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Benzba ... 3/28/2012
1999 Mercedes Benz C280 Base 6Cyl2.8L - Steering & Suspension
How can I raise my 1999 Mercedes c280 1 inch? Can I purchase a set of springs to raise it 1 inch?
I am putting 19 inch wheels on my car with a tire size of 235/40/19 and I'm not sure if they won't rub?
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  • EG9 K20A3
    EG9 K20A3 3/29/2012
    No, they wont. Dont raise your car by one inch it will destroy the look.

    Source: Saw one.
    EG9 K20A3
    Benzballer50 3/29/2012
    Thanx 4 the info.......wat if my wheel is 9.5 inches wide and I am goin to put about 15 pounds of sterreo in the back?
  • EG9 K20A3
    EG9 K20A3 4/2/2012
    15 pounds, if i were you chief, raise when you dont like what it looks after all the customization. Its easier to add than to remove.

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