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Christy 3/10/2013
2007 Ford F-150 FX2 8Cyl5.4L - Engine
What would make my heater and air conditioner smell like gas?
2007 F150, it missed really bad and sometimes it bucks when driving.
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  • CVO
    CVO 3/10/2013
    The check engine light doesn't have to be ON to store a fault code.

    Check the vehicle for fault codes to see if there are any sensors were involved to the malfunction of the engine.

    1.Local auto parts stores such as Autozone ( not in California) or Advance Auto parts will scan and retrieve any diagnostic trouble codes ( dtc ) stored in the powertrain control module for free of charge..

    2. has the code reader for less than $24.00 dollars.

    3.Re-post the dtc's in here " answer question " for further assistance.

    Note: we need the dtc's to identify the sensor, there are a dozen different sensors to operate the car.

    Visit this site and see all the different sensors.

    Navigate to this site and see the code reader
  • neomyejohn
    neomyejohn 3/21/2013
    Maybe there is a gas leakage and is triggered by the heater, Thus the smell.
  • dallatn
    dallatn 4/19/2013
    a friend has a smell like that when his heater is runnin! I narrowed to a leak in his power steering, not large enough to make a puddle on ground but large enough to burn on engine causing that smell when his heater is on

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