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  • magnumtm
    magnumtm - 2005 Dodge Magnum - Brakes - 9/23/2010
    Rattling front brake calipers. front brakes rattle at low speed over tight bumps and railroad tracks
    My calipers are rattling at low speed. Car has 70,000 miles on it. Ihave replaced both front calipers, caliper brackets, and all hardware. I can drive over a railroad track at low speed and the rattle is so loud it knocks. I can drive back over the tracks at the ...
    • HouseCallAuto
      9/23/2010 HouseCallAuto
      If everything appears tight at the calipers to your mechanic and even you, then it probably is. I think that your conclusion that the rattle is your brakes is based solely on the fact that if you partially apply the brakes just prior to RR tracks and since you now do not hear the noise at that moment, you are blaming brakes or brake hardware. I disagree. Partially applying brakes places tension on other front end components enough to cause them to tighten up. My first suspect would be the stabilizer bar links that each have little ball joints on the ends as a cause of the rattle. Try disconnecting them just for the same road test to prove it. My second suspect would be an upper strut mount. I am not sold on the brakes as your noise.
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      Hi magnumtm, review your installation procedure, you might have something missed. Check if retaining pins are worn and pad damping shim or spring.
  • barbara
    barbara - 2004 Dodge Neon - Brakes - 9/17/2010
    Does this vehicle have drums or rotors in the rear?
    I was told that I need rear wheel cylinders I have drums and shoes is this right?
    • Bobby
      9/17/2010 Bobby
      yes if you have rear drums then the hydraulic unit inside the drum is a wheel cylinder.
  • debbie
    debbie - 2009 Dodge Journey - Brakes - 9/15/2010
    How do i press in the rear caliper
    • Paul
      9/15/2010 Paul
      they are very hard to turn. there is a universal tool they sell it it your local parts store for screw type calipers it costs 10-15 dollars and it will make it alot easier.
  • al
    • Paul
      9/15/2010 Paul
      typicaly yes, but the are very hard to turn. there is a universal tool that they sell at your local parts store for screw type calipers that is about 10-15 dollars it will make the job alot easier.
  • MikeS
    MikeS - 1993 Dodge Dakota - Brakes - 9/14/2010
    What would cause brake pedal to sink?
    Broke rear brake line, replaced and bled.Have good petal until vacuum applied, then sinks to floor. Have replaced master cylinder and booster, no change. Not loosing brake fluid.Any ideas ?
    • twill16
      9/12/2010 twill16
      Air in the lines, pump the brakes while the car is off until pedal is soft, turn car back on and see if the firmness of the pedal returns
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      Check the following for possible reason of your problem

      Fluid reservoir empty – refill, bleed system and tehn check for leaks

      Failed seals in master cylinder – overhaul or renew

      Leak from a pipe or union – replace or repair as required
    • ram2209
      9/14/2010 ram2209
      did you bleed the master cylinder before putting it in? because you should have. if you didn't you have to bleed the hole system again. starting with the master cyl, than bleed r/f caliper-r/r wheel cyl,-l/r wheel cyl, ending in the l/f caliper in that order if i'm not mistaken.
  • peterm
    peterm - 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan - Brakes - 9/13/2010
    Is parking brake switch on some circuit as ignition relay? could a broken parking break cable cause ignition failure.
    parking break cable snapped as it would not release break. within a minute a clicking sound was coming from panel under dash on drivers side. when key turned all power lost. removed key, within 30 seconds the van started up; shut down when i attempted to drive. ...
    • HouseCallAuto
      9/13/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Read fault codes with a code reader. This is the next step. The parking brake cable would not cause the situation you describe but it does seem that something did happen at the same time. I keep thinking that somehow did something get disturbed under the dash as a result of the parking brake pedal slamming to the floor suddenly when the cable snapped, I don't know, just trying to relate the two somehow. Seems related to me but not directly. The cable is not electrical at all. Try a battery disconnect and reconnect.
      9/14/2010 peterm
      i will try....thanks. i was browsing elec. diagrams on another site and it did appear park. brake lite (switch) is same relay as ignition. also fixing the cable could help lol
  • Carrie
    Carrie - 1991 Dodge Caravan - Brakes - 9/13/2010
    How to unseize the engine
    Oil plug was removed and oil drained going down the road locked motor up. Now when trying to start all it does is ' click '
    • twill16
      9/12/2010 twill16
      Rebuild the engine, but that may not fix it, the engine is more than likely junk
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      Refill the oil and try to start. And if does not start, it means engine components may have been damage.

      You click "find a shop" feature of autoMD to find shops nearby in your area.
  • dillon
    • twill16
      9/12/2010 twill16
      You do have a rear wheel drive vehicle, so that's probly a good thing.
  • peters
    • twill16
      9/12/2010 twill16
      Depends on how often u carry loads, if it were my truck I would replace the rotors every 10000-20000 miles, cause stopping is critical for heavy rigs with loads
  • jonesd08
    jonesd08 - 2001 Dodge Dakota - Brakes - 9/11/2010
    How can you test an ABS control unit to find if there is failure?
    • twill16
      9/11/2010 twill16
      Do about 30 mph and slam on the brakes if the abs kicks in it works, if it doesnt its broke
  • gopher
    gopher - 2008 Dodge Avenger - Brakes - 9/8/2010
    Dodge Avenger disc Brake Problems
    51766 mi. Front brakes shudder after driving on limited acess highways. It appears that calipers are not releasing brake pads on discs building up heat and warping rotors. Changed pads and rotors at 31,000, 41,000 miles. Now it is occuring again at 51,000 miles. ...
    • Bobby
      9/8/2010 Bobby
      the first set lasted 31,000 now the ones you are installing are only lasting 10,000 what brand of brake pads and rotors are you buying? could just be that they are cheap pads and rotors? unless the calipers are sticking but you would have noticed a binding caliper when replacing the pads, because you have to compress the calipers when you install the new pads.
  • rapp1231
    • CVO
      9/7/2010 CVO
      Yes, it does have 2 mounting bolts attached to the caliber anchor plate.I hope that I give you the right idea.
      9/8/2010 rapp1231
      Thank you, and yes, this is the right idea. I expected that to be the case but could not find the bolts in some online searches. I'll be checking them tonight and will have some idea if one is loose/missing/broke when I'm done.
  • Donald
    Donald - 2003 Dodge Caravan - Brakes - 9/3/2010
    Brake pedal too hard; booster not working !
    new brake pads in front, new calipher, new brake fluid, new Master Cylinder ! Getting good vacuum from engine ! where the vacuum tube connects with the booster casement it appears to be slightly loose, that t can be turned by hand,
    • Voltes V
      9/3/2010 Voltes V
      Sounds like the power brake booster is bad, that is what the master cylinder is bolted too. There is a rubber hose that has a plastic valve in it were it snaps into the booster, Pull that rubber hose out of the booster and off of the engine, Now the end that you took off the engine. You should be able to suck through the line, but not be able to blow through it. If you can then replace the valve, It is a one way valve.
      If that is all right then hook hose back up to the engine and start engine, You should hear a major vacuum leak at the valve end, put you finger over the valve and it should stop making noise and engine should smooth out. If it don't the rubber hose must be leaking or the tube on the engine were the hose hooks to is stoped up.
  • MikeS
    • CVO
      9/1/2010 CVO
      There is no needs, in fact the teflon tape could get into the brake system and contaminates the brake fluid.
    • Mike
      9/1/2010 Mike
      It is not necessary because the lines do not seal at the threads.
  • chargerguy
    chargerguy - 2006 Dodge Magnum - Brakes - 8/31/2010
    What causes a rubbing sound coming from my front wheels while driving?
    At first i thought my rotors were warped so i replaced them and that didnt help. There was a groove starting to wear on the top and bottom of the inside part of the rotor. Then someone told me it was my front hub/bearing assembly so i replaced them and that didnt ...
    • CVO
      8/31/2010 CVO
      I repaired a 1976 VW Rabbit with a rubbing sound like yours, it happened to be a MacPherson struts were rubbing the wheels. Check it out. I hope that will help.
    • HouseCallAuto
      8/31/2010 HouseCallAuto
      I think the metal splash shield may be bent and rubbing on the rotor, very common. This splash shield is positioned very close to the spinning rotor normally but does not come in contact though. Often it becomes bent as a result of a mechanic doing a brake job or some other wheel service where it can get disturbed or in some cases something in the road or under the car (cement curb in parking lot while parking) makes contact with it and you don't even feel it. Make sure it is not this easy.
      8/31/2010 CVO
      Thank you Master HCA.
      9/1/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Ah, my cheerleader Seevo!