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  • san
    san - 1988 Cadillac DeVille - Body & Interior - 9/23/2010
    How to get under hood when hood release is broke
      9/23/2010 KERNNEL
      cut your cable where it runs in to your hood release under your front clip and put a lever or some kinda handle on it and then mount it to where you can reach it to open your hood. or get a new hood release lever and crimp the cable back...

    • cadieman
      9/23/2010 cadieman
      i get a coat hanger open it. i pull the hood up on its DRIVERS side and wedge a piece of wood in. then i run the hanger by bending upbehind the latch with the hanger end bent catch it onthe release lever. you need a strong flash light to look in their. no other way
  • mike
    mike - 1997 Cadillac Seville - Body & Interior - 9/22/2010
    The trunk lid will not retrack or close
    • cadieman
      9/22/2010 cadieman
      trunk pulldown motor switch. remove screw,push carpet back,see unit switch is on top. unscrew and replace
      please give your feedback
  • luv_sykes
    luv_sykes - 1998 Cadillac DeVille - Body & Interior - 9/16/2010
    My windows wont roll down, sunroof nothing wont roll down
    • cadieman
      9/16/2010 cadieman
      ck the fuse panel see if breakers have power also ck chargin sys and battery if power doesnt read
  • curt
    curt - 1990 Cadillac Seville - Body & Interior - 9/14/2010
    Speedo don't work or gas gauge its digital it has gone out is it a short or is my dash cluster bad?
    all my check gauges still work there on lower panel but my speed, gas,voltage and oil pressure gauges dont there on top panel i took to a shop they started to take dash apart it came on they stoped the next day out again shop told me needs both panels and $700
    • Blackwater
      9/13/2010 Blackwater
      Have you checked the fuses? Check them first.

      But yes, usually the entire cluster is replaced.
    • ms. von
      9/13/2010 ms. von
      i don't have an answer but i have the same problem with my chrysler imperial,even my radio an antenna dosen't work would this have anything to do with the cluster? a week ago i had a power stearing pump put on and it's on the same side as the antenna could a wire or something come undone during this repair?
    • cadieman
      9/14/2010 cadieman
      the shop is right
  • Tab Whitaker
    Tab Whitaker - 2000 Cadillac Eldorado - Body & Interior - 9/13/2010
    The trunk lid motor not working can I go to a manual trunk latch?
    how do I tell if it is the trunk lid motor or the actuator motor?
  • Mando
    Mando - 2001 Cadillac DeVille - Body & Interior - 9/13/2010
    Why is the a/c not working in the rear vents ?
    Vent runs between the front two seats.
    • cadieman
      9/13/2010 cadieman
      hose is lose by front center of dash by your feet. u can see it look down or get in back seat in the center under the drivers seat the vent hose lose there slide it back in
  • tfet
    tfet - 1987 Cadillac DeVille - Body & Interior - 9/13/2010
    Passenger side window fell down when i pressed down button what should i do?
    window doesnt stay up when pushed up. it just falls back down again. up button does nothing. any ideas?
    • Blackwater
      8/6/2010 Blackwater
      You have a busted window regulator, remove your interior door panel so you can see what the problem really is
    • cadieman
      9/13/2010 cadieman
      u need a r/f window reg. block and install
  • will
    will - 2003 Cadillac DeVille - Body & Interior - 9/13/2010
    Why doesn't my turn signals, odometer, trip reset and information center work.
    turn signals, odometer, trip reset and information center stopped working after having new struts installed.
    • cadieman
      9/13/2010 cadieman
      if ac works and info out replace info center. if both are out needs bcm sorry to say. as far as the
      speedohead usaually the head is bad. 1 day they work and the next day they dont
  • Neil_Frank
    • Ssteele556
      8/12/2010 Ssteele556
      I got on here because I have the same problem with a 2002. I don't want to take to have it fixed until it completely fails but it is happening more frequently. I'll follow your post and I'll let you know if I can figure it out.
    • Oxides
      8/13/2010 Oxides
      your mode doors are controlled by engine vacuum. you'll have to isolate the leak on that vacuum circuit and fix it.
    • cadieman
      9/13/2010 cadieman
      l/f fender there is a vac. canister there ck hoses there. if u dont find a leak u will have to replace it
  • joyce
    joyce - 1987 Cadillac Eldorado - Body & Interior - 9/13/2010
    Why dashboard lights will not come on and stay on?
    The lights will flash on for a few minutes but will go out again. No real pattern it will flash on and off any time. How can I repair this problem? I took it to 3 auto repair shops but it is still not fixed. I was told it is an electrical problem and difficult ...
  • freddy
    freddy - 2004 Cadillac SRX - Body & Interior - 9/13/2010
    Why does the fuse for my interior lights keep blowing ?
    ive tried unplugging each one of the lights one by one to see if the problem was from one light in particular but the fuse keeps blowing anyway
    • Blackwater
      9/9/2010 Blackwater
      If a fuse keeps blowing, it usually means something is amiss in the circuit. The wiring should be checked along with the components in the circuit to determine if there's a short or other problem.

      The fuse for the windshield wiper circuit, for example, may blow if ice or debris builds up in the cowl areas and interferes with the movement of the wiper arms. If a fuse blows in a motor circuit (heater blower motor, cooling fan motor, power seat or window, electric fuel pump, etc.), it often indicates a shorted motor. If a fuse in a light circuit blows, look for wiring or connector shorts. Adding driving lights may also overtax the headlight circuit unless a separate circuit is provided for the driving lights. An A/C fuse will blow if the system is low on refrigerant and is working unusually hard, or if the compressor is hanging up. Stereo systems with high amp boosters should also have their own electrical circuit with fuse protection to avoid overloading the normal radio circuit.
      9/9/2010 freddy
      i really appreciate the your answer. so just to be clear what i have to do is check the wiring for my interior lights to see if theyre pinched? also by the connectors do you mean the plug that connects directly to the light unit?
    • cadieman
      9/13/2010 cadieman
      usaully it in the l or r windshield posts or l or r vanity mirrors on roof
  • Robin Steinbring
    Robin Steinbring - 1996 Cadillac Eldorado - Body & Interior - 9/13/2010
    Sunroof won't close on 1996 Cadillac Eldorado
    The sunroof won't close and we cannot locate the owners manual. HELP>>>
    • zonie77
      9/9/2010 zonie77
      If the gears are stripped or the motor burned out you will have to find a good used sunroof. It isn't real hard to change. It's better to have 2 people just because it's bulky.
    • cadieman
      9/13/2010 cadieman
      check power at fuse panel then at motor, tap the motor with a hammer whill holdin the switch on to move the top
      if motor is bad replace it. if u have any problems with the roof replace everything. your power wire
      should be runnin up r/center post or r/f post. be carefull pullin on head liner or youll trash it
  • Ed
    Ed - 1992 Cadillac DeVille - Body & Interior - 9/13/2010
    Power antenna motor continues to run after radio or key is turned off.
    Antenna lowers but motor does not stop. Had to pull fuse to turn off.