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Orville 2/23/2011
2003 Suzuki Vitara Base 4Cyl2.0L - Engine
head and cam torque specs. and head and cam torque sequence
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  • yboy82
    yboy82 2/23/2011
    You should tighten the cylinder head bolt with 38 ft. lbs. (52 Nm) and then tighten it again to 61 ft. lbs. (84 Nm). After that loosen all bolts to 0 ft. lbs. (0 Nm)
    Tighten the cylinder head bolts again to 38 ft. lbs. (52 Nm) and then torque it to 76 ft. lbs. (105 Nm). If you have 6mm bolt tighten it to 96 inch lbs. (8 Nm)
  • HPI Vorza
    HPI Vorza 2/23/2011
    Hope this helps, link with pics

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