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donestherm 7/31/2010
1998 Jeep Cherokee SE 6Cyl4.0L - Engine
Fuel Cleaner additives
I put fuel injector/carburator cleaner in the car. will this cause a problem.
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  • Blackwater
    Blackwater 7/31/2010
    Nothing bad will happen to your car, i usually put it in before emission testing because it helps me sail through it.
    donestherm 7/31/2010
    i just wanted ti make sure. i am driving my husbands car and right after that the check engine light came on. it may have been on before that but i didn't pay it to much attention. i did notice that it is reving a little high now, but thats about it. is there something i should watch for/
  • donestherm
    donestherm 7/31/2010
    before i put the cleaner in, if i gave it to much gas it would choke up. if i was at a stop sign it would push like it was ready to go so i had to keep my foot on the brake, and then again if i gave it too much gas it would almost spudder.

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