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msmith9010 3/18/2010
1992 Chrysler New Yorker Fifth Avenue 6Cyl3.3L - Brakes
keep havivg problems with keeping it filled with brake fluid now i have no brakes
i have a brake line leak in the rear of the car i fill the master cylinder with brake fluid and it leaks out casing air in the brake lines now i have no brakes
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  • HouseCallAuto
    HouseCallAuto 3/18/2010
    You have to replace the rotted section of brake line with double flares and unions and bleed the brakes. Sometimes the area you have to get access to is a real nightmare though. Some are not.

    Kevin - HouseCall Auto Mechanics
  • msmith9010
    msmith9010 3/22/2010
    yeah im pretty sure its above the gas tank because u cant see it leaking anywhere i've replaced the front brakes twice last year and i haven't had back brakes the whole time
  • john
    john 8/19/2012
    check the master boostercan ,your fluid can also be lost though the vacum side and the engine will burn it ,pull the line off the can and stick a pencil down the hole and pull it out and see if it has fluid on it. if it does the booster is shot if it dry your leak is down the line

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