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Tim 3/23/2012
1992 BMW 318i Base 4Cyl1.8L - Engine
What kind of shop do I take my car to find out if fuel is burning to rich or to lean
I got an error code of 1222 the cat converter is also bad will replace what else should I be looking for changed out spark plugs as well. I will change the o2 sensor too. once I do this how do I clear out the code to see if it comes back? Am I missing something else that I should be looking for. fuel could be burning to rich or lean how or where do i get this tested.
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  • EG9 K20A3
    EG9 K20A3 3/23/2012
    On OBDI cars that means the o2 sensor has detected a lean/rich condition for more than 10 seconds. The typical solution is to fix any vacuum leaks. If that doesn't do it (you already had the smoke test) then you have to look for anything that would cause a lean/rich condition. Fuel injectors come to mind right off. Other sources of air leaks but are not, ICV, PVC hose/tube, dip stick , oil cap. Your temp sensor can be reading cold, injector leaking, MAS dirty since you think your running rich. Are you burning oil?
    EG9 K20A3
    EG9 K20A3 3/24/2012
    you can use the negotiator or find a shop tab above for shops, i mean, a lot of them deal with those kinds of problems.
    EG9 K20A3
    Tim 3/24/2012
    No not burning any oil

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