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Jacque ... 6/10/2010
2008 Hyundai Entourage GLS 6Cyl3.8L - Preventive Maintenance
how much miles should i expect from the tire of this vehicle
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  • testdrive
    testdrive 6/11/2010
    Im not sure what brand and variant of tire you are using.
    Please check your tire and There should be a TREADWEAR that is indicated at the sidewall.
    Here are the average miles tested for tires:
    A test tire usually has a treadwear of 100 and can be driven approx 7000miles, now if your tire's treadwear reads 200, then you can assume that with a good alignment reading, proper tire rotation and proper inflation you can achieve a distance of around 14000miles on that set of tire and if you have a treadwear of 300 expect mileage close to 20000miles if you follow correct pressure, rotation and tire care.

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