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  • sebring06
    sebring06 - 2006 Chrysler Sebring - Engine - 9/24/2010
    Why is the gas gauge and gas tank not matching on how much gas is in the car?
    after a cold temperature one night it started
    • CVO
      9/24/2010 CVO
      The fuel gauge float sending unit inside the fuel tank probably stucked. Use a rubber mallet and tap nicely under the fuel tank and it may release the float. I hope that will give you the right idea.
  • cliff
    cliff - 1989 Chrysler LeBaron - Engine - 9/24/2010
    Cant get fuel to injector changed pump,filter injector,cant find blown fuse totally confused
    ran fine then just stopped running will start up but wont run
  • joel
    joel - 1994 Chrysler LeBaron - Engine - 9/22/2010
    Why does water leak from the plate were the water pump sits on
    i was going to chage the water pump when i ran watter through it to see were it was leeking from. Turns out that it wasnt the water pump it was the plate were the water pump sits on. Where do i go from here.. Any suggestions
    • HouseCallAuto
      9/21/2010 HouseCallAuto
      In this listing here >>

      You ALL notice that the water pump comes with two gaskets, one fits the water pump and the other goes between the plate (that is what we have been calling it) this aluminum plate exists like I said, it is actually what connects the under the intake manifold coolant pipe to the coolant source at the front of the engine. Pictures do not really show it but it is there. When you unbolt the water pump to replace the pump, most mechanics do not give the plate a second look but this plate or (rear pump extension if you will) uses the smaller narrower gasket pictured that COMES WITH THE NEW PUMP and this gasket connects this cover to the coolant passages on the block in between the waqter pump and the block. I have replaced this gasket on a '90 Lebaron Conv 3.0 about a year ago. I remember it killed me because I though it was just the pump and T belt and after I was done the SOB was still leaking. I pulled off the intake manifold thinking it was that, it was filling up the space under the intake with coolant.
    • HouseCallAuto
      9/21/2010 HouseCallAuto
      There is a gasket behind that plate and they usually leak before the water pump does or the plate can actually rot out and perforate from oxidation of the aluminum.
      9/21/2010 joel
      Ok.. how do i go about replacing the gasket..for the plate
    • Bobby
      9/21/2010 Bobby
      well the pump is mounted directly to the engine block there is no plate behind it, just a gasket to seal between the two. Also this is a timing belt driven water pump, did you remove the timing belt all ready?
      9/21/2010 joel
      yes Sr. i did but no leak from water pump. only betwen the plate and the engine
    • Bobby
      9/22/2010 Bobby
      Good to know thanks kevin can see the other gaskets that come with it. Is this the same on all the chrysler 3.0's? sow would say the dodge intrepid 3.0 have the same set up?
      9/22/2010 HouseCallAuto
      It is the same on all the Mitsubishi 3.0's SOHC which is really the manufacturer of the 3.0 engine. Dodge Intrepid was never offered with a 3.0 in any year but Diamonte and 3000GT are two other examples, there may be more. Dodge Stealth...etc.
  • ptcruiser
    ptcruiser - 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser - Engine - 9/21/2010
    How to replace water pump
    • HouseCallAuto
      9/21/2010 HouseCallAuto
      The timing belt has to be replaced at the same time, or at least removed for water pump access so this is likely 5 hours or more. Follow the steps and look at the pics in a repair manual. Not recc for a DIY type job.
  • rick
    rick - 2002 Chrysler Sebring - Engine - 9/21/2010
    Car keeps over heating,replaced thermostat,temp sensor and bleed air from system?whats going on
    start car and let heat up to temp,fans kick on and temp keeps rising, boiling over into reserve tank/ whats going on think i know but am in denial.
    • HouseCallAuto
      9/21/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Water pump impellers break often on this engine causing rapid overheating because there is no flow. Unfortunately a water pump on a 2.7 is a nasty job.
      9/23/2010 rick
      is there any way of teasting to make sure it is the water pump? i'd hate to do tear down and reassemble
      and find that wasn't the problem. thanks
  • Cristy
    Cristy - 2003 Chrysler Sebring - Engine - 9/21/2010
    My car shut off on me yesterday while I was driving and now it won't start what's wrong?
    Yesterday while driving my car felt heavy I looked down and the RPM reading just went straight down to the zero but my speed was still at 60 I pushed the brake to slow down pulled over and the car just died. There was not any smoke no weird sounds no leaks it just ...
    • HouseCallAuto
      9/21/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Christy, the way that most vehicles are diagnosed nowadays is by reading fault codes that are stored in the vehicles computer memory when a problem such as yours happens. I would guess that your Chrysler was driving along and a part called a camshaft position sensor failed and with the sudden failure the engine will stall and not restart until it is replaced. now that is just a guess because it is a fairly common part to fail on the 2.4 liter Chrysler engine. Under the instrument panel there is a diagnostic connector that a code reader is attached to and then you read the fault codes. The fault codes have titles like camshaft position sensor might set the fault code P0016. So buy a code reader (not expensive) and read the codes and repost with an update to this same post and we can then help you diagnose the car and hopefully with help from anyone mechanical (including yourself) you can fix the car without going to a shop and paying who knows how much. It will of course depend upon the actual cause and what the fix is but many simple sensors are relatively easy to replace and are typically not expensive parts to purchase.
  • Dale Corbett
    Dale Corbett - 1998 Chrysler Concorde - Engine - 9/21/2010
    How do I change the main belt for the power steering. crank shaft and alternator?
    I can't get to the idle pulley adjustment screw. It appears to be upside down.
    • Tiszim
      9/21/2010 Tiszim
      You have a belt tensioner look on the side of it . there will be a bolt 13mm or 1/2 turn it and the tensioner will move
    • Tiszim
      9/21/2010 Tiszim
      13 mm or 1/2 socket will turn it
  • Tiszim
    Tiszim - 1998 Chrysler Concorde - Engine - 9/21/2010
    What is of the chip or sensor that's activate and deactivate the tcm shutdown?
    It is located below the map sensor and it connect to the ground on side of the engine
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  • Sandi
    Sandi - 2001 Chrysler Sebring - Engine - 9/20/2010
    Coolant boiling in overfil container, temp guage states not overheating
    I have a crysler sebring convertible lxi, V6. Only has 15,000 miles on it. When I drive it short distances and park it I hear a gurgling noise in engine. When I opened the hood the coolant was boiling in the overfill container and coming out a small type hole on ...
    • Bobby
      9/20/2010 Bobby
      it coul dbe that the coolant temp sensor is malfunctioning and because it is it is not sending the signal for the cooling fan to come on and thus the engine is overheating. when the engine is hot check to see if the coolant fan is running
  • bigmx25
    bigmx25 - 1998 Chrysler Concorde - Engine - 9/19/2010
    98 Concorde, what side is the starter on the motor.
    starter some time just click, then it will start, after trying a few time
    • CVO
      9/19/2010 CVO
      Any Autoparts stores like Kragen O'Reilly or Autozone will test your starter and the battery while they are on the car for a free of charge. provides the procs and the pics for the year of the car. Login_repair info_ the year of the car_engine electrical_starting system_starter, the procs and the pics will pop out. I hope that will give you the right idea and be safe.
  • dee
    dee - 2006 Chrysler Sebring - Engine - 9/19/2010
    Why does my car cut off when i attempt to excel after stopping or while backing up?
    About 3 weeks ago my car would cut off when i stopped the car while parking. It only happened once in while. About a week ago i hit a a bump on the road and cracked my oil pan. i had to get my oil pan, and gasket changed. (i stopped the car before all the oil ...
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  • K C
    K C - 2003 Chrysler Concorde - Engine - 9/19/2010
    Location of...Bank 1 Downstream 0xygen Sensor
    CODE PO138
    • CVO
      9/19/2010 CVO
      The downstream heated oxygen sensor threads into the outlet pipe at the rear of the catalytic converter. ( has that information). I hope that will give you the right idea.
      9/19/2010 K C
      Thank you for info...
  • pablo
    pablo - 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser - Engine - 9/19/2010
    Locate crankshaft sensor
    • CVO
      9/19/2010 CVO
      The Crankshaft Position Sensor is in the front of the engine block just under the starter motor. ( From .I hope that will give you the right idea.
  • mongoose
    mongoose - 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser - Engine - 9/18/2010
    Oil is on sparkplugs
    daughter was driving to work and heard noise under the hood. after work she it to quick lube to have the oil change . they changed the oil,and gave her a report saying abnormal noise in engine. need tune-up at 111497 mile on odometer. brought the car home. i took a ...
    • Bill
      9/18/2010 Bill
      Blow by from bad piston rings, valves or a number of other things. You might want to quiz the driver just a bit more on driving habits to make sure someone can diagnose problem correctly. Engine could have overheated, etc. these things all help a mechanic to determine diagnosis
  • diane
    diane - 2002 Chrysler Sebring - Engine - 9/17/2010
    How does the battery hold down go on the battery
    • Gran Turismo 5
      9/17/2010 Gran Turismo 5
      There is a plate at the bottom where the battery sits in, you have to attach the securing bracket on and over the battery.