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  • fathippo
    fathippo - 2000 Buick LeSabre - Brakes - 2/8/2011
    Abd code = c1223 what part do i need pn?
      P1223 - Pedal Demand Sensor B Circuit High Input

      Possible causes
      # Harness or connectors (The TP sensor 2 circuit is open or shorted.)
      # Electric throttle control actuator (TP sensor 2)
      P1223 Description
      Electric Throttle Control Actuator consists of throttle control motor, throttle position sensor, etc. The throttle position sensor responds to the throttle valve movement.

      The throttle position sensor has the two sensors. These sensors are a kind of potentiometers which transform the throttle valve position into output voltage, and emit the voltage signal to the ECM. In addition, these sensors detect the opening and closing speed of the throttle valve and feed the voltage signals to the ECM. The ECM judges the current opening angle of the throttle valve from these signals and the ECM controls the throttle control motor to make the throttle valve opening angle properly in response to driving condition
    • RC
      2/8/2011 RC
      C1223 = Left rear wheel speed sensor input signal = 0.
      ty for catching that MASTER RC:)
  • Otoniel Puerto
    Otoniel Puerto - 1989 Buick Reatta - Brakes - 2/7/2011
    Do not have brakes . Can I change the the pump and master cylinder for regular air vacum activated brake booster and mas
    ter cylynder. What your opinion Since the original system does not work well or cannot find replacement parts
  • lilmann48
    lilmann48 - 1997 Buick Park Avenue - Brakes - 1/30/2011
    I changed my front brakes and now when I hit a spot on the road it sounds like somethings loose.
    I put two new sets of dics brakes the best one available and now it's like there is something loose in the front of the car. Everything is in place all of the bolts are torque what could it be?
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      Perhaps the brake assembly is good and the loose parts could be in the steering knuckle or suspension arms. Check that out.
  • suell
    suell - 2006 Buick Rendezvous - Brakes - 1/30/2011
    I hear a grinding sound when turn left.
    When my car makes this sound, a light come on saying traction active
      Do you have all the same size tires with relatively uniform wear on them. Another possibility is a wheel speed sensor that is reading incorrectly and registering one wheel at a different speed than the others. This would require the use of a scan tool that can read ABS data, to track it down
  • Denis
    Denis - 2002 Buick Rendezvous - Brakes - 1/30/2011
    Code0045. Left rear wheel speed sensor circuit malfunction
  • mopargurl25
    mopargurl25 - 1993 Buick LeSabre - Brakes - 1/23/2011
    How do you replace brake shoes on a '93 Buick LeSabre? Not familiar with the clips.
    It's not like the typical double spring brakes im used to changing. It has one spring and a clip or clips. I just need to get all put back together. Please help.
      Secure your vehicle on a level surface, making sure your car will not roll or lean when jacked up.
      Break the lug nuts loose but do not remove. Lift up your vehicle using a floor jack.
      Secure the vehicle with jack stands on both sides for safety before starting any work. Do not rely on the jack to hold the vehicle up while working.
      Remove the lug nuts. Remove the wheels.
      Remove the brake drum. If necessary, back off the star wheel adjuster.
      Clean the brake assembly using a Wet Wipe Method. This method uses a spray bottle with water and detergent. Do not use compressed air to clean the brakes. Inspect the brake shoes for wear or damage.
      Remove the primary and secondary brake shoe return springs from the anchor pin and brake shoes.
      Remove the adjuster cable and spring assembly. Remove the star adjusting screw and thread the adjuster all the way in.
      Remove the front brake shoe retainer. Remove the front brake shoe and parking brake link.
      Remove the parking brake lever from the rear brake shoe. Remove the rear brake shoe retainer and remove the rear brake shoe.
      Apply white lithium grease to the backing plate contact points.
      Install the new brake shoes in the reverse order of removal. Be careful to keep the new brake shoes clean.
      Inspect the brake drum and resurface or replace if necessary. Install the brake drum and adjust the brake shoes.
      Install the wheels. Torque lug nuts to manufacturer's specifications
      Lower vehicle and test drive to verify repairs
  • Angie brumley
    Angie brumley - 1985 Buick Riviera - Brakes - 1/21/2011
    Where can I find a Brake Proportioning Valve for this car?
      advance auto parts or auto zone
      5/5/2011 bigrichy2
      Wrong. You can not buy proportioning valves at your local auto parts store. The proportioning vavle is a vital part in your brake system that equalizes the amount of fluid to different wheels, especially with front disc/rear drum set up. It also separates the brake system into different parts in case of a failure in any of the individual parts of the system.
  • Cami
    Cami - 1992 Buick Roadmaster - Brakes - 12/19/2010
    When step I down fast on the brakes they strech to a stop
    the ABS light is not on after starting car and when brakes are applied slowly the jerk the car what's up?
  • billyward38
    billyward38 - 2002 Buick Rendezvous - Brakes - 12/18/2010
    Why does my brake pedal still go to the floor?
    I replaced the front brake pads about 3 weeks ago, and everything was fine. The other day my wife said the brake pedal was going to the floor so I figured I needed to bleed the brake system which I did, still goes to the floor. I figured after research the master ...
  • zeker152
    zeker152 - 2003 Buick Rendezvous - Brakes - 11/27/2010
    Service traction control and antilock lights come on
    • HouseCallAuto
      11/27/2010 HouseCallAuto
      You need to have someone with a scanner capable of reading GM ABS codes. You must in=dentify the codes or you cannot solve this any other way. repost with codes.
      1/30/2011 Denis
      A friend used his scanner. The code is C0045.
  • daudi
    daudi - 1996 Buick Riviera - Brakes - 11/25/2010
    When i press my brake pedal my hazard signal (on dash) lights up i have no brake lights or hazard lights.
    no brake lights or hazard lights also replaced the brake switch, still nothing. HELP!!!!!!!
      11/25/2010 MOONSTER_TOOLZ
      Did you perform a test for continuity and resistance already, using a tester? Check the wiring for current impedance and grounded wire. Check also your fuse; it might be loose or blown. Replace parts as needed.
  • lee
    lee - 2002 Buick Century - Brakes - 11/24/2010
    ABS and No trac lights are on as well as check eng light
    Have tried numerous mechanics Fix only lasts 3-4 months then lights reappear. Have had wiring harness replaced, same result.
    • yboy82
      10/18/2010 yboy82
      Diagnose your vehicle with a scan tool to determine the stored trouble code in your vehicle. The trouble code will help you find the fault to your vehicle’s problem. Visit AutoZone or nearby auto parts store for free diagnostic.
    • lee
      10/18/2010 lee
      Thanks for the info.
      10/22/2011 lonemechanic
      Did you finally determine the problem and fix? I have same car and same problem and haven't found a cure.
    • Rodney
      11/7/2010 Rodney
      My same lights are on as well on my '02 Le'Sabre. May be the wheel bearing I need to replace
    • yboy82
      11/24/2010 yboy82
      You Welcome lee =)
    • yboy82
      11/24/2010 yboy82
      Before you replace anything in your vehicle Rodney diagnose first your vehicle with a scan tool to determine if you have a stored trouble code and to check if all you electrical controls and sensors are operating well. And then go check the condition of your wheel bearing and replace if needed.
  • AriZoeNa
    AriZoeNa - 1997 Buick Regal - Brakes - 11/22/2010
    If front brakes are worn 85% should they be replaced now?
    Local brake shop states "no" but I don't want to end up with a more expensive job aby waiting too long. I only put on about 3,700 miles per year.
    • HouseCallAuto
      11/22/2010 HouseCallAuto
      85% is close enough for me and most others I think you would agree too. Change the brakes now or you are buying rotors maybe.
      11/22/2010 AriZoeNa
      No need to waste money on rotors - I'd rather be safe than sorry!
    • darkmind
      11/22/2010 darkmind
      Good thinking. You can replace your brake pads since it’s already 85% worn as a preventive maintenance and like you said to avoid more expensive job.
      11/22/2010 AriZoeNa
      SInce you both confirmed my gut feeling - I'll be off this weekend to get the brakes replaced. Thank you!
    • darkmind
      11/22/2010 darkmind
      You're welcome AriZoeNa =)
  • vernoncrump
    • HouseCallAuto
      11/21/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Then you have what is known as false ABS activation. There are fault codes stored and you need to know the code number to proceed with a repair.
    • maddog
      11/20/2010 maddog
      sounds like rotors are warped. also if wheelss have been off recently it is possible that they were not properly torqued. this will cause brake pulsation also
      11/20/2010 vernoncrump
      I put new rotors on, I saw small amount of brake fluid leaking between the master cylinder and booster and Istill hear a humming sound while driving,turning and idling.What causes the humming sound ?
    • maddog
      11/20/2010 maddog
      which side of the engine compartment is humming coming from
      11/20/2010 vernoncrump
    • maddog
      11/20/2010 maddog
      if fluid is leaking from master cylinder booster area the seal is bad and the master cylinder will have to be replaced.
      11/20/2010 vernoncrump
      would this make the humming noise? does the booster or brake system has a pump tied into it?
    • maddog
      11/20/2010 maddog
      the booster is run off of engine vaccume pressure
    • maddog
      11/20/2010 maddog
      and yes there is a pump tied into the abs portion of the brake system
      11/21/2010 vernoncrump
      so there is apossibility that the humming sound is cause by the small leak between the master cylinder and booster (sucking air) which can't maintain pressure.
    • maddog
      11/21/2010 maddog
    • HouseCallAuto
      11/21/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Can you be sure that this humming sound is not simply a routine bad hub bearing on the driver side front. The brake pulsation even with new rotors is not likely related to the humming. Irt is possible that either one of the rotors is a defect or maybe you did not detail the surface of the wheel hub before sliding the new rotor on. Often the hole in the center of the rotor fits too tight around the wheel hub center and actually causes the rotor to not sit flat. I would remove both rotors again, detail the hub faces even in between the wheel studs as best you can, remove any high spots and then switch sides with where they were installed before and see if the pulse is gone. if the humming noise only occurs when braking then there is an ABS fault and the codes have to be accessed.
      11/21/2010 vernoncrump
      The humming occurs while driving,turning,braking and idling. I lifted the front of the car Front wheel drive) to see if I could detect the sound (placing the car in drive) there was no sound. the pulsation only occurs when the humming sound starts.
      11/24/2010 vernoncrump
      when the humming starts I LOSE BRAKE PRESSURE what's malfunctioning? Where do I start looking?
  • vernoncrump
    vernoncrump - 2002 Buick Century - Brakes - 11/20/2010
    Humming noise when driving and appling brakes,also brakes pulsate.
    changed rotors, found signs of leakage of brake fluid around master to booster
    • CVO
      11/20/2010 CVO
      Damaged master cylinder seal from the primary piston causing the fluid to leak. Replace the master cylinder .Hope this helps and be safe.
      11/20/2010 vernoncrump
      will this stop the humming sound EXPLAIN
    • CVO
      11/20/2010 CVO
      The brake booster may have a damaged diaphragm.It runs on the engine vacuum.

      To test the vacuum booster, pump the brake pedal several times to remove any vacuum from the booster.Then, press and hold down lightly on the brake pedal as you start the engine. If the vacuum booster is functioning, the brake pedal will MOVE DOWNWARD SLIGHTLY as soon as the engine starts. Hope this helps and be safe.