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  • lynn
    lynn - 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan - Body & Interior - 9/18/2010
    How to get the key mechanism out of the back hatch?
    The key mechanism is very loose and can not be tightened.We need to get it out.We took the back panel off and can not tighten it up.
    • CVO
      9/18/2010 CVO
      Use a different hardware screw or add a washer on it. I hope that will give you the right idea.
  • Devincalgary
    Devincalgary - 2007 Dodge Dakota - Body & Interior - 9/18/2010
    I have a passanger window gooes up but not down
    I have tried replacing the window and regulator as well as the trucks battery
    • CVO
      9/18/2010 CVO
      Your regulator comes with a black & red wiring connector and I couldn't find any window relay applied to the circuitry at under the body-interior page. I will try the power switch.I hope that willl give you the idea.
  • rocky tadrzynski
    rocky tadrzynski - 1991 Dodge Monaco - Body & Interior - 9/18/2010
    Heater vent air conditioning not working
    controller panel next to sterring not working blower motor kepps coming off+on
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  • William
    William - 1995 Dodge Intrepid - Body & Interior - 9/17/2010
    How do you replace the manual heater control head (modual)
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  • cindy
    cindy - 1996 Dodge Caravan - Body & Interior - 9/17/2010
    Can a receiver hitch ben installed on my caravan without weighing the back down
    going in or out parkling lots with slants makes the receiver scrape the ground, never had this problem with my ford windstar when receiver was installed thanks
    • mopar
      9/17/2010 mopar
      you probably have a lower center of gravity
  • Kathy
    • TechSam
      8/26/2010 TechSam
      Hi Kathy under the steering colum is the fuse box and it has a relay in it, which is called BODY CONTROL MODULE change that and every thing will be ok. Good luck.
    • cindy
      9/17/2010 cindy
      i think that is the correct answer, my 96 dodge has a bad bcm( makes the parking lights and windshield wipers go crazy, i have to pull this fuse under my dash that controls those or it will run my battery down, i was quoted $900 and up to have this replaced
  • jeff
    • AC130 Spectre
      9/17/2010 AC130 Spectre
      You have to replace the regulator has them

  • Grady Riley
    Grady Riley - 1996 Dodge Neon - Body & Interior - 9/16/2010
    My gas hand quit working where do I start to find the problem?
    Gas hand is not reading at all.
    • AC130 Spectre
      9/16/2010 AC130 Spectre
      Change your fuel pupmp because the fuel sending unit is busted and that it where its connected to
  • SDM
    SDM - 2001 Dodge Dakota - Body & Interior - 9/16/2010
    Ignition cylinder lock
    I thought we had a bad ignition cylinder lock in my truck and replaced it with a new one. What is going on is the vehicle starts fine but if you want the turn signals to function or to have the radio on you have to turn the key forward to where it is just from ...
    • Jason
      9/16/2010 Jason
      It could be the ignition switch.
  • BUD4810
    • AC130 Spectre
      9/15/2010 AC130 Spectre
      Part Number: 20-3016-78 m with corner lamp $110.97
      Part Number: 9355 without corner lamp $90.83
  • lynn
    lynn - 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan - Body & Interior - 9/15/2010
    Hatch won't open or unlock
    Hatch will not open with key pad .Can;t get the key in the key hole.Feels like there is something in there.It would lock and unlock electronically before but would not raise had to use the hatch handle,to open it.It unlocked yesterday but will not unlock ...
    • AC130 Spectre
      9/15/2010 AC130 Spectre
      1. Remove the plastic panel on the inside of the van. You need to remove the handle and several screws on the perimeter of the door.

      2. Disconnect the interior door lights by gently pulling the wiring harness (two of these).

      3. Looking at the door from the interior, there is a small electronic plunger mechanism on the right side with an "accordion" (this is the electric lock). There is a rod that goes from the to the middle of the door, just above the lock mechanism. Another rod goes from the key lock to the latch. This rod, threaded on one end, snaps into a small bracket on the latch. It may need to be snapped back in. There may also be a rubbery/tar-like sticker near the locking mechanisms that can be removed (it can interfere with some of the moving parts).

      4. Manually operate the plunger on the electric lock several times using pliers. Mine was extremely stiff. It should move the rod at least a full inch.

      5. Spray lubricant on the latch, the back of the key lock, and the back of the exterior handle. Also spray lubricant into the key lock itself (where the key goes). Do NOT spray lubricant on the electronic lock mechanism or plunger.

      6. Just above the latch, there is a small hole (only about 1/8" around). Carefully and liberally spray lubricant into that hole in every direction (this is where the rods from the key lock, electric lock, and latch meet). There is a white plastic post that comes out through another nearby hole. Spray lubricant liberally into that hole, too.

      7. Again, manually operate the plunger on the electric lock several times using pliers. It should be considerably smoother to operate.

      8. Put your key into the key lock and pull it out several times.

      9. Spray lubricant into the key lock again, then carefully operate the lock with the key. If it didn't work or was stiff before, it should operate much more smoothly. Operate the electric locks several times.

      10. When operating the lock, you should see the plunger on the electric lock move to its extents (at least an inch). Watch it when using a key and using the electric lock.

      11. Check the movements of the rod and plunger when operating the lock, and the movements of the latch when operating the handle (when unlocked). If anything is still really stiff, use some more lubricant and operate the lock and handle again.

      12. When reassembling the door panel, remember to plug in the two wiring harnesses for the interior lights.
    • cadieman
      9/15/2010 cadieman
      spray penetratind oil in cylinder and push the key in and out u may free up the cylinder
      your lock actuator in the lid my be bad. if u keep sprayin and workin the key u should
      free it up
  • bart
    bart - 2005 Dodge Magnum - Body & Interior - 9/15/2010
    Delay before cranking
    If key is turned to start, nothing will happen tor two seconds. Then car starts normal, no drag, no slow crank, no extended crank, fires right off every time. Turn key off, same thing happens, two sec. delay before starter gets currant. Batt. good, relay good all ...
    • Bobby
      9/15/2010 Bobby
      its having some kind of a delayed response have someone else turn the key while they are doing that check for voltage at the starter. if there is voltage immediately when they turn the key then it could be the starter, if the voltage doesn't get there right away it could be the ignition switch or a relay. Checking a wiring diagram to see what the voltage flows through will help alot.
  • kephart
    kephart - 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 - Body & Interior - 9/15/2010
    I hear water in the heaterbox
    truck has 105,345 miles here water all the time
    • yboy82
      9/15/2010 yboy82
      Check the condition of your heater control valve, it controls flow of coolant through your heater core and usually located.
      9/23/2010 kephart
      where is heater control valve located?
  • bill
    bill - 2005 Dodge Stratus - Body & Interior - 9/14/2010
    Where is the horn located
    • Ladiesman217
      9/14/2010 Ladiesman217
      Right side of vehicle parallel to A/C condenser, before you replace the horn make sure it doesnt work, because it could be any number of things, the clockspring behind the steering wheel which contains all the wiring to the steering wheel, the horn fuse/relay, or the horn switch itself.
  • bart
    • HouseCallAuto
      9/14/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Maybe not. You must have all modules scanned for fault codes including the security module.