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  • rob99sls
    rob99sls - 1999 Cadillac Seville - Steering & Suspension - 6/11/2012
    Getting a popping noise when I turn what could this be
    When I turn I get a popping sound coming from the front end
    • ethan
      6/11/2012 ethan
      maybe your head is hitting the side glass from turning too fast.
      6/11/2012 CVO
      ethan. Be serious, ty.
      6/17/2012 rob99sls
      Ass hole
  • greek
    greek - 1995 Cadillac DeVille - Steering & Suspension - 6/10/2012
    How do I replaced the ignition switch on a 1995 cadalliac de ville
    It will not start the key turns around freely with no tension
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  • mayor
    mayor - 2005 Cadillac CTS - Steering & Suspension - 6/10/2012
    How do i remove ignition switch lock
    where is the pin that needs to be pushed
  • caddygirl
    • Oxides
      5/23/2012 Oxides
      shake the key around while trying to turn it. general motors lock cylinders do this so often that i never even notice anymore. i guess they thought it was a good idea to not be able to turn your key.
      5/23/2012 caddygirl
      thanks for the reply. I have tried shaking the key, the wheel, making sure it is in park and it doesn't budge. is there any type of reset you may know of?
    • Oxides
      5/23/2012 Oxides
      the lock cylinder may just be worn enough to not turn at all. no reset. if this makes sense, try shaking the key quickly in a circle while turning it. that seems to work the best for me when i get into a car that won't turn the key. they can be a real pain in the ass.
  • phillip
    phillip - 1995 Cadillac DeVille - Steering & Suspension - 4/29/2012
    How much dios cost to replace steeling gearbox bolts
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  • Dennis
    Dennis - 2001 Cadillac DeVille - Steering & Suspension - 4/20/2012
    Vibrate at highway speed all the time
    Had wheels balance, replace tire rod and have new tires on steer. Car still vibrate. What else could be the problem?
    • RC
      4/20/2012 RC
      Check the engine/trans mounts, and the axles. Do you have new tires on all four wheels?
  • jroni
    jroni - 2000 Cadillac DeVille - Steering & Suspension - 4/19/2012
    Stability system and abs light come on after i change alternator
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  • charlie
    charlie - 1990 Cadillac DeVille - Steering & Suspension - 4/16/2012
    I need to have STRUTS replaced on my car.Can that be done without messing up the rear alignment?
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  • Ernest
    Ernest - 1980 Cadillac DeVille - Steering & Suspension - 4/10/2012
    Which end of front springs goes up on 69 Cadillac DeVille
    • Ernest
      4/10/2012 Ernest
      which end of front springs goes upwards
  • Colin's Escalade
    Colin's Escalade - 2000 Cadillac Escalade - Steering & Suspension - 4/4/2012
    My Escalade seems to shake when ever i come to a fast hard break.
    And when i slow break, it feels like the front passenger wheel is wobbly. Have not did a wheel alignment in a couple of years so not sure if thats the problem.
    • HouseCallAuto
      4/4/2012 HouseCallAuto
      Replace the front brake pads and brake rotors. The rotors are warped.
      4/4/2012 Colin's Escalade
      Ahh great, i did not even consider that.
      It makes much sense also.

  • joel brown
    joel brown - 2000 Cadillac DeVille - Steering & Suspension - 3/30/2012
    My air compressor don't work for rear shocks ,and they won't inflate shocks?
    Shocks won't inflate what's the problem ?
    • Spoon Sports
      3/14/2012 Spoon Sports
      If the back of the car is low, indicating that the air suspension is not working, and the air suspension light is on, check the fuse first. If the fuse is all right, check the air suspension switch in the trunk and make sure it is on. This switch is used when the car is in for service. Always turn off the switch before lifting the car, because the sensor will think the car is rising and keep the air bag valves open, ruining the rear air suspension.

      Turn the ignition key with the engine off. Listen for the compressor to come on while pushing down on the rear bumper. If it does not come on, test the switch terminals for power, using a circuit tester. If one terminal has power and the other does not, replace the switch. If there is power, turn the switch to the off position, raise the vehicle and place it on jack stands in the rear. Inspect the leveling switch on the axle, making sure it is not bent and is connected. Use an ohmmeter for this test. Pull the electrical connector off the switch. Loosen the arm of the switch from the axle. Test the switch with the ohmmeter by checking across both terminals while slowly moving the arm. There should be no continuity with the arm down. As the arm is raised, there should be continuity. If not, replace the switch. If there was continuity, connect the arm and the electrical connector.

      Put a floor jack under the axle and raise the axle to the point where it is just beginning to lift the car off the jack stand. Turn on the ignition. Turn the air suspension switch to the "on" position. Use the circuit tester to check for power at the leveling switch. If there is power, turn the air suspension switch to "off" and lower the car. Access the air compressor in the front, under the hood, and check the electrical connector for power. If there is power, check for a good ground. If both are good, replace the compressor. If the compressor works and the car does not rise in the back, replace the air bags.
      Spoon Sports
      3/15/2012 joel brown
      There's no switch in trunk in my 2000 deville
    • Spoon Sports
      3/30/2012 Spoon Sports
      Just in case the compressor is shot, ar you willing to get it fixed again? Or you want to convert and be worry free?
  • Norman
    Norman - 2001 Cadillac DeVille - Steering & Suspension - 3/29/2012
    • yboy82
      3/29/2012 yboy82
      Did you already locate the cause of the leak (power steering hose/ power steering pump)? Did you already try to add power steering fluid with sealer?
  • tom moss
    tom moss - 2002 Cadillac DeVille - Steering & Suspension - 3/29/2012
    How to fix power steering unit leak had to add fluid twice in the last month
    Had to add fluid twice this month
    • yboy82
      3/29/2012 yboy82
      Did you already locate the source of the leak? Try to add power steering fluid with sealer.
  • Sandi
    Sandi - 1988 Cadillac Brougham - Steering & Suspension - 3/24/2012
    Where is the power steering fluid intake?
    • EG9 K20A3
      3/24/2012 EG9 K20A3
      If you look at your power steering pully it will have 3 holes in it...thats is where your P/S pump is. follow the line until you see the reservoir.
    • EG9 K20A3
      3/22/2012 EG9 K20A3
      What do you mean intake? The power steering system of your Cadillac is made up of two power steering hose which include a low pressure hose and a high pressure hose. Commonly used in making a high pressure hose is a reinforced synthetic compound with hose fittings that are commonly doubly compressed. A low pressure Cadillac Power Steering Hose on the other hand has similar features but it is not equipped with compression fittings since it is not subjected to high pressure. It is responsible for the transport of oil coming from the steering gear to be taken back to the oil pump. High pressure oil is carried, as implied, by the high pressure hose. The oil comes from the power steering pump to be transferred into the steering gear.

      So technically, if its the intake you want then look for the one with fittings. But we dont really call it an intake.
      EG9 K20A3
      3/22/2012 Sandi
      I certainly could have been more clear... where do I pour the fluid in? I don't see the little cap that is in my owners manual and it does not show where it is, it shows only a picture of the cap (?)
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