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Dawg4467 9/29/2012
2000 Ford E-150 Econoline XL 6Cyl4.2L - Engine
my mother this van when accelerating the vehicle feels like it's misfiring what do you suggest.
before it had a tune up done to it began this problem it has over 160,000 miles on it now. when doing some research on this it said it could quite possibly be the ignition coils to the van causing this. can this be true? the engine light is on also and the code reads air mixture which would lead me to believe in air in a fuel line or the oil pressure sensor is going bad. help would be greatly appreciated.
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  • gearbox
    gearbox 9/30/2012
    air mixture code can be due to miss but more than likely p0171/p0174 is air leak of some sort. if v-6, has a coil pack known for going out.. v8s have individual coils known for same thing

    need more info including make sure right engine as v-6 only on cargo vans
  • HouseCallAuto
    HouseCallAuto 9/30/2012
    Like gearbox said, if the code numbers (we need the code numbers please and not what you think it said) are P0171 and / or P0174 which means lean bank one and lean bank two, then your cause is a vacuum leak which is likely to be leaking isolator bolts and intake manifold plenum o-rings and / or a vacuum leak at the pcv hose or pcv elbow. Check the pcv hose and elbow first and if that is good, confirm the leaking isolator bolts by pouring a gallon of plain water into the intake manifold plenum area with the engine idling(flood the area) and if the engine starts to run noticeably different within seconds of the water flooding the area, then you know the isolator bolts and o-rings have to be replaced.

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