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bill 6/1/2012
2008 Mazda 5 Sport 4Cyl2.3L - Steering & Suspension
When I'm Driving between 35&55 mph, I'm getting constant Vibration's in my Steering Wheel till I hit 60+ MPH what is It?
After 60+MPH the Viberation stops.What could this be due to???P.S I have new tires on the front of the car. Please help.
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  • raoul_tiesto
    raoul_tiesto 6/1/2012
    The vibration started after installing the new tires?Maybe the balancing on the new tires its not right.U should go back to the shop who sold u the tires and have them recheck the balance.What brand are the tires and where did u purchased them?
    bill 6/1/2012
    Can't really remember, it's wife's car. But great idea. The brand ? But they are Directionals.what about the Rack or Struts?
  • raoul_tiesto
    raoul_tiesto 6/2/2012
    When a strut is worn, the dampening effect of the wheel and suspension movement is lost. The car is basically riding on the springs and the wheel will not be in full contact with the road under certain circumstances. The wheel will also have a tendency to bounce and, can cause instability during steering maneuvers.
    A rack&pinion will cause a vibration but at higher speeds 60+.
    That's why u should start with the easiest thing first the tires.
    If they are directional make sure they are installed correctly.....a lot of times tire shops will install directional tires backwards(direction arrow pointing backwards).

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