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jimbrenda 3/11/2013
1994 Lincoln Continental Executive 6Cyl3.8L - Steering & Suspension
put knew air compressor on ,and it keaks at the drier can were the air lines connect
is the a way that the are installed? like push in tern .orpush min then pull back to seal tried alot of stuff. still leaks HELP please
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  • racel4750
    racel4750 3/21/2013
    Don't really understand the problem, but I guess you forgot to install the O-RINGS.
  • neomyejohn
    neomyejohn 3/21/2013
    Hey, i am willing to answer this question but i can't understand a thing you have written. Please rephrase your answer. probably this is why you haven't received an answer so far.

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