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Jose 10/20/2010
1999 BMW 740i Base 8Cyl4.4L - Engine
OBD reader gaves Code P1175 01/01 (Bank 2) What I must do to repair or correct the problem?
When I errase the Code, the car runs well for a long while and then the Check Engine Light comes out and the Code is the same.
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  • yboy82
    yboy82 10/20/2010
    P1175 means fuel trim adaptation additive bank 2 malfunction. The common possible causes of this trouble code are defective fuel injectors, vacuum leaks, faulty EGR and/or defective oxygen sensor. This link might help you
  • Jose
    Jose 10/20/2010
    Thanks for your quick response, I changed the Air Flow Sensor, now I will try on the vacuum leaks, oxygen sensor and see what happen before going to the EGR or injectors.

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