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robert j
robert j 11/5/2010
2006 Mazda MX-5 Miata Grand Touring 4Cyl2.0L - Body & Interior
how to remove front grill
I would like to replace the front grill with a stainless steel grill. After removing the front screws the grill still will not move.
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  • Fox Hound
    Fox Hound 11/7/2010
    There are 3 bolts for each tie down hook. The front 2 can be reached fairly easy with a 14mm hand wrench. The 3rd I was able to get to with a socket from under the car.

    Here is more info
    Fox Hound
    robert j 11/8/2010
    If you pull off a small section of the plastic it revals a bolt on each side, but after removing there must be another connection. Will you explain in more detail.

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