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  • sonny
    sonny - 2004 Chrysler Sebring - Engine - 12/21/2013
    Why does it start up for around 2-3 sec. And wount stay running ???
    Has no codes put in a iac- cam. sensor-map sensor- plugs pvc-and fuel pump. Can the evap have any thing to do with this ???
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  • Douglas Phillippi
    Douglas Phillippi - 2004 Chrysler Crossfire - Engine - 12/21/2013
    Why does my car hesitate/fail to start intermittently.
    intermittent problem in both and cold/warm conditions. DTC:p0335 CKP sensor has been replaced and connections to the PCM are good.
    • Jimm
      12/21/2013 Jimm
      A P0335 "check engine light" code could be caused by:
      •Damaged CKP sensor connector
      •Damaged reluctor ring (missing teeth or not turning due to sheared-off keyway)
      •Sensor output open
      •Sensor output shorted to ground
      •Sensor output shorted to voltage
      •Failed crank sensor
      •Broken timing belt
      •Failed PCM

      Possible Solutions
      1.Using a scan tool, check if, when engine is running or cranking, that there is an RPM signal.
      2.If there is no RPM reading, then visually inspect the crank sensor and connector for any damage and repair as necessary. If there is no visible damage, and you have access to a scope, you could check the CKP 5 Volt square wave pattern. If you do not, then, obtain a resistance reading of your crank sensor from a repair manual. (There are so many different types of crank sensors that there's no way to put here which resistance reading is correct). Then check the resistance of the CKP sensor by disconnecting the sensor and measuring resistance of the sensor. (It is best to check resistance readings from the PCM connector. This rules out any wiring problems from the start. But it does require some mechanical skill and shouldn't be performed if you\'re not familiar with automobile electrical systems). Is the sensor within resistance specs?
      3. If not, replace the CKP sensor. If so, recheck resistance reading from the PCM connector. Is the reading still okay?
      4. If not, repair open or short in the wiring to the crank sensor and re-check. If the reading is okay, the problem is intermittent or the PCM may be at fault. Try reconnecting and checking for RPM signal again. If there is now an RPM signal, wiggle test the wiring harness to try and induce the fault.
  • jrokk
    jrokk - 2006 Chrysler 300 - Engine - 12/19/2013
    How do i replace the housing thats connected to the oil filter???
    There is a hose that goes down from the thermostat right next to the oil filter and the nipple on it is broken how do i replace that whole housing that the oil filter is on??
    • Jimm
      12/19/2013 Jimm
      First step - drain the engine oil. Next, remove the oil filter itself. The oil filter adaptor is held by two bolts and one gasket.
  • Leslie
    Leslie - 2003 Chrysler Sebring - Engine - 12/18/2013
    My car has started to over heat. What should I check first?
    • RC
      3/21/2011 RC
      Check the coolant level first. There may be a leak.
      3/21/2011 Leslie
      I put in a gallon of antifreeze this am and it's still over heating. Have not been able to check to see if there's a leak. Where should I look to see if it's just coming out as I put it in.
    • RC
      3/21/2011 RC
      There's a leak if you added a gallon. If it's leaking fast you will see a puddle on the ground. Check the hoses and the radiator.
    • AutoMD Member
      12/18/2013 AutoMD Member
      well could be a few things wrong first a leak check the overflow jug for leaks... check the water pump for leaks or any of the hoses coming off radiator.if there are noleaks here are the possibilities of whats wrong
      -bad water pump will make it over heat
      -bad thermostat will make it over heat and usually will not heat up inside vehicle
      but to me the wy your describing it def sounds like both thermostat is bad and your getting the leak from water pump or any of the hoses
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 1999 Chrysler Town & Country - Engine - 12/14/2013
    Engine won't shut off
    I'm serious. You turn the key off and the van continues to run. I replaced the ignition switch and the computer already. no change. It's not dieseling. The van works flawlessly otherwise. ignition works properly in run, start, acc. All gauges and lights power down ...
    • Jimm
      12/13/2013 Jimm
      Possibly the problem is related to; a faulty ignition switch relay - this relay plugs into the relay panel. The problem may also be related to a faulty ignition cylinder (at the key on the steering column).

      Try to run a jumper wire around either of these components (one-at-a-time) to see if you can get the engine to turn off / operate like normal with the key.
      The parts are readily available; try these on-line sources;,,, - to list only a few possibilities.
      12/13/2013 AutoMD Member
      I don't think there is an ignition relay. I checked all the relays in the fuse panel. none are labeled as such. I've pretty much ruled out the tumbler and linkage. the fuel pump relay continues to run (obviously). I changed out the computer first. then the ignition switch. it did shut off normally for a while after the pcm replacement. did the the new computer fry? possibly because of somthing else? I dread that there is a wire somewhere that is shorting to another hot getting current back flow.
      12/13/2013 AutoMD Member
      I switched all the relays around as a way to test them. I have a parts van junked out in the back forty so parts are no issue.
      12/13/2013 AutoMD Member
      after the pcm replacement I drove to the corner store. shut it off went inside and then drove back home. on the way home the service engine light came on and then the engine wouldn't shut off again in the driveway. after killing the engine I decided to replace the ignition switch. no service engine light now during normal driving with new switch. only is on when key is off. no codes either.
    • rprieto
      12/14/2013 rprieto
      I had same symptoms on a p.t cruiser.Found voltage coming back through a.c relay to e.c.m.
  • robert_hemingway2001
    robert_hemingway2001 - 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser - Engine - 12/13/2013
    Heater fan slows when engine is at idle
    The heater fan slows down when engine is at idle and the battery light comes on
    • HouseCallAuto
      12/13/2013 HouseCallAuto
      Then there is a problem with the alternator charging.
      I was thinking that. When it is at idle and the fan is on it puts out a bad smell that goes away when the car starts moving and the fan gets up to speed. It must have something to do with the fan not getting enough power at idle. Would that be your thought?
      12/13/2013 HouseCallAuto
      Not sure about there being a smell from the blower motor just being delivered lower voltage. I would say no.
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2005 Chrysler Pacifica - Engine - 12/3/2013
    When i use heat sometimes bad smell like gas comes and go it looks like butin gas smell
    it happen when i am driving use heat i chaange cabin filter no change the millage 193000 no check engine light on
    • HouseCallAuto
      12/3/2013 HouseCallAuto
      I suspect a leak from the heater core, a very small leak not big enough for liquid dripping yet. To confirm this is not a quick thing. Either have to visually look at the heater core after disassembly or pressurize system and watch for dripping below the heater / ac housing inside the car.
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 1995 Chrysler LeBaron - Engine - 12/2/2013
    Why cant i set timing
    im trying to set the timing on my 95 lebaron 3.0. when i lign up all my marks (camshafts, crankshaft0 and set the distributor to #1 it wont fire. When i set it to #2 it will fire but runs crappy. and missfires, cant get engine over 2500 rpm
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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 1995 Chrysler LeBaron - Engine - 12/2/2013
    Why cant i set timing?
    im trying to set the timing on my 95 lebaron 3.0. when i lign up all my marks (camshafts, crankshaft0 and set the distributor to #1 it wont fire. When i set it to #2 it will fire but runs crappy. and missfires, cant get engine over 2500 rpm
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  • Judy
    Judy - 2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser - Engine - 11/30/2013
    Car hasitates to turn over. I put a new cam shaft comp. chip on, & it still wont start!
    I have put a new cam senser on, got a starter senser. Was told where it goes, but having a hard time locating it!
    • HouseCallAuto
      11/30/2013 HouseCallAuto
      I need fault codes and more info than what you supplied to really help at all. Tell the full story from beginning with all details. Plenty of room here...GO

      Also, plug in a code reader and read fault codes. This step cannot be skipped. If you do not have a code reader, buy one for $20 from
  • knighttech
    knighttech - 1995 Chrysler Concorde - Engine - 11/28/2013
    Vehicle warms up then starts to jump or buck at cruising speed or under slight uphill grade.
    Sometimes vehicle will stall when coming to a stop but start right up then stall again when put into gear. Always idles and revs smoothly. Plugs, wires, MAF sensor, fuel filter all replaced. Engine or drivetrain?
    • HouseCallAuto
      11/28/2013 HouseCallAuto
      Just go ahead and replace both the cam sensor and the crank sensor and you stand a high probability of resolving this.
      11/28/2013 knighttech
      Will do tomorrow or Saturday, must cook turkey today. Thanks a bunch. Will let you know what happens. Have a great Thanksgiving.
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2005 Chrysler Pacifica - Engine - 11/25/2013
    I get a 2 bell alarm the abs and brake light flash. Then dash and head light flicker .
    The problem does not show in the check eng code. the very most recent happening with car is 1 I was in a car acc w / damage to the rear of car . And recently replaced battery. That was when this problem started . it had stalled the car a few times but starts ...
    • HouseCallAuto
      11/18/2013 HouseCallAuto
      Unless you have access to a professional level scanner like an OTC Genisys or a Snap-on equivalent you are not reading all the modules in the car that are relevant to the problem at hand. First step, confirm a full code check of every module, not just the P-codes for the engine and tranny. There are B codes and C codes and U codes. If you cannot check these other modules and read the inputs and outputs you cannot fix the car. Just sayin.
      11/20/2013 AutoMD Member
      Can I get these from a parts store or will I have to go to the dealer ,
      11/20/2013 HouseCallAuto
      These are $2000 and up scanners that professional mechanics buy and pay off for like 2 years. Unless you gonna go in the business it will not pay for itself. You might be able to buy a used Genisys with updates to cover your year vehicle for under $1000. Have to check.
      11/20/2013 HouseCallAuto
      For example on a very quick (30 seconds search)
      11/25/2013 AutoMD Member
      When I asked if I could get these from the parts store I was meaning the codes,now I went to pep boys they said they believe the problem to be in the alt. I replaced alt .and the problem still presents itself..since replacing alt I now get a click in shifter console only in park when I press pedal. And a menu alert pops a service park assist system ??.never heard of it .could this be my root problem?
    • HouseCallAuto
      11/25/2013 HouseCallAuto
      I understand all details. You still cannot begin to diagnose this unless you read codes, all of them in all modules. Which brings you back to my previous answer. Nobody in the auto repair industry is able to draw any conclusions at all until a code check is done in the appropriate module with the appropriate scan tool. If your abs light were on you check codes in the abs module. If the air bag light comes on you check codes in the SRS module with a SRS capable scan tool. Not only do you need to read any fault code data but also live sensor values as well. Take this vehicle to a Chrysler dealer or to a shop that is capable of getting into this.
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2001 Chrysler Town & Country - Engine - 11/20/2013
    Why is the ABS & Air bag lights are on and my cruise control has stop working?
    I had an engine installed and now the ABS light, & air bag lights are on and the cruise control is now not functioning.
    • HouseCallAuto
      11/20/2013 HouseCallAuto
      Have to read abs codes and air bag codes. The air bag problem is likely a bad clock spring under the steering wheel but that needs confirmation. The abs system and the air bag system (srs system) both have the ability to store error codes / fault codes / trouble codes / whatever you want to call them. A professional level scanner is needed to read the codes though. This is NOT a DIY diagnosis at all.
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 1997 Chrysler Sebring - Engine - 11/20/2013
    Where is the fusible link going to the alternater
    replaced a good alternater and was advised to change the fusible link
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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2003 Chrysler Town & Country - Engine - 11/16/2013
    Van cuts off while driving. Will restart a few times then starter will not engage.
    Van cuts off after about 20 minutes of driving. Dash stays on. No waring lights. Will restart. Cuts off a few more times. After a few more starts starter does not engage. Had towed to dealer. Started right up and could not replicate problem. They thought is was ...
    • bear.1216
      11/16/2013 bear.1216
      You should inspect your battery cables and connections. Loose or corroded cables or terminals could cause this problem. A bad starter could also be an issue. Does the vehicle stall at highway speeds or at stop signs. You likely have two problems. The stalling issue and starter problem may be unrelated. I have seen vehicles stall out because of a bad starter. The power wire for the main relay center may be attached at the starter terminal. When the starter gets hot it can cause shorted or open circuits that could cause both problems. When the starter fails to engage you must test the ignition switch. Run a test wire to the starter ignition terminal to test it next time it fails. A faulty ignition switch could cause these problems also. You must get the vehicle to repeat the failure and test while it is dead. Do this by running test wires in advance to key circuits There are also fusible links running to the main relay center and if they overheat or are partialy blown you would lose electrical power. Also check the main power or ASD relay. The Auto Shutdown Relay basically runs all the vital engine starting, ignition, and fuel pump circuits. A bad ASD relay would cause your problems also. You need to make the vehicle fail to test it so have your jumper wires installed and ready to test as soon as it fails. Make a list of checks to make when it dies and run test wires to those circuits for quick and easy testing.