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  • Pete
    Pete - 2004 Chrysler Town & Country - Brakes - 11/5/2010
    To replace rear disk pads will I need any special tools
    It is 4 wheel drive.
    • Bill
      11/5/2010 Bill
      The main one is a caliper piston compression tool. Other tools are not very special. Remember, if you don't feel qualified it may be best to consult a specialist. Safety first.
  • rock
    • CVO
      10/31/2010 CVO
      Air is still in the brake system.Need a second person to do the job. Have Friend pressurize the system by pumping the brake pedal 20 times, then hold it down hard to keep the pressure in there.Another person to open the bleeder for a quarter of a turn. Fluid and air will shoot out .friend foot will sink with the pedal to the floor.Close the bleeder screw quickly; it should be open for only one second. Have friend to pump seven more times and hold it down hard again.Meanwhile you should open the bleeder again, then close it. Continue pumping and bleeding until you're satisfied there's no more air in the line. If your brakes are very spongy, but no air came out , do it three or four times to be sure.
      This is the bleeding sequence.
      1 Rear right wheel cylinder
      2 Rear left wheel cylinder
      3 Front right caliber
      4 Front left caliber
      Hope this helps and be safe.
      11/15/2010 ryan
      you did not answer the question just expanded how to bleed the system witch he said,"After replacing a rusted leaky brake line, ****and bleeding the system**** ", other things can make a pedal feel like air is still there. More than likely it is air but don't assume rock is stupid and cant bleed properly , So can u explain your diagnoses on the peddle going to the floor assuming the system was bled properly? ppp~please
  • reddawg257
    reddawg257 - 1997 Chrysler Town & Country - Brakes - 10/15/2010
    Left front brake wont release
    replaceing caliper and flex hose didnt fix it if you push brake pedal down just one inch it releases
  • lily
    lily - 2004 Chrysler Town & Country - Brakes - 10/14/2010
    Why does my abs stop working when water gets into the wheels
    80,000 miles - no work was done for this - Last winter the left front wheel rubbed against a pile of snow this is when it started happening. The abs and traction control warning light goes on. Then when its dry outside everything goes back to normal.
    • Mike
      10/14/2010 Mike
      The snow is effecting the ABS speed sensor that is attached to the wheel
  • Jon
    Jon - 2006 Chrysler Sebring - Brakes - 10/14/2010
    I can't remove back wheel off after taking off lug nut
    • Mike
      10/14/2010 Mike
      The wheel should come off after removing all the lug nuts. Try jarring it with your foot.
  • judy
    judy - 2000 Chrysler Cirrus - Brakes - 10/7/2010
    We changed the brake pads and calipers and r having a hard time bleeding the brakes. Some people say that we need a scan
    to complete the job do we need a scanner/
    • HouseCallAuto
      10/7/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Before you did the brakes, did you have a normal brake pedal? Just want to verify that the problem only began after replacing the brakes and calipers. A scanner is not needed. Brake bleeding has remained unchanged over the years. Try bleeding this way..... fill the master, open the R/FRT bleeder screw, have someone step down to the floor with the brake pedal, while they are holding the pedal on the floor put the tip of your finger on the bleeder screw, have the person let up on the pedal and then remove your finger, repeat this over and over and you should have a steady stream of brake fluid coming out after a few tries. Close the bleeder screw while holding the pedal to the floor when you have had at least 4 solid streams of brake fluid come out. Repeat this to the L/FRT and to the rears if needed.
  • mike smith
    mike smith - 2005 Chrysler Town & Country - Brakes - 10/1/2010
    Just replaced front breaks , now they are spongy, after bleeding , and loud rattle
    i have changed many of breaks never had a problem, but this time, they wont hold pressure, even after bleeding them over and over, (there is no leak), also the passenger front break housing ,cylender rattles while driving, very loud, but stops ...
    • RC
      10/1/2010 RC
      You have to recheck the passenger side caliper and fix the rattle. Why did you bleed the brakes, were the calipers replaced?
  • amanda bordelon
    amanda bordelon - 2007 Chrysler Sebring - Brakes - 9/20/2010
    If i have a busted wheel cylinder will it stop my car from stopping
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      Hi Amanda, definitely it will affect your braking performance. The worst of it, you will possibly have a leak and will lost brake. You are prone to accident. Better fix this immediately before deciding to drive that car again.
  • al
    • CVO
      9/19/2010 CVO
      The dual master cylinder has two separate hydraulic pistons and two fluid reservoirs. The top part of the two reservoirs are connecting together.Adding the fluid to the front, it will supply the fluid to the second. I hope that will give you the right idea.
  • al
    • CVO
      9/19/2010 CVO
      1.Rear right wheel cylinder.
      2.Rear left wheel cylinder
      3.Front right caliper.
      4.Front left caliper.
      Now put one end of the hose onto the nipple and put the other end into the glass jar. Have Friend pressurize the system by pumping the brake pedal 20 times, then hold it down hard to keep the pressure in there. Open the bleeder screw to a quarter of a turn. Fluid and air will shoot out into the jar. Friend's foot willl sink with the pedal to the floor.Close the bleeder screw quickly; it should be open only for 1 second. Have Friend pump 7 more times and hold. Open the brake bleeder screw for one second again , then close it. Continue pumping and bleeding until you're satisfied there no more air in the line. I hope that help and be safe.
  • arthur johnson
    arthur johnson - 2000 Chrysler 300M - Brakes - 9/13/2010
    Brake lights stay on when vehicle is off
    • HouseCallAuto
      9/13/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Check the brake light switch on the upper part of the brake pedal assembly.
    RUDOLPH KNIGHT - 1997 Chrysler Concorde - Brakes - 9/9/2010
    My brake does not hold properly when I apply brake on wet surface or in snow. It hold well on dry road surface. the roters, disc pads and ok (recently replaced rear roters). The mastercylinder was changed also. I was having the braking problem before these parts ...
  • mike
    • Bobby
      9/9/2010 Bobby
      this is usually a speed sensor in one of the wheels. But you should first get a scanner thatt can read abs codes and see what the code is it should narrow it down so we can find out what the problem is.
  • jett0h
    jett0h - 1994 Chrysler Town & Country - Brakes - 9/9/2010
    Brake fluid only going to one caliper what could be the problem there
  • Doug
    Doug - 1990 Chrysler New Yorker - Brakes - 9/4/2010
    My brakes will not bleed out, I can't get any fluid out of the right rear bleeder.
    The car has 180000 miles,the right front brake hose started leaking so i replaced it,but my pedal goes to the floor,tried bleeding brakes with a my wife pumping pedal while i opened the bleeder,that didn't work, so i tried using a bottle with fluid in it and pumping ...
    • Oxides
      8/26/2010 Oxides
      pull teh bleeder screw all the way out and look to see if it is clogged.
      8/27/2010 Doug
      I replaced all 4 bleeders,
    • Oxides
      9/4/2010 Oxides
      trying to catch up on answers.
      see if you get fluid out with the bleeder completely out of the caliper. i've seen some calipers get clogged up every now and then. i've also seen a bad master cylinder cause this. but it's anyone's guess on here.
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