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Samdon ... 4/29/2010
1992 Buick Century Custom 6Cyl3.3L - Engine
I have a question about a buick Please help!!?
1992 Buick century custom 3.3 liter. I am having a probel where it turns off while driving. I can feel it in the engine really feels run down. I tried the ignition control module because it was thought to of gone out, but no luck. I also tried another one, it isnt the part. The fuel pump is turning on properly, and I am at my wits end. I am 17 and don't know anything about cars. I am so tired of the run-around. Please, any suggestions?
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  • Nissan Technical Advisor
    I know this post is old but did you check the engine with a scan tool before you replaced parts? By this way, it saves you time and money on repair. Anyway, what is in my thought about this is a failing knock sensor. Can you verify this, or share the fault and service you took (I believed the car is fixed already)?

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