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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 1995 Chevrolet Camaro - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 12/30/2013
    Why does my car get sluggish when I let off of the accelerator like I am applying my brakes
    While driving when I take my foot off of accelerator, car begins to slow down instead of coasting normally to a gradual stop. Seems as if brakes are engaged, but they are not (including emergency brake). Car also has a weird burnt odor, but there is no smoke coming ...
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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 12/29/2013
    Can I replace motor mounts with parts from a 2004 cavalier
    One motor mount for the 1998 retails for about $124 and I cant afford that.
    • Jimm
      12/29/2013 Jimm
      The parts are readily available; try these on-line sources;,,,, - to list only a few possibilities. In fact they (RockAuto) list the motor mounts from around $18.00 each for your vehicle.

      Always use new motor mounts and not used - for safety sake, you already have used ones on your vehicle - why take more changces?
  • Jon Simon
    Jon Simon - 1995 Chevrolet C1500 - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 12/27/2013
    Why does my truck operate poorly when needle gauge for tach and speedometer and gear position light is not illuminated?
    Only the two needle gauges (tach and speedometer) and gear position light (light fades on and off) do not work but the needle gauges on the right side of dashboard work fine. When this occurs, the truck performs at 10%; i.e. the transmission doesn't shift and the ...
    • HouseCallAuto
      12/26/2013 HouseCallAuto
      I think you have a bad ignition switch.

      1. Locate connector C266 near the steering column and check for Battery Voltage (B+) on the Pink wire pin C5 when the problem is happening.

      2. If there is less than B+ at pin C5 check for B+ on the Red wire pin D2 and D5 of the same connector.

      3. If there is B+ on the Red wires but less than B+ at pin C5 replace the ignition switch.

      4. Here is a pinout picture of C266 >>
      12/26/2013 Jon Simon
      thank you very much-that is the first solid attempt anyone has made to logically diagnose & explain the procedure to confirm. I will update you on my progress.
    • HouseCallAuto
      12/27/2013 HouseCallAuto
      In other words, if the ignition switchs heats up and fails internally, the result might be voltage that is less than the 13 to 14.5 volts that should be coming out of the ignition switch that feeds multiple things (including the instrument panel cluster) and there are no set rules when low voltage is thrown out there so the result could be illuminating half the cluster and other unforseen anomalies. Electronic modules that were designed to function on 12 volts act strangely when they are forced to survive on lets say 7 or 8 volts. The transmission is also controlled by the vehicle computer (PCM). I think you get what I'm sayin'.
  • Jesse
    Jesse - 2003 Chevrolet S10 - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 12/25/2013
    Replaced the transfer case switch, the slamming noise is gone but not getting full 4 wheel drive in 4hi or 4lo
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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 12/25/2013
    Car moves fine in reverse, won't move in drive
    when car is put in drive the rear end squats down, front tires move freely but rear tires are locked up
    • HouseCallAuto
      12/25/2013 HouseCallAuto
      Something about the parking brake maybe. Rear brakes are locked up, can't be transmission if front wheels move free and rears are locked up, front drive vehicle.
  • kcsunshine7
    kcsunshine7 - 2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 12/21/2013
    Driving down the road the car will turn off for a split second or just jerk
    The car feels like it is going to shut off all by itself. It sort of sputters for a complete second and then continues on . Current mileage 104000. First noticed last week. Had someone road test it on Sunday and it happened twice. Put it on the code meter on to see ...
    • HouseCallAuto
      12/21/2013 HouseCallAuto
      Try cleaning the mass air flow sensor or replace it, quick DIY easy job. Can be several different things. Possible bad crank sensor as well. Look for a code to set eventually.
  • Jesse
    Jesse - 2003 Chevrolet S10 - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 12/21/2013
    I have a slamming noise when in 4 wheel hi. It doesn't do it all the time. I will be driving and BAM go a little and BAM
    Checked the Actuator valve and it is working fine. Do I have something broke in the transfer case?
    • Jimm
      12/21/2013 Jimm
      First,check the front drive shaft, make sure the u-joints are in good shape. It sounds as if you have two problems;
      1.The noise from the case, sounds as if it is the chain slipping. If this is the case,you may just want to replace the case with a good used one from the salvage yard..

      2) The noise from the front, may be the vacuum switch on top of the transfer case, letting a little vacuum by to the vacuum actuator under the battery box, This may be pulling a little on the cable from the actuator to the front differential. This would make the noise in 2wd.

      However, do check the u-joints and the front axles/bearing just to make sure.
      12/22/2013 Jesse
      Ask back : replaced the transfer case switch, the slamming noise is gone but not getting full 4 wheel drive in 4hi or 4lo
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2008 Chevrolet Trailblazer - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 12/20/2013
    My trailblazer just started this, in the snow it will go from 2wd to 4wd and the switch will be turned already .
    I don't know what i causing this and it only does it in the snow .Once I was driving and had it in 2wd and it barely snowed and went to turn and noticed it was in 4wd and the switch was turned and I did'nt do it.
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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 12/20/2013
    My car sounds like mud tires rubbing against metal but muffled when I'm in forward motion.
    My car has about 175000 miles, there are no service lights on. the gas gauge falls faster than normal, and it sounds like mud tires rubbing against metal but muffled. I do not have mud tires. The rpms read normal and it shifts normal. When I turn right the noise ...
    • HouseCallAuto
      12/20/2013 HouseCallAuto
      You have a bad front wheel bearing on the side that is most loud. Have it replaced. It is a hub and bearing ass'y.
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2000 Chevrolet S10 - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 12/19/2013
    Does the transmission need to be dropped in order to replace a slave cylinder on a 2000 S10?
    I am hearing that there are only 2 bolts and a line that need to be removed in order install the slave cylinder but a mechanic is telling me the transmission needs to be dropped and trying to encourage me to replace the clutch, throw out bearing, flywheel, all the ...
    • HouseCallAuto
      12/19/2013 HouseCallAuto
      He is correct. The tranny comes out for access to the two bolts that hold the slave cylinder in place and it would really be a bad decision to NOT replace the assembly at the same time.
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 12/17/2013
    When truck is in 4 wd hear rotating clunking noise,but 4 wd seems to be working?
    No issues in 2wd,at slow speed don't seem to notice clunking sound.
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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 1988 Chevrolet V20 Suburban - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 12/17/2013
    When in drive, at various speeds during acceleration, I hear and feel a huge bang, like some hit the underside of truck
    Hit it with a 20lb sledge hammer it will actually scare you if your not ready for it. I had the rear diff.( limited slip ) rebuilt supposedly for same issue about 6k ago truck has approx. 165k. Other than a couple leaks its been an awesome burb. The strange part ...
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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 1996 Chevrolet K1500 - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 12/15/2013
    I own a '96 silverado and Saturday I was able to put ole' Blue into 4 wheel drive to get home in the snow. Saturday even
    So far I have repeated the step required to aquire 4 wheel drive and knowing that the switch is like a thermal switch , I waited upwards of 5 minutes and still no lit indication on the floor shifter base
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  • Al William
    Al William - 1988 Chevrolet S10 - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 12/14/2013
    I had the tranmission rebuild & I forgot to put tranmission fluid in the torque converter. now I have 25 miles? Help.
    The fluid in the tranmission is red, but I hear a sound when i put in drive and when the gears changes and in reverse. what do i need to do?
    • Jimm
      12/14/2013 Jimm
      First step - refill the transmission fluid to the correct level. Check for the transmission operation at this point. If the operation is not OK and noises are not gone - then there is damage to the rebuilt transmission.
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 12/11/2013
    Why does my car stall when I slow down and the power steering doesn't work also
    I noticed that my car would stall at a red light. My car is an automatic. I first noticed the problem today when I went to slow down at a red light I noticed my rpm gauge was flickering at a low rpm and proceded to stall when I got half way home the power steering ...
    • CVO
      12/11/2013 CVO
      The check engine light doesn't have to be ON to store a fault code.

      Check the vehicle for fault codes to see if there are any sensors were involved to the malfunction of the engine.

      1.Local auto parts stores such as Autozone ( not in California) or Advance Auto parts or PepBoys will scan and retrieve any diagnostic trouble codes ( dtc ) stored in the powertrain control module for free of charge..

      2. has the code reader for less than $16.69 dollars + shipping
      Autel MaxiScan MS300 CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool for OBDII Vehicles

      3.Re-post the dtc's in here " answer question " for further assistance.

      Note: we need the dtc's to identify the sensor, there are a dozen different sensors to operate the car.

      Visit this site and see all the different sensors.