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betwee ... 9/29/2011
1994 GMC G1500 Vandura 6Cyl4.3L - Engine
have replaced the cojmputer and all the igniton parts but no spark;
it would run ok when i wiuld replace something but then wouod quit gets no spark at all now
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  • Desert Racer
    Desert Racer 9/29/2011
    by all ign parts ? ign module in Dist?.. Spark plug wires?.. Coil? Dist cap and rotor? ..Check the coil to see if it has 12v on one of the poles+ when you crank it.. Could be Ign switch.. Does the Van have a GM Security System?
    Desert Racer
    betweentwohawks 9/30/2011
    everything inside the distributor is new and i put on a new coil
  • yboy82
    yboy82 9/29/2011
    Try to check out this link to have an idea what to check if you don't have spark.

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