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nxmail 9/12/2011
2007 BMW 530xi Base 6Cyl3.0L - Body & Interior
Why did I lose my control panel (idrive) display
almost 6 months out of warranty with only about 35K miles, suddenly the control display on my 5 series disappeared. Also, no radio. Everything else is fine.
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  • Spoon Sports
    Spoon Sports 9/12/2011
    Hmmmm have you checked the fuse? the fuse which controls the CID? (Fuse 61, 10A).
    Spoon Sports
    nxmail 9/12/2011
    Fuses are fine. Dealership today basically 'rebooted' the computer. It fixed the problem, but they said that fix would most likely not last. It needs a new software pkg, which will cost about $1500. When it does happen again, I'll try negotiating with BMW to either pay for it (because of low mileage and only 5 months out of warranty) or split the expense; however, I won't hold my breath that they do either. Thanks so much to you for taking the time to answer and help.

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