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    SINDAVIS - 1998 Chrysler Concorde - Engine - 9/8/2010
    My car wont start sometimes. ill go to start it and it wont start and 10 mins later it will start with no problem
    it seems like its trying to turn over and just wont
    • RC
      9/8/2010 RC
      First, check the battery and cable connections. How old is the battery?
  • randall
    • Blackwater
      9/8/2010 Blackwater
      Car stalls at stoplight or when idling
      If the car runs fine while driving and cuts off ONLY when you are idling (foot completely off the gas pedal and RPM's at idle speed) then your idle air control valve my need adjusting or need to be replaced, or idle air passage make have been blocked off by excessive carbon build-up. If build-up is the problem, a good removal and cleaning will do the trick or an off the shelf spray cleaner may get the job done as well.

      Could also be clogged fuel injection system. Try a fuel treatment with a full tank of gas.if a older model GM front wheel drive it could be the lock-up solenoid on the transmission. or it could be a stopped up catalytic converter on about any make and model.
      First thing id do is check and change the fuel filter, its usually checked by blowing air through it (in the arrow direction) if no air flows through or it blows through slowly then its more than likely plugged change it and go from there. sometimes after all avenues have been followed and the problem still exists i have seen the sock on the fuel pump be plugged and do the same. it will run great while accelerating but stall at idle due to not enough fuel pressure.

      It could be a problem with the car not getting enough fuel, or it may have something to do with one or more of the sensors, such as the Mass Airflow Sensor. Is your check engine light on? If it is then its most likely a faulty or dirty sensor.

      Please chect the EGR valve to see if it is stuck open with a chunk of carbon. This will cause an internal vacumn leak and the car will not idle. To test the EGR valve (Exhaust Gas recirculation) pull it off and try to blow thru it. Also look to see if the EGR pintle is seated. If the car you are having the problem with is a Chrysler then the plate that seals the EGR will likely be completely missing. The fuel filter will not cause this problem as the fuel demand at idle is very low. A clogged Catalytic Converter will also not cause this problem.
  • Rebecca
    Rebecca - 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser - Engine - 9/8/2010
    Where is the water pump on a 2002 cruiser?
    • Bobby
      9/8/2010 Bobby
      it is a timing belt driven pump so it is under the timing belt cover
      9/21/2010 ptcruiser
      how do i git the water pump off
  • shirley
    • ronnie park
      9/8/2010 ronnie park
      ht leads go from the top of the distributer to the spark for your questio about the cam .your car would make a loud clanking sound,mbe its just a noisy tappet,which is easy to sort(by a mechanic)sometimes they just need regauged,or replaced if worn .
  • josh
    josh - 2002 Chrysler Town & Country - Engine - 9/8/2010
    Trying to replace a serpentine belt on a van with the 3.3L
    • Ladiesman217
      9/8/2010 Ladiesman217
      1. Turn the wheel to the RIGHT as far as it will go.

      2. Raise the right front side of the car if possible. This is NOT nessesary, but makes the job a little easier. Be safe and use a jack stand.

      3. Remove 2 of the lower inner plastic fender/splash guards. They have several of those plastic push buttons. I used a claw hammer and fat screwdriver blade to pry them out. The lower guard has a small metal screw. I used pliers on that one. Set them aside.

      4. Now you can see the serpentine belt, the tensioner and all of the pulleys. You will need a light of some kind. Take a good look at the belt and note the route it takes. The idea is to take the tension off the belt and easily remove it. The reality is somewhat different.

      5. The tensioner is designed to be moved with a 1/2 (or is it 3/8) square drive socket wrench. It has a square hole in it that you should be able to insert a tool and pull down to move the tensioner and make belt removal easy. The frame of the van is in the way of the square hole. However the spring box end of the tensioner has a rectangular lug on it. The lug is about 3/8 inch thick and 3/4 inch long. I put a 12 inch adjustable wrench on it and pushed up. The tensioner pulley then comes down allowing the belt to come off easily.

      6. I reccomend putting the new belt on the furthest highest pulley first. That would be the power steering pump. Then continue along the bottom following the diagram. But skip the AC pump for now. This allows you to put the belt in all the tight remote places.

      7. When you are ready to put pressure on the tensioner again the AC pump will be easy to get to.
  • nazai
    nazai - 1994 Chrysler LHS - Engine - 9/8/2010
    Engine keeps cutting of on me
    i stopped at a stop sign and the car cut off on me had to wait 15minutes for it to start back up again. I was able to drive about a 1/2 mile when the car just cut off while i was driving. What could cause this
    • yboy82
      9/8/2010 yboy82
      A defective fuel pump or fuel pump relay can cause your engine to cuts off. Did you already diagnose your vehicle with a scan tool to know if there is a stored trouble code in your vehicle?
  • skelly13
    skelly13 - 1980 Chrysler Cordoba - Engine - 9/7/2010
    I have a 79' cordoba and my speedometer and windsheild wipers don't work... how do i fix my car...
    according to my dad, the windshield motor works i'm just missing the white washer. it is about the size of a hockey puck... but finding parts for my car is impossible.
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  • Dee
    Dee - 1989 Chrysler LeBaron - Engine - 9/7/2010
    Does this car have a "brain" and would that account for problems with it getting fuel?
    the car has a rebuilt engine (6000 miles), a new alternator and a new fuel filter. It will start and run fine one day. the next it will run for a bit then die and not start again. when running it sometimes "bucks" like the fuel was cut off then back on quickly. ...
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  • jamesm9ms75
    jamesm9ms75 - 1998 Chrysler Cirrus - Engine - 9/6/2010
    Where is the water pump located
    • HouseCallAuto
      9/6/2010 HouseCallAuto
      It is driven by the timing belt. To replace the water pump requires the timing belt be removed.
  • sandy
    sandy - 2005 Chrysler Town & Country - Engine - 9/6/2010
    My belt or something is making a loud noise as if gears are grinding help
    • mopar
      9/6/2010 mopar
      check under the hood....alternator bearing....belt tensioner...can be anything...try to pin point it
  • tlc
    tlc - 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser - Engine - 9/6/2010
    Our 2001 pt cruiser wouldn't start. Long story short, new alternator. Smelling odor, dash blinkn the lights too bright
    Took it back to mechanic, he said the battery is too small need a new one, Told he replaced the ground. All lights are too bright. Windows work too fast. The fan is surging.
    • mopar
      9/6/2010 mopar
      sounds like a electrical surge...i'd have the computer checked
  • 99lxi
    99lxi - 1999 Chrysler Sebring - Engine - 9/5/2010
    Will my flywheel make noise only when i start the car or when i shift into drive and reverse also ?
    173000 miles. its just started doing this yesterday, it sounds like a cracked flywheel, but it also does it when i decelerate in drive . it doesn't make any noise when you accelerate and it typically doesn't when it idles.
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  • ken
    ken - 1995 Chrysler Town & Country - Engine - 9/4/2010
    Stalls or shutsdown while driving
    nehappens while low speed stops and 60 miles an hour just plain shuts offw wires plugs 1 new sensor crankshaft
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  • firehawkrb69
    firehawkrb69 - 1998 Chrysler Sebring - Engine - 9/4/2010
    Battery not being charged, alternator & battery checked good as well as connections.
    Cranks and runs fine for about ten minutes then battery light comes on and eventually stops running. I've looked for fuses,fusible links and relays but cant find any. Was also told there are'nt any for this car ?
    • HouseCallAuto
      9/4/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Read fault codes with a code reader and repost and I can help you.
      9/4/2010 firehawkrb69
      Read for codes this morning and it's does'nt have any
  • Andrey
    Andrey - 2005 Chrysler Crossfire - Engine - 9/3/2010
    How to istall innercooler pump
    After driving for 15-20 min I am loosing boost from supercharge. It works only on the engine no power from supercharge. Help me please. Thank you.
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