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  • stan
    • Bill
      4/30/2011 Bill
      I would think it be standard.
      5/5/2011 stan
      thanks for the reply bill it was a dumb question on my part the spindal nut doesnot hold the rotor on
    • HouseCallAuto
      5/1/2011 HouseCallAuto
      What nut that holds the rotor? Do you mean the caliper bracket bolts? Everything on this vehicle is 100% metric.
      5/1/2011 stan
      i think it is the spindle nut
    • HouseCallAuto
      5/1/2011 HouseCallAuto
      is not necessary to remove the large not in the center of the rotor. That is not holding the rotor on.
      5/1/2011 Bill
      I had meant standardly metric:)
      5/5/2011 stan
      thanks for the reply i found what your talking about
  • Burbach Service
    Burbach Service - 2003 Buick Regal - Brakes - 3/17/2011
    While stopped the brake pedal droppes slowly?
    has 60000 miles, no lights on, not loosing fluid. tried 2 different master cylinders and front brake pads , this vehicle also has abs
    • Team Associated
      3/17/2011 Team Associated
      My take on it is that you may have a bypassing brake master cylinder, this happens when under light pressure fluid by passes the seals internal of the master cylinder and the pedal will drop, with out any sign of leaking fluid.
  • arob2300
    arob2300 - 2000 Buick Regal - Brakes - 3/17/2011
    Why aren't the hydraulics for my brake system working?
    I let my fiancee use my car for a couple of days and yesterday she told me that my brake pedal was going all the way to the floor before the brakes would actually engage. I've had a leak in my brake lines before so I thought this was the problem again so I topped ...
    • TechSam
      3/17/2011 TechSam
      Bleade the brakes and if you have wheel cylinders in the rear wheels check to see if they are not wet, your system is taking in air from some where.
      3/18/2011 TechSam
      Bleade the brakes and if you have wheel cylinders in the rear wheels check to see if they are not wet, your system is taking in air from some where.
  • luisa gonzalez
    luisa gonzalez - 1996 Buick Regal - Brakes - 3/16/2011
    Check engin light"s on low cooling lite on, car start's then shuts off, then i start it again then it runs.
    codes po401- evap , when ideling ruff.symptom happens when cold. miles 172774, replaced 02 sensor down stream evapcanster , egr valve, carbon canster replaced.
  • suziebarron
    suziebarron - 2002 Buick Regal - Brakes - 3/15/2011
    Left rear wheel seems to be locked. what kind of a problem could this indicate?
    happens while driving. just happened for the first time last night.
    • jlofwash
      3/15/2011 jlofwash
      dont have a book on your vehicle, do you know if your rear brakes are disc or drum? if they are drum, your shoes can be adjusted to relieve the pressure on the drum.........................................................jl
  • kris
    kris - 1992 Buick Park Avenue - Brakes - 3/14/2011
    Is there a relay that has to be reset on the abs system before it will work again?
    I just had a hub assembly replaced because the car coded for that wheel's sensor. my abs is still not back to working condition and the service engine light is on all the time.
    0 answer
  • jim
    • jlofwash
      3/12/2011 jlofwash
      try topping off the fluid in your master cylinder , if that dont do any good, you can always adjust your brake light switch(which is at the top of the brake pedal arm under the dash)
    DR. RLRJR - 2007 Buick Rainier - Brakes - 3/10/2011
    Rear brake repair cost complete pads and rotors
    • RC
      3/10/2011 RC
      The parts can be $120.00 to $300 depending on the brand. The total cost could be $230 to $410.
  • lestat
    lestat - 1993 Buick Roadmaster - Brakes - 2/27/2011
    How much would it cost to have a complete front and back brake replacement?
  • mike
    • Bobby
      2/24/2011 Bobby
      you'll need a large c-clamp for compresing the caliper, and you will need a set of allen wrench sockets, not sure the exact size of the slide bolts that hold the caliper, but it is an allen so you'll need a set of those not positive if they are metric or american but you can usually get a hole 3/8 inch drive set for around 20$ at an autoparts store.
  • hroisum
    hroisum - 1995 Buick Park Avenue - Brakes - 2/23/2011
    How do I replace a brake line?
    One brake line front driver side is leaking and the other is completely cut off. Can I repair the leaking one or do I need to replace the whole line? and how do I do either?
    • HPI Vorza
      2/23/2011 HPI Vorza
      Yes replace the whole line..

      Inspect the brake line of each wheel and trace the line from the master cylinder to the wheel. The line material is rubber and holds up well from the standpoint of chemical stability to the brake fluid. Rubber lines need extremely close inspection as damage or wear may be difficult to see. At the first sign of wear, have the brake line replaced. It is a good practice to change all the brake lines at the same time.

      Measure out the distance for each brake line. If you make it a practice to replace all the brake lines when one line shows any wear, you can use rubber tubing as the replacement lines. If you are not going to replace all of them, then you should definitely plan to replace the lines with stainless steel lines. The repairman will make a flared fitting on the tubing before the reassembly of the system.

      Begin at the master cylinder and as you disconnect the old brake line, make the new connection with the replacement hose. Follow the path of each of the four lines all the way to the wheel and the end of the brake line. Repeat this process for each of the four brake lines

      Bleed each brake line to remove all the air and refill the system with brake fluid. Test your brakes before taking it out for a drive.
  • r00fus
    r00fus - 1994 Buick Regal - Brakes - 2/23/2011
    Only drivers side brake lights working
    So far, I have replaced the bulbs and brake switch. The turn signals work fine, tail lights are fine bit the passenger side brake lights will not work at all. Any suggestions to what it may be? The sockets appear to be in excellent condition.
    • jlofwash
      2/23/2011 jlofwash
      sounds like you have checked every thing,,,,, but the brake lites also work thru the multi function blinker assembly......i dont have abook on the regal, but thats the next place i would check.......................................jl
  • guy
      Is this the 'actual' brake lights, or the standard tail lights. Some cars now have both the head and tail lights on when the engine is running.
      Go out to the car and have someone look at the lights. Start the engine and see if there is any difference between braking and not braking.
      If the actual brake lights stay on, you probably have a bad brake switch which is located very near the brake pedal.
      2/13/2011 guy
      Thanks for answering.. Yes I did start the car and the brake light stay on. So I changed the sensor and yis still doing it. Is there a difrents between a switch and the sensor?
      follow your brake pedal up and you will see the switch when you press the pedal the switch goes in to activate the brake lights when you release the pedal the switch comes out and deactivates the brake lights the switch is stuck or broken or just wore out
      2/13/2011 guy
      cool I will cheek it out in the morning thanks..
    • jlofwash
      2/17/2011 jlofwash
      the brake light switch at the top of the pedal can probably be adjusted....jl
  • bruce
    bruce - 1984 Buick Regal - Brakes - 2/17/2011
    How to bleed rear brakes has no bleeder valve on rear?
      all brakes have bleeder valves if you don't see your it might have broken off and you will need to replace wheel cylinders
    • jlofwash
      2/17/2011 jlofwash
      i agree, ive never seen a wheel with out a bleeder,, but you might be able to remove a broken bleeder with an easy out.................................jl
  • fritz mathon
    fritz mathon - 1990 Buick Regal - Brakes - 2/16/2011
    My brake pedal is hard, the brakes seems to barely work for the front wheels. why is that ?.
    my ABS and my brake warning lights are constantantly on. it started two months ago