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Kev Leader
Kev Leader 3/23/2011
1994 Ford Explorer Sport 6Cyl4.0L - Engine
What is leaking or what else is under there?
Hey guys i just did a water pump after finding 2 leaks in the coolant system via pressure test. The second leak is coming from behind the water pump. Recessed back about 6 inches about 8 inches under the intake manifold. Aside from the head what else in the coolant system is located behind the water pump and below the intake manifold? we figure this one out and the beer is on me. :)
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  • yboy82
    yboy82 3/23/2011
    Did you also check you ECT (engine coolant temperature) sensor? It is possible that the leak came from there. If the there's nothing installed where the leak came from then it is possible that your engine is cracked.
  • david
    david 3/23/2011
    that sound like timing cover gasket or intake gasket
  • HouseCallAuto
    HouseCallAuto 3/23/2011
    It does sound like the intake manifold gasket is leaking into the valley. Do a pressure test when it is overnight cold and try to confirm.
    Kev Leader 3/24/2011
    I've done pressure test cannot confirm without tearing top end down for visual inspection cannot see into valley to determine exact leak point???
  • HouseCallAuto
    HouseCallAuto 3/24/2011
    Sometimes it is like that. There is no magic bullet. If the leak is puddling up under the manifold and there is no other adjacent place that could leak that is visible, then just pull the trigger and pull the manifold. Don't get bogged down with the uncertainty. The odds are heavily with you that the intake is leaking. And what if it turned out to be the edge of the cylinder head gasket leaking - this still would have required removal of the intake. When you pull the intake, if it is the gasket, it will be evident by the condition of the gasket in or around the estimated place of origin of the leak.

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