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lujantroy 4/14/2010
2006 Jeep Commander Base 8Cyl4.7L - Body & Interior
why does it say lift gate is open when all doors are closed?
interior lights stay on cause of lift gate reporting to be open
2 Answers
  • tankmechanic
    tankmechanic 4/18/2010
    check your rear lift gate. is it open? if so close it. your lift gate is the glass part of your trunk access.
    lujantroy 4/22/2010
    i tried both and it still stays on. I cant brighten the dashboard lights without the cargo lights staying on! as if the door is open.
  • GB07
    GB07 4/19/2010
    Try lubing your latch and operating it by hand and see if the light goes out. The switch is usually built into the latch, and sometimes they stick. If you can get some lube inside there to unstick it it might work again. Also, these latches have two catches on them. It is possible but unlikely that when you close it you are only hitting the first catch but not the second. There fore verify that it shuts off when you close the latch by hand and if it does, you need to adjust the striker out a little so it closes properly.
    lujantroy 4/22/2010
    i tried the lube. i also tried doing it by hand. I cant brighten the dashboard lights without the cargo lights staying on! im thinking cause its this vehicle is saying the door is open. i dont know what else to do
    lujantroy 4/22/2010
    the lights flicker on and off whenever we are driving. if i turn the blinkers on they go off for a while. i worked on cars for alot of years and never seen this happen/ any clue>?

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