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Joe 5/11/2010
2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser Limited 4Cyl2.4L - Engine
Engine went in hot/red and temperature light on.
The fan is on all the time (one electric fan) thermostat is new and installed the correct way. problems with bleed all the air out of the coolant system. Need help to get the air out the systen.
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  • Bobby
    Bobby 5/11/2010
    you need to run the car with the radiator cap off, once the vehicle gets hot it will begin to over flow a bit, then at a point the level will go down all at once because the thermostat has opened, once that happens fill with coolant until the level comes all the way up with the fluid circulating, then place the cap on make sure it is locked and make sure the temp stays regular and vehicle is not overheating.
    Joe 5/11/2010
    somebody told me to lift the car up?? Do I have the inside switch on hot or cold position??Do I only have to use coolant or water??
    Joe 5/11/2010
    lift up the car ONLY at the front so the water will go all the way back to the inside radiator?????

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