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tear.ward 12/4/2012
2003 Jaguar S-Type Base 8Cyl4.2L - Engine
I keep getting a light that says Performance restriction, i've had it tested but no one seems to know.
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  • rick
    rick 12/5/2012
    It's because it's a JAG . Ha ha . Just kidding . Who checked it ? I haul nothing but new cars for a living so hope this helps . A lot of high doller big horse power cars we get come and say on the dash " TRANSPORT MODE " . It cuts them back so we can't play with them . Why I don't know but I think your car has gone to this mode . The dealer and ONLY the dealer has the codes to change this . Anybody that scans the computer can't get in to this part .
  • lcasia
    lcasia 1/20/2013
    I have a 2003 s type with the same problem and I change the MASS AIR FLOW SENSOR runs like new and the light went off no more problems.

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