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  • frank farris
    frank farris - 1989 Cadillac DeVille - Body & Interior - 7/28/2010
    How do i replace a elec window motor on the driver side
    • Blackwater
      7/28/2010 Blackwater
      Since i'm not sure if you have a TAPE drive regulator or not, ill just put both.

      1. Remove the regulator (NOTE: This should be done when the regulator is moved from the door. Te regulator lift arms are under tension from the counterbalance spring and can cause serious injury if the motor is removed without locking the secotr gear in position)

      2. Drill a hole through the regulator sector gear and back plate and install a screw and nut to lock the sector gear into position. Do not drill the hole closer than 1/2 in. to the edge of the sector gear or backplate.

      3. Remove the rivets holding the motor to the regulator using a 3/16 drill bit.

      4. Install the motor to the regulator using 3/16 rivets.
      5. Install the regulator

      For tape drive regulators

      1. Remove the trim panel, sound absorber pad and water deflector
      2. Disconnect the harness at the motor
      3. Tape the window to the frame with pieces of cloth backed body tape to prevent the glass from dropping when the regulator is removed.

      (NOTE: Unless the glass is taped or blocked in the up position, personal injusry or glass damage may happen)

      4. The front doors have locating dimples in the innner panel to loacate the motor to regulator attaching bolts. Using a 3/4 in hole saw, drill three holes at the locating dimples

      5. Remove the motor attaching bolts, disconnect the wire connector and remove the motor thorugh the access hole.

      To install:

      6. Lubricate the motor drive gear and regulator sector teeth. Attach the motor to the regulator and make sure the drive gear properly engages the sector teeth before installing the motor attaching bolts. Tighten the attaching bolts to 125 in/lbs.

      7. Use waterproof tape to seal any holes outside the water deflector sealing area and install the trim.

  • Brian
    Brian - 2007 Cadillac CTS - Body & Interior - 7/28/2010
    My washer continues to spray when the wipers are on.
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  • jjmoe
  • johnnyb71`3
    johnnyb71`3 - 2004 Cadillac Escalade - Body & Interior - 7/26/2010
    The rear air stopped working .
    I checked the fuse and it is good.The front still works fine. At first it would sometimes turn on but now it is gone completely. could it be a relay?
    • Bobby
      7/26/2010 Bobby
      There is probably a second unit for the rear air. When you say it isn't working at all do you mean no air is coming out as in there is no fan, or that the air is coming out but it is not getting cold. I think you mean there is no air actually coming out, this could be caused by a bad blower motor or possibly the blower motor resistor. The rear auxilary blower motor is located in the rear cargo area on the right side behind the trim panels, they will need to be removed to gain access usually, unless they have made access panels to it not sure on the escalade but on the Yukon it all needs to be removed to get to it.
  • Dan
    • darkmind
      7/22/2010 darkmind
      To have an idea on how to change your window regulator just click this link and you will find here a step by step guide and what tools are needed to change a window regulator

  • samir rashid
    • dee
      7/21/2010 dee
      maybe, i cant tell wiyhout checking. it could be your window control panel also. i hav both for $120 or $70 for either.
      my number is 334-413-0844 pleae leave a message if i dont answer
  • captfulwood
    captfulwood - 2002 Cadillac DeVille - Body & Interior - 7/20/2010
    Air is cold blowing out passenger side but warm air out the drivers side. the feon presser is ok.
    • HouseCallAuto
      7/20/2010 HouseCallAuto
      There are many questions being posted about GM vehicles relating to the same issue. On dual-zone equipped vehicles which are vehicles that have the optional climate control that has temperature settings for both the driver and passenger cabin areas, you turn the AC on and you discover that one side is blowing cold and the other side is warm or hot and you want to know why. Also, on the standard climate control equipped vehicle which has only one control for the whole cabin temperature, you turn the AC on and to your surprise you discover that it is blowing out warm or hot, yet, you have the AC on, the indicator light is on for the AC, you raise the hood and you can see that the compressor is on and in many cases you can put your hand on the AC liquid line that goes into the firewall and it feels ice cold, but yet you have no AC function and it is blowing in heated air. The simple answer to both of these scenarios is that there is a bad BLEND DOOR ACTUATOR. For the dual-zone equipped vehicles, there are two separate blend door actuators, one for the driver side and one for the pass side. They are electrically operated gear motors that open and close the door or doors that BLEND heated air with cooled air to achieve the temperature that has been called for by the temperature control knob or knobs. So, for the dual-zone equipped vehicles, when a blend door actuator fails – often they fail quietly and become failed in the FULL HEAT position and sometimes they fail with a ratcheting annoying clicking coming from somewhere within the instrument panel in front of you. The result can be full heat on the failed side and normal AC cold air on the other side. Now for the standard equipped vehicles, when the actuator fails in a full heat position, the result is NO AC cold air at all, and you can best determine if that is maybe the cause by verifying that you have the AC on, the indicator light is on for the AC, you raise the hood and you can see that the compressor is on and in many cases you can put your hand on the AC liquid line that goes into the firewall and it feels ice cold, but yet you have no AC function and it is blowing in heated air. Either way it is a bad actuator and the fix is replacing it. Refer to the appropriate shop manual for your vehicle for the steps and pics specific to your vehicle. This article can also apply to other makes with the same symptoms. HouseCallAuto
  • ralexander47
    ralexander47 - 2007 Cadillac CTS - Body & Interior - 7/17/2010
    How do I get to the left rear stop lamp bulb to replace it
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  • bdz2
    bdz2 - 2000 Cadillac Eldorado - Body & Interior - 7/15/2010
    A/c will not turn on dash says low freon a/c off how do you reset
    • Dennis
      7/15/2010 Dennis
      this is not resetable. The system has lost the refigerant. this is a small hole or a bad seal in the system. Cadillac has so much under the hood this can be a challange to find the leak. Common problem areas are the comprssor and the front condensor, ( the condensor is like a radiator and is in front of the coolant radiator and a rock or object on the road can flip up and hit the condensor and put a small hole in the piping and the freon gas escapes. the a/c can not work and the problem is reported to your information center. An A/c repair shop is the solution. A cadillac dealer is the sure fix but you may find a shop who can deal with the complications a the complex system of cadillac. Be careful not to get scammed. they do make a chemical sealer and conditioner for a/c systems and sometimes it is an effective cure, If the system has only lost a small amount of freon. Freon cost about $15 dollars per pound for 134A some dealers charge up to $30 after they install it. your system needs about $90 at $30 per unit. Parts can be purchased new or remanufactured, Compressor have a poor rebuild reputation. The compressors have a seal that is very fragle or tempermental. On an easy to get at compressor it is not to big of a deal to replace a faulty compressor but on cadilac they are harder to get to. My guess is your going to spend hundreds for a seal condition repair if possible or up to $2000 for a major over haul of the system.
      7/15/2010 bdz2
      had no leak replaced comp pulled vaccum was putting freon in comp kicked off and on about 7 times then message appeared
  • yazzyyawn
    yazzyyawn - 1997 Cadillac Eldorado - Body & Interior - 7/14/2010
    What are usual causes for trunk lid pull down operation to quit operating?
    I've checked appropriate fuses and recycled all the switches.
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  • alfred spitza
    alfred spitza - 2008 Cadillac SRX - Body & Interior - 7/13/2010
    How do i locate my cabin air filter. when i open up the opening for the filter it does not show a filter in there .
    nothing moves in that space. thank you
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  • Lexpar
    Lexpar - 1996 Cadillac Eldorado - Body & Interior - 7/12/2010
    Are you able to use 94 Sts seats in a 96 Eldorado
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  • bgdady369
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  • herbert jones
    herbert jones - 2002 Cadillac DeVille - Body & Interior - 7/3/2010
    What causes battery drain, and kills battery overnight
    caddilac dealer has performed drain tests and cannot dianose problem,,if i disconnect battery for days , no problem , if i leave battery hooked up it dies in about four hours
    • m.wise51
      7/3/2010 m.wise51
      check alternator amperage and check battery output while out of car at auto parts store.
  • richard
    richard - 1999 Cadillac DeVille - Body & Interior - 6/27/2010
    Fleetwood fuel gauge is inaccurarte
    it will say i have 300 miles left and then show empty the next minute it keeps fluctuating
    • Boyce
      6/27/2010 Boyce
      Probably a defective fuel level sending unit. It is probably located in the fuel tank.