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Bill 9/12/2010
1995 Infiniti G20 T 4Cyl2.0L - Engine
I purchased a new CSF OEM radiator because one of the hose outlets on my old was cracked. The new one went in perfect;y
the new one went in perfectly, but now I have an overheating problem. I thought it might be a air bubble in system, now I am thinking a possible blockage somewhere like maybe one of the radiator outlets has a plug that needs to be knocked out. Has this ever happened? My next step would be to drain system, check for blockages, and remove thermostat. I may not need a thermostat anyway since I live in Las Vegas, and see if this cures problem.
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  • Blackwater
    Blackwater 9/14/2010
    Well i guess we have to do a pressure test to confirm your statement.
    Bill 9/15/2010
    found problem. evidentially this particular engine incorporates a air bleeder screw on the outlet gooseneck attached to the engine block. bled air out and guess what. It runs like a champ with no oveerheating even in 100 degree weather. problem solved, but I must admit a little bit of a strange system Nissan has going there.
  • Bill
    Bill 9/15/2010
    So I guess we all may have learned something. Or it skipped your memory. Whatever, its cured
    CVO 11/24/2011
    Master Bill. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

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