By the way it has some other codes: 01 misfire,fuel,comp,catalyst, & evap 02 sensor, htr, & egr Don't want to get ripped off by dealer,what ...
    • Teddy B
      12/21/2014 Teddy B
      You should be using Google to look up your OBD Codes

      TYPE: OBD PO420

      You do not use a vehicle with a check light on

      Within 24 hours you check for codes
      then decide based on the codes if you should continue to use it

      All code related issues should be repaired within a week weather
      your using it or not

      You have cylinder misfires to correct first

      Could very well had them a long time & ruined
      the exhaust converter (PO420)

      Being ripped off is an act of Fraud (where one takes money & performs no work)
      That seldom ever happens

  • Jasonkohler
    Jasonkohler - 2006 Dodge Charger - Engine - 12/21/2014
    Replacing starter in 2006 dodge charger
    I have three wires going to my starter not really sure where they should be placed is it 2 positive wires and ignition clip or is 1 of the two positive wires a ground?
    • Dan
      12/21/2014 Dan
      The 2 wires go together
  • zach
    zach - 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 - Engine - 12/20/2014
    Why is my engine not turning over. I have replaced bad starter, crankshaft sensor, cleaned all wires, grounds, terminals
    I am selling the truck and was contacted about it so i went out and started it up to check everything. I noticed it was missing and while running i saw a wire had been chewed and was sparking out. This is key to remember later on. I replaced the wires and it ...
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  • zach
    zach - 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 - Engine - 12/20/2014
    Engine will not turn over. New starter, crank sensor, cleaned all terminals, grounds, checked wires running to starter.
    Bad starter so i replaced it. Replaced crankshaft sensor because its gone out every year so i replaced it. With both of these the engine started and turned it off and went inside to eat lunch and now it wont turn over again. Ive rocked the truck incase the flywheel ...
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  • Keith
    Keith - 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 - Engine - 12/20/2014
    Engine turns over but gauges do not work
    Started missing the other day and quit on me yesterday . Finally wouldnt restart . Had to tow it home . Now it wont start . Thought it was a feul issue . But then noticed my gauges were not working .
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  • scot carpenter
    scot carpenter - 2007 Dodge Caliber - Engine - 12/18/2014
    Why does my car not start after changing the alternator?
    My 2007 Dodge Caliber threw its alternator pulley , and shredded the serpentine belt. I bought a new alternator and belt and proceeded to change them . When it came time to move the A/C compressor , I couldn't move it far enough w/o removing the plug on the ...
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  • steve
    steve - 2001 Dodge Durango - Engine - 12/18/2014
    While driving the rpms will flucuate as much as 700-1000 and even at low speeds. while stpped at traffic lights it will
    lurch foward and sometimes idle down and die.
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  • mike
    mike - 2001 Dodge Stratus - Engine - 12/17/2014
    Wont start but engie cranks good
    it first started after i drove it for sometime went out next day engine would not start can you please help?
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  • mike
    mike - 2001 Dodge Stratus - Engine - 12/17/2014
    Car will crank but wont start
    it happens all the time it started after it was driven for after it had been sittin for awhile it started up and ran great parked it went out the next day and it will not start
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  • Help_927
    Help_927 - 2004 Dodge Stratus - Engine - 12/13/2014
    I was driving my car at 79 mph and it just lost power. The radio and lights still work. clicks when you turn ignition.
    It just seems like the battery is dead. But we have tried boosting it off it just seems like it is not getting any power to it.
    • Teddy B
      12/13/2014 Teddy B
      When you come here please do some testing first

      Seems like doesn't tell us much

      Is the battery dead & in need of replacement? Have it tested

      If you try & boost or jump a dead battery it could explode
      You can not push Current thru a dead battery thus you got nothing-one possible problem

      Did you check for OBD Codes?

      Did it go into Failsafe of some type?

      2.4 is that a timing belt motor? Did it come off ?
  • Edward R
    Edward R - 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 - Engine - 12/11/2014
    My truck started overheating at high speeds ..but would cool down at low speeds I noticed my radiator cap did not
    have the rubber on the bottom put new cap and it blew head gasket codes everything used blue devil fix head ..still using old cap b/c don't want to blow head again still overheating at high but not low speeds why did head blow from cap and how do I fix the overheat ...
    • Teddy B
      12/11/2014 Teddy B
      I guess your saying you believe you had a head gasket issue & never resolved it

      The worst possible thing you could have done was put Blue Devil in it

      You can not get that out-ever

      Now the radiator & the heater core & other items will be ruined & blocked up

      Do the required testing to confirm a heat gasket issue & replace them if necessary

      There is other work needed as well be we will go into that when the head gaskets
      go one & before you add coolant & start it
  • Dale A. Byrd
    Dale A. Byrd - 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 Van - Engine - 12/11/2014
    What are the causes of no compression in one cylinder it had a spark plug burnt the end off
    code scanner says misfire in #4, #6, #8, compression in 4 (140#) #6 (160#) #8 (0) other cylinders checked are 160 +/-10
    • CVO
      12/3/2014 CVO
      A broken valve could be the problem of the # 8, squirt a teaspoon of oil to seal the rings and retest # 8.If the compression # 8 doesn't change, then check the valves.
      12/11/2014 Dale A. Byrd
      got it fixed
      had 1 burnt valve #8 exhaust 2 bent valves #8 & #4 intake
    • howieh
      12/11/2014 howieh
      is there popping out the exhaust or back through the t body if so then a valve sounds like the problem if not could have burned a hole through the piston also check to see if both valves are opening remove the valve cover and crank the engine watch the rockers they should move like all the others on that bank
      12/11/2014 Dale A. Byrd
      thank you for your help.
  • Gene Stocking
    Gene Stocking - 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 - Engine - 12/10/2014
    It wont start it will turn over theres no power getting to the pump
    i checked all the fuses and relays that i know about they are good and the fuel pump is good . i traced wires and as far as i can see there's no broken wires . any suggestions (no inertia switch appicable)
    • CVO
      11/27/2014 CVO
      1. The ASD relay is closed (allowing power to flow through it) when the ignition is first turned on. If the signal from the ignition reference is lost while the engine is running, or if the turbo boost pressure reaches and exceeds the over boost cut-off point, the logic module cuts power to the ASD, which in turn removes power from the fuel pump, ignition coil, injectors and those parts of the power module. This causes the engine to shut down.

      The logic module monitors the relay driver. If it senses that the relay driver is not responding correctly it will trigger a code. If the logic module does not sense an absence of current when the circuit is open, or 12 volts DC when the circuit is closed, it knows that the circuit is open or shorted, and triggers code 42. In later models which used the SMEC or SBEC, the logic module monitors the output of the fuel pump relay output as well as the fuel injectors. If it does not see 12 volts DC when the relay is activated, it triggers code 42.

      Failure of the automatic shutdown relay is often shown as inexplicable stalling or refusal to start.

      “The ASD can be triggered by a broken wire or short in another place, e.g. the fuel pump.”

      For troubleshooting purposes only (don’t drive like this!), “you can try feeding power to the fuel pump directly. Connect 12V+ from the battery through a fused link to the positive terminal of the coil. That will back feed 12V to the fuel pump through the ASD circuit. If the pump runs [it should be easy to hear], the ASD relay is bad. If not, the fuel pump or its wiring is probably the problem.

      2. The powertrain control module controlled the fuel pump relay. Local auto parts stores might have the fixture to test the PCM or negotiate with the stores managers to obtain a PCM loaner for a test.

      Happy Holidays.
      11/27/2014 CVO
      Go to and see this link ...2004\CR\WRCR04RAM15081a
      under the engine and fuel controls.

      11/27/2014 Gene Stocking
      Thank you for the information and happy holidays to you also
      12/9/2014 Gene Stocking
      there was a broken wire i fixed that and the asd relay now it wants to fire at points it does and other times it wont and the fuel gauge will not go up and i put 10 gallons of fuel into it .
    • HouseCallAuto
      12/9/2014 HouseCallAuto
      We have to start over. Tell me how you know that there is no power going to the pump. I need details of where you checked and how. Remember this fact. When the key is turned to the "run" position (this is not the crank position) the fuel pump should run for two seconds and stop. You can check for this 12 volt signal in two places. Locate the fuel pump relay in the power distribution center under the hood. Remove the relay and look at the bottom of the relay. There are numbers stamped. At the pliug in socket - 30 should have 12 volts (use a 12 volt test light) at all times (even with the key off), 87 should have 12 volts with the key turned to run and in the crank position. 86 should be a ground every time the key is turned to the "run" position and this ground is responsible for turning the fuel pump relay field on which then lets 12 volts flow out of 87 (when the relay is plugged in its socket of course). A quick way to determine if you have no issue with the fuel pump or wiring is after confirming that pin 30 has 12 volts, simplay jump out socket pin 30 and 87 and that will bypass the fuel pump relay completely and the fuel pump should run continuous with it jumped and you should hear the pump running. After you confirm these steps I will continue. Its the only way I can help you, sorry if you already knoiw any or all of this but this is where I start.
      12/10/2014 Gene Stocking
      we did exactly that the truck will start every so often now but will not stay running . we ran a jumper wire from the fuel pump relay to the fuel pump power wire . i have had the fuel tank out of the truck to check the fuel pump i have it back in the truck it does not seem to be any fuel at the purge valve also
    • HouseCallAuto
      12/10/2014 HouseCallAuto
      Have you plugged in a code reader to see what fault codes are stored? This vehicle has an immobilizer built in so if something is wrong with the SKIM system (sentry key immobilizer) it will start and stall and will also set a fault code, usually code P0513. If you have another key try it. No mention in any of the posts here about reading codes, have to do that.
      12/18/2014 Gene Stocking
      i was able to put it on the computer i got two codes a P0463 Dodge - Fuel Level Sensor 1 Circuit High and a P0113 Dodge - Intake Air Temperature Sensor 1 Circuit High . i put fuel in the gas tank and the fuel light is still on and also the i checked the the iat sensor it seems to be fine
  • Gene Stocking
    Gene Stocking - 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 - Engine - 12/9/2014
    My truck will not stay running / start
    there is no fuel at the purge valve the fuel pump works and it try's to start . the truck will fire every so often then quit right away the check engine light is on and the fuel gauge will not work either
    • Teddy B
      12/9/2014 Teddy B
      The check light is on--so what codes are in the systems?
      Have you googled your codes to see the possible issues
      with the codes
      The purge valve is for the evap system to remove fumes from the fuel tank
      Did you check fuel pressure at the motor
      Did you check for spark or listen for injector pulse

      By purge valve you mean fuel rail schrader valve (little tire valve)

      Then you have no fuel pressure or it won't hold pressure at the pump &
      only runs if you can ever get it started thus a failed pump module (maybe)

      Check the fuel system fuses (won't fix anything but have to know if they are good)