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  • James Kelleher
    James Kelleher - 1983 Buick Regal - Brakes - 9/30/2011
    I'm having problems with my front end (brakes) heating up on occasion, especially on steep grade of hill.
    Problem is intermintent. One side will be fine but other side will heat up then the other way around. Ive changed calipers ,pads, rear cylinders , bearings, booster , .master cylinder but it does what i said above overheats on steep grade of hill.
    • mopar
      9/22/2011 mopar
      if just front dude...check your rubber hoses or just replace..they will eventually clog up....if it doesn't solve your problem..proportioning valve.
    • James Kelleher
      9/30/2011 James Kelleher
      Proportional or combination valve was thought of but cant find part at auto parts houses.Hoses were change awhile back . I rebleed calipers with brake hand vacuum pump (cold brake fluid) and it did help. If you know of anyone who has proportiong valve I would like to update brake system jimmy
  • smith
    smith - 2000 Buick Regal - Brakes - 9/19/2011
    Abs warning light connector
    the connector is bad what do i do and how much should this cost. can i repair this myself and where is it located.
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  • maslavet
    • walt
      9/5/2011 walt
      # 1 check level of break fluid in tank
      # 2 test switch
      # 3 cable corrosion not letting cable release enough
      hope this helps
  • Arnold
    Arnold - 1989 Buick Regal - Brakes - 8/27/2011
    Driver side rear brake light does not work
    • CVO
      8/27/2011 CVO
      1. Inspect the light bulb.
      2. Inspect the bulb socket, it could be rusted or contaminated and diminished the current flow to the bulb.
  • Jerry
    • Jimm
      8/18/2011 Jimm
      Short answer = yes. The brakes can fail suddenly for a number of reasons; loss of brake fluid (leak in the brake system), loss of engine vacuum = loss of power brake boost, faulty brake master cylinder, leaking power brake booster (failed diaphragm) - to name a few possibilities.
      8/18/2011 Jerry
      Thanks a lot for this information.
  • brendan
    brendan - 2002 Buick LeSabre - Brakes - 8/7/2011
    when i step on the brakes my frontt end jerks forward the wheels jerk forward allso when i stop at a light or parking
    not sure if its calipers or bushings
    • Bill
      8/7/2011 Bill
      Does it make any sound? Check your brake fluid reservoir first and see if low.
      8/7/2011 brendan
      no its full and no no sound
  • brenda
    brenda - 2000 Buick LeSabre - Brakes - 8/4/2011
    Why does my car have a dragging noise when I'm in reverse and doesnt roll easily in reverse
    A month ago or two I had my hubs replaced (frnt hubs) by not a real mechanic ever since my psngr side wheel has a clunk sound when I go over any bump/dip could this be from the hubs not being torched w/a torc wrench? one day ago a bolt w/a built on washer that is ...
    • Jimm
      8/4/2011 Jimm
      Try to have the vehicle raised to remove the wheel and inspect the brakes and wheel hub for any missing parts / bolts. Several possibilities; fastener not properly torqued or tightened, fastener not secured correctly with cotter pin - if equipped. Best advise is to take the vehicle to a trusted and reputable technician to inspect the condition and issue you are having. To locate a repair shop in your area - try the 'Find-A-Shop feature on this website.
  • mike
    mike - 1992 Buick Skylark - Brakes - 7/19/2011
    Why does my car cut off when put in drive or reverse?
    The ABS light flashes when car started. Replaced plugs/ wires, still slightly missing Had coil pack tested. range was little less than 6 Brakes are soft Used B-12 to treat bad gas Engine shakes, replaced one motor mount on top/passenger side.
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      Get the engine scanned and post the codes here. The problem could be that the idle control valve is clogged of the TPS sensor or its circuit is defective.
  • Brian
    Brian - 2006 Buick Rendezvous - Brakes - 7/9/2011
    I installed new front brake pads and now they are rubbing
    • Jimm
      7/9/2011 Jimm
      The new front brake pads may have a slight drag - this is considered as normal. Not sure of your 'rubbing' description - is the rubbing observed between the brake and rotor? Recommend to check the caliper and piston to be sure the piston is fully retracted. Also, make sure the brake pad has the anti-squeal pad and lubricant applied to the metal backing plate where the pad contacts the piston.
    • HouseCallAuto
      7/9/2011 HouseCallAuto
      I have found on some late model GM applications that aftermarket brake pads (as opposed to the genuine original ACDELCO $140 pads) that many brands are noisy, at least initially after doing the job.
      7/9/2011 HouseCallAuto
      Make sure that you did not bend the dust shield slightly while changing the pads and now the metal shield is slightly "rubbing" on the edge of the rotor.
  • joe
    joe - 2003 Buick Century - Brakes - 7/4/2011
    Abs and trac off lights come on
    my abs and trac-off lights come on occassionally, if i turn off car and restart they go out, sometimes after a while they come back on not always ?
    • Spoon Sports
      7/4/2011 Spoon Sports
      Only one way to solve this problem, while these blinking light might mean your wheel speed sensor or ABS might be faulty, a scan will be able to verify this. Its easy really...

      1. Get it scanned
      2. Post the code here in this forum
      3. Get your answer including ways on how to change a particular part.

      Please do not reply by clicking "Reply". reply by clicking "Answer Question" so it will reflect in my INBOX so i can get back to you if something comes up
  • dumpline
    • Spoon Sports
      6/28/2011 Spoon Sports
      sounds like your brake light switch is stuck. look under dash at top of brake pedal and find the switch. it has a push pin(plunger) that may be stuck in. Pull it out and check your lights. they should be off now. spray it lightly with a lube like wd40 and work it a few times to loosen. should do the trick, if not replace the switch usually about $8 - $12.
  • neil
    neil - 1998 Buick Regal - Brakes - 6/25/2011
    Can't get rear tire off. What do I do
    • HouseCallAuto
      6/25/2011 HouseCallAuto
      Spray penetrating oil around the wheel mating point and let soak. Then use a sledge hammer and smak the tire from the inside. Hit the rubber of the tire and not the wheel. In Some cases you can fit a very large pry bar in between two strong unbend-able points like the edge of the wheel and a piece of the frame and pry / pop the wheel
    • HouseCallAuto
      6/25/2011 HouseCallAuto
      I am assuming that the lug nuts are able to come off, not that you are writing here about lug nuts too tight, right?
  • Amychia
    Amychia - 2002 Buick Rendezvous - Brakes - 6/12/2011
    How do you remove the rear rotors from the rendezvous
    • Jimm
      6/12/2011 Jimm
      Try using the 'How-To-Guides' tab located on this page for the specific steps to remove the rear brake rotors.
  • amtrac
    amtrac - 1988 Buick Reatta - Brakes - 6/1/2011
    Brakes, when appling brakes peddle car stops thru frist half of application then peddle get soft and brake disengage,
    car has abs brakes, i have change all caliper, pads rotors tryed to bleed system by spec. change relay pls help. have been told by freind to have sys changeto new upgraded sys. i need to know what to purchase thanks
    • yboy82
      6/1/2011 yboy82
      Did you also check if there is a leak in your brake lines? If possible verify if there is a stored trouble code in your vehicle. Try to navigate this link to have an idea how to extract stored trouble code in your vehicle since it is equipped with OBD I.
    • HouseCallAuto
      6/1/2011 HouseCallAuto
      What you are describing is false ABS activation. The ABS computer thinks that a wheel is locking up which is what happens on icy roads. There are fault codes stored that will assist in diagnosing what the cause of this is. You do not b=need to upgrade the system, you just will need to change some part that is failing. But, without the codes you cannot fix it without plain old guessing. Go to this site and read how to read the codes yourself, then post the codes here and we or I can help. >>